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  1. Death cam for sure. I want to know where he was.
  2. Greggy

    Rocket Launchers

    Congrats on the silliest question this month !
  3. Greggy

    Pubg destroying my console

    I had a laptop sitting on a table with pubg minimized, it was a high end gaming Dell laptop, it started to smoke and burnt out. So yeah it is a thing.
  4. Greggy


    Lol that is being quite optimistic
  5. Greggy

    Pubg destroying my console

    Pubg burns hotter than any other game made... it is not an xbox issue.
  6. Greggy

    Pubg destroying my console

    On top of a table? lol
  7. Greggy

    Where is South America's Server??

    Oh here we go, the one SA forum user created yet another account. what a surprise. As usual link is below If EU can't find solo queue FPP, how do you expect SA who can't afford an xbox to get a single game? Stop creating new accounts asking for the impossible. Idiot.
  8. I guess that explains some of the issues, people storing the game on shitty external drives that are slower and have to be transferred over USB.
  9. Greggy

    PUBG detective is great

    Chrome, Opera, Edge all the same - can't change the drop down to the first two options (PC-As, PC-EU), the rest are fine. Not me, I was looking up this streamer (sprEEEzy) Playing with it more seems to be when the menu goes straight up, repositioning the browser so it goes down, or using arrow keys makes it work. Probably just a bug with the UI javascript.
  10. Greggy

    PUBG detective is great

    Can't change the region to PC-EU it just reverts to something else. Also would be nice if it took a URL as a parameter like https://www.pubgdetective.com/SprEEEzy/PC-EU
  11. Greggy

    Bluehole, What is Going On Over There?

    So many people making excuses for the poor port of an existing game. It will probably be even worse after a year, you may never get a death cam but hell at least you have emotes.
  12. Greggy


    Pubg mobile recognized the limitations of the platform and adjusted the game accordingly, it is pretty good. Pubg xbox just tried to reproduce the PC game on inferior hardware.
  13. Greggy


    None at all, there is no going forward, only fixing what has gone on before.
  14. Greggy

    Revolutionary PUBG Ideas. MUST SEE

    Nothing to see here