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  1. Slimo

    Getting no higher than 50fps

    PC specs do not matter here. Yeah, map due to very very high density of trees/bushes etc. is also very hardware demanding. Looking at how people not that easly can run other maps, i can already see it being quite a problem if it'll be released as it is right now.
  2. If your killer dies before you click "spectate", then your spectating is stuck on his dead body instead of going along to his killer. Map seems to be really cool, one downside is 10 less fps, i guess there are too many objects around the map - i can see people witching about that after release. Amount of trees/rocks is very nice, they make gunfights fun, but maybe we could get rid of like half of bushes? Imo there's too many of them and maybe it would recover few fps. I like the simplicity of buildings and their textures, there's no easy camping spot, they're just loot places that are making you easier to spot if you decide to start going in. Also, there are special open field places on map, where nobody will ever go to/through because there's no reason to. If you want them to be relevant, level the ground a bit around them, so they aren't like a field in the middle of a stadium. Otherwise your work on them will be just wasted. Overall very nice, it's way easier to find some action in here.