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  1. Kinkilicious

    Winchester damage...?

    Try slowing down the video and see where the bullet hit...
  2. Kinkilicious

    Winchester damage...?

    Neck shot, experienced that many times. Even a neck shot with kar98 on a level 1 helmet does not kill....
  3. Probably a high ping player, with 5-10ms ping to server i often get killed behind cover most of the time. About 3/10 to 4/10 times of my deaths were behind cover and yes it's fustrating...
  4. Kinkilicious


    Anyway just made a video to see if they is a difference in recoil when leaning and i believe it does not make a difference in controlling. I think when leaning, it might take you awhile to get used to firing at that crosshair angle shift...
  5. Kinkilicious


    Sorry misread your comments, ignore my replies...
  6. Yeap a bug, deathcam was showing him using S12k with the AKM slinged onto his back, but he was actually using the AKM.
  7. Kinkilicious


    Well... tell me your ign? or any videos of your game plays? So i know you've got certain level of skills or experience... or you're just another nab in forums.. Wait what? leaning reduces recoil? I've yet to experience the reduction of recoil. Well your playing TPP mode, Q and E can be used to gain more visibility in that camping mode. Well from my experience, near or far engagement, leaning helps to prevent easier headshots. I even do it on the open field and it somewhat became a habit... Well in TPP you might do more camping then engaging, maybe you should try FPP and you might understand how leaning of a opponent discourages your aim going for a headshot in an openfield...
  8. Kinkilicious


    Nothing bright, just that your a nab in-game for sure.....
  9. Kinkilicious


    I find it pointless explaining to nabs, they and their reasons lol..
  10. Nothing to do with your fibre connection, he meant by your in-game graphic settings if they are set to ultra....
  11. As shown in the video, on another note on your known problems list "Motorcycle gets stuck and explodes after colliding with an object", the same things happens on buggy too.
  12. The point i am trying to say is that if the mods could get more involved, been trying to get an answer for months and hopefully like u said time will tell but would prefer if the mods could tell...not posting in forums asking for nerfs or whatever the nabs are asking for..
  13. That's why i said having a proper discussion or explanation.. we are in PUBG forums yea??
  14. I think i've posted a few times regarding this, they gave no proper reply other then saying that they are monitoring the statistics on number of players in SEA server. When most of us are playing in ASIA for DUO or SOLO i wonder how they are going to get number of SEA players in SEA server. They don't seem to be bothered by the minority in the fourms asking for some answers...they could at least reply on the update or something...if they do even bother to have a proper discussion..