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  1. Who can tell, what is the name for this type of logical fallacy in constructing arguments in discussions? Correct answer will be rewarded with the reminder of what this topic was actually about! Man, this unnecessary and distracting buzzing IS kinda annoying!
  2. Thank you @Takarii for the information. Indeed the worst combination is using HRTF with surround option from headphones (in my case LG G633, 7.1, brand new), or from windows sonic. Also HRTF off seems better than on... not sure about this in every situation tho, since I only played just a few rounds with this audio setup. But now I could pinpoint exactly (or remarkably better) where enemy was running, walking or shooting. It's not as clear as in some other games, which support more truthful directional / surround sound, but still, better than before. I've yet to experience situation, where other player is in the same house with me ... which is usually very messy sound-wise. But. Not all of the issues are solved with correct end user audio setup, are they? Footsteps are sometimes heard near by, while absolutely no one is there. Someone is in the same house with you, next room, but his footsteps sound like he could be anywhere in 10 - 20 meters radius. Someone mentioned earlier in some other thread, that these could be related to desync-issues, but we'll see, hopefully.
  3. Firstly, I'm currently testing hrtf on and off, with surround headphones in surround and stereo modes. I still am not sure, is it something in my setup, that could be better here. But in any setup sounds are very unreliable still and also inaccurate and just weird. Some examples of these issues: - Enemy shooting in a open area, but I cannot pinpoint location. Sounds like it's everywhere, all around. Is this some echo thing? - Related to previous one: sometimes I hear someone shooting from a far, but in actuality shooter was right next to me. I later thought sounds must have echoed from a nearby wall... - Someone in house next to me. Usually there sure are those definite rhino-like stomping noises, but occasionally there is not. Death cam (if reliable here) shows they hear my noises, but I did not hear theirs. - My own footsteps STILL sound like I'm walking next to me, or behind me, or in fifth dimension. - And the classic: I surely hear enemy coming from around the corner, which I'm watching like a hawk. Somehow he is actually on a corner that is behind me. So, what's up with this, any fixes promised, discussed? Also any audio setup related tips are more than welcome.
  4. And in addition, there is NO difference between sounds of footsteps coming from 1 meter or 10 meters away in a same building. It is just a big blurry stomping mess. So unrealistic, tricks you to believe something that is not actually true. Once again, well done.
  5. Was there an attempt to fix this? Could not tell by hearing sounds from east from a guy that is actually at north east. Hrtf does nothing. Neither does bluehole. 8 months since release. Could I get my money back please?
  6. noxion

    "Fix PUBG" Concerns

    Could not edit previous post, but I was gonna say that: And most importantly, if that one major issue, namely desync, which basically destroys any reliability and all other standards that matter in a shooter, is not fixed at release, or even 8 months after that, then there will be people arguing, that this is unacceptable and then some. No matter whether everything or nothing is done elsewhere. All other issues that are fixed and all the new content does not matter much, until desync is fixed.
  7. noxion

    "Fix PUBG" Concerns

    Indeed. Also more servers could not hurt, but that also is not happening most likely. Because reasons.
  8. Camping is the only way to play successfully, because it significantly lowers the changes of getting killed by DESYNC. I myself would like to engage opponents more straight on, but because atm about 90% of kills in the game could have been reported as cheating by "attacking without a line of sight", what else is there to do than to start hiding, proning, camping. The disgraceful technical performance of the game itself actually dictates playstyle, and that is simply quite amazing!