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  1. Network Lag Detected

    Yeah, I'm getting a lot of it on the OC servers where I never had it before. Especially when opening doors or entering vehicles. It also seems a lot worse during times when more overseas players are on.
  2. Quieter game after recent updates?

    Have they removed ambient noise altogether? All I can hear is my own footsteps.
  3. Player freezing unable to move.

    It feels like lag, but I can still see other players moving. However I can't move my player (not even to look around), which frequently gets me killed in extremely frustrating ways. This has only been happening the last couple of weeks and seems considerably worse at the start of each game. I'm playing in OC.
  4. Exploding Clipping Motorcycles

    Motorcycles that are clipping into objects explode when you get on them. Especially the ones in garages which appear to be stuck in the ground, but sometimes ones you've gotten off too close to an object as well. Example.
  5. Client crash

    Only thing we can do is wait for the fix.
  6. The 23 mb update is bad please fix ASAP !!!

    They just tweeted that they are aware of the problem and working on a fix. It's definitely SSE4.2 instruction set compatibility.
  7. Client crash

    Seems to be that the new update stops PUBG from working on older CPUs (without SSE4.2 instruction support).
  8. Game crash at launch.

    It crashes before loading anything at all after the last update? If so that could be good news for everyone effected. Looking at everyone else's specs, it looks like an issue with older CPUs.
  9. Game crash at launch.

    Of course if it is an SSE4.2 issue they may not fix it. The minimum specifications for an i3-4340 or FX-6300 are both SSE4.2 supporting CPUs. I wonder what percentage of their playerbase doesn't meet that minimum spec.
  10. Game crash at launch.

    Using an old Xeon X5460 here, and the same issue. Tried all possible fixes related to file integrity and windows/driver updates. I actually thought it was related to the Fall Creators Update, because I'd just installed that. Apparently not though...