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  1. False Ban not cool!!!

    Well I have posted this to reddit already, contacted all the supports and nobody doesn't give me an answer. That's just how the new company works - their anti-cheat system is broken. I will probably buy this game only again when this game doesn't have these optimization issues anymore and has better servers. Because I can't do nothing about it when my character moves as it wishes, and of course this doesn't help me at all, it's viceversa - I get lagged behind to get items from the houses. But that doesn't matter as I see, you can explain your concern here like a little baby, they just laugh at your trying.
  2. False Ban not cool!!!

    There are so many people right now having the same issue and there wont be anything done? Not even told if we were banned for "different" reasons? That's ridiculous.
  3. False Ban not cool!!!

    I'm sometimes lagging in other games as well, but they wont ban me for that of course. In pubg I had a strange lagging though since it always happened after certain period of time. I'm sure that it was their own lag since they updated the test servers with this message: Server Optimization Reduced the server lag issue of players moving abnormally
  4. False Ban not cool!!!

    Well I have tons of hours in league, playing since 2010 and I have never had anything with my account. I have CS:GO as well, if I would have cheated, I would have been banned a long ago. Besides why I should even run cheats when I can't even get a single kill in a game? Does this profile say that I play the game like a cheater: https://pubg.op.gg/user/Xayler?server=eu ?
  5. False Ban not cool!!!

    That's cool if you can record, but there's always a chance that you can get banned again after the 1st game because of your ip or sth. I think that even if you record them, this doesn't help you at all if you play fine. I think that these bans come completely differently where us have nothing to do with the ban. I have been playing other games completely fine and this is the first game where I have ever had such problems with.
  6. False Ban not cool!!!

    These proofs will not help you anymore, if they "confirm" your cheating then you can just as well go and buy a new pubg. I don't know if it's a smart idea, but I think that it's the quickest way to get to playing again. Just be prepared that you will be banned again for no reason.
  7. False Ban not cool!!!

    You probably got banned by BattlEye as they do the Steam bans. I had a moderator or I don't know what automatic ban so you should probably contact BattlEye's support instead.
  8. False Ban not cool!!!

    Well I see that complaining here is just waste of time as well since they have their "standards" of a fair play now and I see that a lot of players who have issues regarding connection or just a bad PC will get banned now. I have no money for another pubg so I guess that their rival Fortnite will welcome me friendly to their game.
  9. False Ban not cool!!!

    I already sent my appeal and it was confirmed that I used cheats. Where is this coming from? As I reply to the first post in this thread - I had exactly the same issue that I sometimes walked past doors as my connection or their game servers just made me to LAG after like EVERY 2-3 minutes. I also read that they have fixed the own server issue about player abnormal movement, is this real? I also have that bug where my houses don't render at any game at start, I need to wait like 3-5 minutes sometimes, does this mean that I need a better PC what renders the houses every game to play the game without fearing to get banned? I have never had more than 3 kills in a game and it's very rare for me to even get a kill in a game. I'm just a random casual player. I'm even fine with doing a whole scan to my computer or idk, doing the restore to my PC to see that I have never had any cheat or hack programs in my PC. I'm completely sure now that I was banned because of that lag issue what made my character to hop after every 2-3 minutes. My laptop is a damn toaster, I have i7 and gtx 850M, playing 1366x768 resolution windowed with all settings at very low. I also use the launch options for the game which should make the game run better. I use a mobile connection which sometimes works really slowly as well. Do I need to write a bible or make a trip to the BlueHole company so you can be absolutely sure that I haven't done anything? I'm a person who's in school so I don't have money to buy the new game because I'm in fear that I will get banned again for no reason. I would maybe gather some money for 3 months and then I could buy it...