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  1. Hey! I'm sure all of us PUBG players have seen people lean in the open. While I do it myself as well for the gains it brings, I often find it quite annoying and highly immersion breaking. So I think it needs some tweaking, if not a proper fix altogether. I think that there should be a recoil increase of around 25% or 35% while leaning for all weapons to make it less viable to look like a weirdo while shooting at people. Changing it to a CoD:Ghosts style lean only wouldn't be bad either, basically decreasing the amount of buttons required to play the game and fixing the issue. It could be implemented to Xbox as well decrease the amount of buttons required on that platform. I'm sure some of the community will disagree and I can imagine at least some of the reasons why you would think the current leaning should stay, but personally it's always been very off-putting for me to watch people, even myself, to not use it to lean out of cover as I believe it was originally intended.
  2. The headshot damage ratio is too high for automatic weapons for sure. As random as this game is, it gets a little out of hand when you're getting a random headshot by spraying and it almost instagibs, no matter which helmet you're wearing. This is not a simulation, it's not supposed to be realistic. Don't increase headshot damage to ridiculous amounts just because you can; it makes no sense for anyone but the simulation fans whose "simulation" is all about getting easier kills by random chance. I suggest the developers decrease the headshot multiplier for semi, burst and fully automatic weapons to 1.5, all shotgun headshot multipliers to 1.0, and bolt actions should stay the way they are. Maybe make it that headshots with KAR98 won't oneshot a guy at 100% health and wearing level 2 helmet, because that's just mean. Also, I feel many guns have too low recoil. By personal experiences I feel the UMP-9, SCAR, M416, M16, Mini-14 are all unsatisfyingly over-accurate when spraying even over 30-50 meters away. I see most good streamers not putting much effort in it either, so I would say it's not just me. Some only spray even towards targets 100 meters away. Give everything more recoil, ty.