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  1. Yep, and their beta has features like kill cam, spectate that took pubg 9 months to implement. Lets face it pubg on xbox was a port and it will never get there unless it is rewritten by a good developer.
  2. Greggy

    PUBG Vs Blackout

    Blackout on xbox one feels AMAZING, smooth, crisp, responsive, great graphics, fights feel like they have weight behind them, great FPS. And this is just the beta... RIP Pubg.
  3. Greggy

    Word of netcode fix?

    No I'm saying anyone can write code that will not run faster on a better CPU/more memory. If problematic code is blocking on a socket, typical of networking code increasing the CPU will do nothing.
  4. Greggy

    Word of netcode fix?

    Any slow code, clearly you are not a software developer nor do you understand the concepts of computer science. Your ignorance is obvious and you are just embarrassing yourself. They are trying to save on their monthly bills? You have access to their financial data and corporate decisions? You work for them? If not please stop making things up.
  5. Greggy

    Word of netcode fix?

    If it was just a case of increasing CPU they would do that too. The issue is not the resources it is the limitations of the code, noob.
  6. Greggy

    bridges suggestion.

    How about a complex maze of tunnels so you can avoid all fights?
  7. Greggy

    Word of netcode fix?

    Most ridiculous thing I've ever read. Memory is cheap, far cheaper than a developer. You do not know what you are talking about.
  8. If you can't shoot for shit and have reaction times of a slug TPP will even the playing field for you. Doesn't mean there aren't good players in TPP, just means the slug has a better chance of doing well in TPP compared to FPP. There is a reason all the competitive PC scene is only on FPP.
  9. Greggy

    another proof ump is OP

    When a TPP scrub creates a forum post misinforming noobs.
  10. Greggy

    Silencer = Less damage?

    Everyone knows that silencer does not effect damage, its in the description, its obvious if you play the game...
  11. Greggy

    Very Limited Aim Assist

    Which game are you playing? There is no need to for "aim assist" for melee. Most bizarre thing I ever heard. The issue with "melee" which affects 0.1% of the game is not aim assist.
  12. lol no competitive player is going to play TPP which allows people to sit in a bathroom and scan the entire landscape with no chance of being shot. FPP you have "peek", giving away your position, giving a chance to be shot, um just like a realistic scenario? TPP is fine for casuals and non competitive players, it lowers the skill gap considerably, rewards camping etc, it is fine for the 90% of the teenage player base that needs help.
  13. Greggy

    FPP is dying!!

    I think most people play TPP because it protects you against good players, you can sit in a bathroom and survey the entire landscape without getting shot.
  14. Greggy

    FPP is dying!!

    Its 3am or 6am in NA.... its fine afternoon.evening, not too late.
  15. Since I upgraded from xbox to xbox one x it was never bad, everything loaded, didn't get much lag since wired downtown internet. I don't notice a lot of differences, but I would imagine on the older boxes it has improved a lot. Certainly the combat seems smooth but since I die so quick since someone sneaked up on me or sniped me its hard to say. As long as it doesnt crash I'm happy.