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  1. Would nice to have some updates on info from dev..
  2. Nerf SKS

    close range to almost mid range is not bad, mid range using m-16 could take u out faster using a x4 scope as the recoil from SKS is terrible...long range fights SKS is still good as you can correct your shots immediately..
  3. It happens all the time, one day the game very smooth and the next day it's laggy...never once the server is stable consecutively...
  4. Kicked from session?

    Should probably post in the right section, this is my 2nd post. Was playing fine for the past 2 hrs with my friends then this starts occurring. Any explanation on what's going on?
  5. Was playing for about 2 hrs and then this starts happening. Being kicked out of every game, any idea why?
  6. Proper squad stats at end of round please!

    U can try this until the game comes up with their own https://pubg.op.gg/user/RompelSt0mpel?server=eu, u can pretty much check your team stats.
  7. But how do they attain the numbers when most of the SEA players play on ASIA for DUO and SOLO FPP?
  8. Who ever designed Miramar and the circles

    They can never be satisfied, when some nabs can't overcome something they complain. In my opinion i love both the maps, which will get you to adept to different play styles.
  9. Paid about 35sgd, and server is based in Singapore which i believe is less costly for a server infrastructure compared to NA and EU . Most of the SEA players usually go over to ASIA server for FPP DUO or SOLO which makes me wonder on how they are going to calculate since the dev said that it depends on the number players in SEA Server.
  10. Hi Devs, any update on FPP DUO and SOLO on SEA? It has been awhile now...
  11. Aye, thanks for the information.
  12. Is the bullet velocity higher for AUG compared to Groza? When i use them on players they seems to die equally as fast? In close quarters though..
  13. New 8x scope horrid?

    Oh yes! it's much clearer now, before i would rather use red-dot for my AR when i've got no x4 or x8..
  14. New 8x scope horrid?

    I love the changes made to the scopes, both the x8 and x4. Probably they just need to get used to the changes..