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  1. Greggy

    I doubt BO4 will kill PUBG

    Mood swings ya know, perfectly normal.
  2. There is so much pubg could learn from Blackout, but never will, because they are stubborn. In no particular order 1) I can put attachments on my weapons with X without having to go into the inventory system 2) I don't have to worry about my vehicle exploding for no reason at all (which is not even remotely realistic) 3) People can't sneak up on me like a ninja 4) I can go to any point on the map from my flight path 5) I don't panic the circle will kill me based on where I land 6) I can land anywhere and get more than a pistol 7) I can find people to fight if I want to ? I have FPS that is smooth 9) The game does not feeling like a) loot b) walk c) die to invisible enemy 10) I can always find a vehicle 11) I have toys to play with (sure not realistic but some are *fun* like the grappling hook and mars rover toy) 12) You see a drop, you camp a drop and 100% someone is coming for that drop 13) Not stuck behind a 5 foot obstacle I cannot scale. 14) I can leave a vehicle without dying meh the list goes on, there is a reason it is the #1 game now. Is it pubg? No. Is it as realistic as pubg? No. Does it have the visuals and graphics that immerse you? No. But at the end of the day games are not *only* about immersion. Miramar feels depressing after playing Blackout. (I have fond memories of Erangel though). Pubg on PC is very different from xbox (obviously). The differences between Blackout and pubg on xbox is sooooo fucking huge, I probably will not go back to pubg unless they address the massive differences between the two (FPS, loot, mobility).
  3. Greggy

    I doubt BO4 will kill PUBG

    I think pubg was the greatest game in a very long time. But the xbox version, which I preferred to play because I could use the big screen tv has been very much a love hate relationship. 12 months of exploding cars, crashes, lag, desych, ridiculous bugs because they did zero testing. All along people saying "hey its only beta". Well its 1.0 and xbox one x performing worse than S. So yeah I feel 100% let down by this noob xbox dev team. For a very long time people have said "we need more loot" and "too few cars". I like you defended Brendans design decisions. Now I play COD Blackout and I see the light. Not saying Blackout "is a better game". I'm not a fan of the "perks" and some of the features. There is nothing like pubg for realism. But that is not the issue, I return to pubg to play a game (long queue time, only 50 players in the game) and I have this massive sinking feeling of disappointment that it selected Miramar. I go from compound to compound just feeling depressed that I have no decent weapon. I see a drop fall in the distance, not close but I walk in that direction for a long time, never did find it. Finally I get enough loot that I want a fight. The server crashed, I am disconnected, no choice to reconnect despite it prompting to do so. That really sums up the pubg experience and why everyone is leaving. 2/3 left PC, much higher on xbox, regions cant even find a game now. So yeah Im frustrated that a game with such huge potential lost to kiddy games like Fornite, and cannot compete with Blackout. It could have been great but its the old story of the designers thinking they know best, ignoring the player base (or at least not being able to filter out the noise to understand the real issues like lowering graphics so we have FPS). If pubg had good loot wherever you landed, if it had more vehicles and alternative modes of travel (trains? subway?) to get people around the map it could have been the greatest. But nope it is dead now on xbox.
  4. Greggy

    I doubt BO4 will kill PUBG

    HAHAHA LMAO. that explains everything.
  5. Greggy

    I doubt BO4 will kill PUBG

    I see, so your opinion is based on some random videos. You have no idea how the game plays out. You don't care to see how the game "actually plays in reality" from streamers like Shroud with 70,000 concurrent viewers right now. Maybe just shut up if you can't afford the game? "knob", go back to your looting and walking simulator where you can hide in a corner and complain about people using third person to find you.
  6. No optimization is not enough. Once you have played blackout for a while you realize you don't want to go back to pubg because it is too slow and uneventful.
  7. Greggy

    Crossplay? Why not?

    Well done
  8. HAHAHA OMG THAT IS SO FUNNY !! oh wait they are fixing that.
  9. Greggy

    pubg dying? no way...

    We need a realistic game that is not a loot and walking SIM though. If pubg loot was a lot better, and there were more options to be mobile, it would be more competitive with Blackout.
  10. Greggy

    pubg dying? no way...

    The "menu" is your issue? lul. Blackout tactics is almost identical to pubg except without the long looting and long walking aspect of it. Apart from that the final circles is pretty much the same. And sure you can avoid people, camp and hide till the top 10 just like pubg, even easier to do so.
  11. Greggy

    pubg dying? no way...

    Yeah some of that stuff is silly, the homing rocket launcher is useless though, shoot a prone player on the ground and their "armor blocked" it. The mars rover perk though is freaking awesome to have.
  12. Greggy

    pubg dying? no way...

    I am aware of that bug, but that was not the issue, it was literally 3 minutes to get a game, and it was with 50 players, 10pm PST on a Saturday night. While the PC version is less affected by Blackout, the Xbox version is massively affected by it, because the xbox version is so poorly implemented. I guess I see now why they released pubg "as beta" with a buggy port. They never would have sold as many copies if it released now.
  13. Greggy

    pubg dying? no way...

    Blackout is instant games, pubg NA FPP 10pm PST, 3 minutes to start a game... lets face it they messed up big time on the xbox version.
  14. Greggy

    COD vs. PUBG

    Clearly you have not played the new Blackout... I guess you can't afford it. Sorry about that man.
  15. Greggy

    COD vs. PUBG

    Thanks for bumping your own thread when we already have a pubg vs blackout thread on the front page. People like you make the forums unreadable. COD is a great game, more fun than pubg but less realistic. Faster paced vs walking sim. Excellent sound vs you probably will never find anyone in a town. 60 FPS and smooth action compared to bugs, lags, frame drops. Lots of toys to use in the game compared to a game that is only about bug fixes. So I expect you were wrong. Why not try it and make a comparison instead of "guessing".