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  1. Just use LFG feature on the xbox. no need to que up with randoms. at least this way you can get people of similar skill levels and with mics.
  2. Control Type B Hold Breath

    Saw this on Reddit “I’d like to see hold breathe change to L3 on Type B while ADS, and change lean left/right to the bumpers. I feel like this is more in line with other shooters. having two fingers on LT and LB destabilizes the controller in my hand. Not as big an issue on Type A as only one finger is needed for ADS and hold breathe.” I would love to see this!
  3. Thanks for the added setup. Noticed in the 1st game, when zooming in on your map, it also brings out your pistol. Not gamebreaking, but if my map is up, i want to zoom in, not equip pistol. just a FYI. Keep up the the good work fellas.
  4. Best headphones for PUBG

    Running Turtle Beach stealth 700s.
  5. Can confirm this works. After deleting & reinstalling the game, i now how gear icons near the health bar, & weapons near the mini map. It also displays under the health bar next to my GT, but the game lobby still shows “0.5.25” as the client version. So looks like that update wasn’t even the actual patch.
  6. Via Xbox Game DVR Didnt appear this way on my screen, only to my squad that was spectating.
  7. vehicle bug with pony tail

    Same. Spectating and team mates pony tail is floating in the air.
  8. Game crash: Megathread

    Xbox One X Spectating Froze, & took me to the dash board. Was in party chat when it happened. It’s always when in party chat. Doesn’t seem to happen when solo.
  9. Hopefully this would be a welcomed change by the community. Other games on console have this set up, and this would help a ton in PUBG. Currently a single tap of Y will cycle both your primary weapons and sidearm. This can get you killed, say you are snipping, get rushed, go to switch to your AR, and pull out your pistol. This has happened to me before, so as of now, once I pick up two primary weapons, I ditch the sidearm. I would like to be able to keep the sidearm, especially in Duos & Squads, as a double tap of Y to equip your sidearm would be nice to finish a downed enemy, rather than waste your primary ammo. This would also put pistols in play more especially when having one that is silenced, and being able to down an enemy quickly, without giving your position away, knowing it'll be equipped when you need it. Single tap Y = cycle two primary weapons. Double tap Y = equip side arm. Please.
  10. Late game circle. Walked up to a buggy to take cover. Kneeled and pushed up against it. Got knocked from falling. Xbox 1 X Game DVR Off In party chat with squad.
  11. Creating Character

    prior to launch, i actually wanted to see how the creation was done. So i watched the PC setup on youtube. I guess i was lucky, because i knew from that, that i need to pick all my setting before going forward. among my friends and ppl i play with, I’m the only one who actually picked who, & what they wanted.

    I agree. This is also in GR: Wildlands. I would actually keep a pistol if i didn’t have to worry about accidentally swapping to it. as of now, it’s dropped once i get 2 primaries.
  13. Driving from mil base, got “controller disconnected” even though the controller had not. wiresless headphones were still connected, & controller was on. had to take the battery out and replace as it locked up the console. once that was done, it was fixed. have not had this happen in any other games.