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  1. Im still getting inventory lag on the test server
  2. I'm not sure if anyone else is getting this. But my game starts to lag and my frames drop to around 15-20fps, when i open my inventory. It kinda stays laggy until maybe around 30 second later. My frames run around 80FPS+. Any fix?
  3. Tyler1


    Hi everyone, I've encountered a bug and it seems to be making the game unplayable at times. Every time I open my inventory, I get a huge lag spike for 6-10 seconds(Sometimes longer). I heard that its impossible to find a fix and that when opening the inventory it uses 30% of your CPU. I stopped playing since update 1.0 and it seems non of the updates helped fix this. Any fixes? Related to Topic:
  4. Tyler1

    Stuck on loading screen.