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  1. Can we expect a SA server?

    I hope you guys put some SA/BR servers. Would be good as f%ck!
  2. Fan-Page Brasileira de Battlegrounds

    Agradeço! o/
  3. Fan-Page Brasileira de Battlegrounds

    Espero que quando sair o Early Acess, tenha. Mas por enquanto, vai ser um pouco difícil.
  4. Parachute control

    Great point, indeed. But, lets think... should they put man work into this or something else like fixing bugs to release CBT as soon as possible or, work to optimize the game so low end pcs can play without having problems? I think that this is a good thing but not the first to work on it. U feel me?
  5. Will have a hunger/thirst/cold system?

    What is happening here is just a discussion. Of course, lets not forget that this game is maily focused on aiming people and shooting. But also, with upcoming maps could be different weather effects. Why not? Would be awesome. Also, thinking about it know, I dont want to turn this game into a survival one but... some resources could be explored.
  6. Will have a hunger/thirst/cold system?

    By snow and raining I want some experience like I went trough in ArmA 2: Dayz Mod. Not only the outfit but the will of not being easily spotted on the snow while running with your red pants or idk, something else. Would it be AWESOME to have Snow Guillie Suits or a white jacket so you can hide in the snow, you know?
  7. Ask Your Questions for the Upcoming Dev Stream!

    The servers, during CBT, will be online all the time or just on sat/mon? (Like alpha, i mean) There will be duo available? There will be updates during the CBT or only after?
  8. Alpha 2 Report Dev Blog Discussion

  9. Will have a hunger/thirst/cold system?

    I saw some very interesting points. I would like if somehow we need differents type of cloths to use. Imagine if they add another weather events like SNOWING. You can't have a great breath to aim with a normal t-Shirt. That's what I meant. Weather effects making aim feels bad or something like that. Snow get in the way of your aim and making you miss a shot. Stuffs like that would be amazing. Just saying that 'cause Arma 3 already has these things that I said. If it's raining, you can't see very well. Got it?
  10. First, that isn't a suggestion. Just wondering. Never thought of having to surviving a challenge like BR but having to stay warm and fed. What do you guys think about that?
  11. Highlights from 12/16 Dev Stream

    Only one word: THANKS. This game is going to be amazing. Thanks for the recap.
  12. Cant wait to drive this sexy beast!

    Wow, never spotted this one. Definitely going to drive this babe with my 5-team BR, am I right? hahaha
  13. Any updates soon? (Admin replied)

    That's good to hear. I was going to make a post about it too. Thanks Interrogate and FWG <3
  14. Fan-Page Brasileira de Battlegrounds

    Play Battlegrounds Brasil Página Brasileira de PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. Compartilhamos gameplays, vídeos em geral, imagens, notícias e patch-notes do jogo para nossos curtidores ficarem por dentro e ciente das mudanças que estão acontecendo no jogo. Tudo, sempre que possível, traduzido para um melhor entendimento. Nossa intenção é criar um vínculo social entre os players para que possa ser feito novas amizades dentro do jogo e etc. Venha fazer parte! https://www.facebook.com/PlayBattlegroundsBR
  15. Will you guys make a pack of Graphic Stuffs from the game?

    Understood. Thanks for the font.