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  1. Caution M&K users

    lol got to love Trump spouting made up fake news.
  2. Caution M&K users

    No company has removed support in a dozen years. All I hear on this forum are the really bad players thinking everyone else is using M&K, but the reality, as pubg communicated, the number is extremely small. So sorry bud you just need to git gud and stop getting owned by controller players.
  3. Me v 4

    1vSquads is fun, nothing more fun than ruining a squads day solo
  4. Anyone else frustrated...

    If a chicken dinner was in sight it would be the 5th or 6th circle and they will die almost instantly. It is easy to tank 1st to 3rd circle or if not too far away 4th circle. You just got to watch your back. But yeah its a bit of a cheap tactic to be tanking late zones, you can't do that with competitive settings.
  5. Ponchiki

    Never go to Pochinki, you can get 3 red zones in a row there. Unlike loot red circles don't seem to be very random.
  6. SMG's vs AR's

    I would guess the OP only fights at short and point blank range. You try picking off an opponent at long range with a 4x on an UMP compared to an AR, its a joke. Sure if you are in red dot distance distance an UMP can be decent but compared to an M4 full auto you will be shredded with your UMP if all things are even. You ever heard the top players say SMG are over powered? lol no, I am assuming you just starting playing the game.
  7. To be honest, probably a troll publishing some girls (or maybe guys) gamer tag on the internet to cause trouble.
  8. Microsoft just needs to release the Xbox Two which specifications the same as the highest end PC you can buy.
  9. Scopes

    Instead of posting in every thread complaining about snipers why don't you stop standing still in the game making it easy for snipers? Have you heard of cover or moving? I don't recall the last time I got sniped from a long distance because I have some common sense.
  10. Scopes

    8x on the uzi is OP
  11. How is it faster, XIM is just input to a controller so same game input, can't do anything different. They already did the stats and it is so low OP is crying cause dying to better controller players.
  12. I knew what you meant, it was the same for me so I used your post despite the grammar
  13. Pc vs Xbox

    If you are old and more comfortable with a mouse then get a M&K setup, you can't compete with kids that have been using controllers for 8000 hours
  14. Those locations are not good, when you get more experienced with the game you will find better loot.
  15. I use to get it every game only this pubg wireless, wired never again