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  1. Why is it that people with ~1k posts are always whiteknighting unreasonably bad things in this game? it's like they are hired to do so or something 😂 And yeah, training ground would be awesome, even in war mode it's too slow to actually make enough shots without a break and get used to recoils + fps sucks there. For someone, who plays this game few times per month like me it would be a huge deal, pretty sure i would enjoy the game more.
  2. Slimo

    How to activate the markers?

    I see, thanks for answer.
  3. So, i've reinstalled the game after two months because last patch seemed interesting and could make game easier and more fun, but there's no help anywhere of how to place these on screen markers for squad. Please tell me how to activate the option.
  4. Wow. It's literally like in this spiderman clones meme, where they point at each other. I think people that pay you to write all this low quality whiteknighting made a wrong choice... Although i guess noone else would agree to do that other than your likes.
  5. I'm just curious if there's a single thing in this game that works as intended. Matchmaking is still giving you people from other continents even though ping selection was supposed to be a thing Parachuting is as broken as ever. Half of bullets you shot are dissappearing, limb hitboxes are gamebreaking, penetration system you've mentioned 10 months ago is nonexistant. You cannot say that even moving around works considering huge desync. You release some paid crates - most people don't get them until few days after purchase. Time-limited event pass doesn't register mission progress for over a week. Anticheat has randomly banned everyone playing for nothing already like three times in past months or something like that. So walking/shooting/parachuting/shop/ping matchmaking all don't work, is there anything that does?
  6. Meh, didn't you see? They've already fixed performance problems for most of people by increasing minimal requirements from gtx660 to gtx960. Give it half year and it's gonna go up to gtx1160 and your point will be no longer valid!
  7. Currently, Erangel/Miramar games start with ~70 players all the time, while Sanok with full 100, so... Shouldn't they switch places and Sanok be called Battle Royale while the other two Mini Royale?
  8. Slimo

    M416 from the event pass

    You can't sell items from Event Pass.
  9. Slimo

    Adding new weapons (feedback)

    All these random names/numbers tell me nothing, but they already sound boring. Better introduce some new gameplay style weapon, not another versions of scarl/sks that change nothing as this QMR/SRL or whaterver their name are. Some charging weapon, explosive launching ones, something enemy-revealing, that would be cool.
  10. Jesus, read the topic. Those, who bought pass don't count here. We're talking about getting "free" items without buying anything. You can only get to lv2 at this point and that's only when playing whole day everyday and yeah - someone already did the math, you can't get parachute without buying levels.
  11. What's more, that daily 80xp looks like means playing about 8 hours a day, i got 6 points for finishing #3 in squads with 3 kills. It's ridiculous that system like this got introduced in a 30€ paid game, it would be bad even for free to play.
  12. Are you implying that $30 for a game is not much? For me it's a price for a proffessional production, i got games like L. A. Noire, Overwatch for $30, while Rocket League and Portal 2 for half of it. Finally i'll add Mount & Blade Warband from 2010, graphics about the same, maps pretty big, 3x cheaper, handles 64 players on the field, made by small studio - it played better in beta then pubg is right now. Pubg for me looks like an indie game worth $5. If i didn't know that there was nothing better before it, i'd think it's some chinese bootleg game written on a knee. Graphics are 10 years old and it still dares to run badly on brand new hardware. Sure it runs better than in ea, but still it's beyond trash optimalization. Desynchs were handled better already in first Modern Warfare, even though you sometimes had 50 players on small maps, btw MW was cheaper too. New content? Let's see, it's been year and a half and we got: two maps, so one per 8 months, a bit long but reasonable i guess. New Sks and two m4 copies, who cares - that shield from e3 trailer, that's the first thing we can actually call a new tool. Dynamic weather - they're almost literally reusing what they already had, same goes to event modes. Two scopes, ok, three attachments for which there's no explaination in game at all, unless you're nerd watching some youtuber doing tests you'll never get to know, what's the difference between them. And well, emotes, i've just remembered they exist... for some reason. We had to wait half year for a simple map selection and they are getting rid of it after a month. We've actually lost character customization, so any character progression in this game along with closed crates being more common than free ones and now there's added TONS of... paid stuff with next patch. Just so you can compare what did they actually focus on, there's over 200 cosmetics in this game. Still thinking they give a damn about anything but milking players? I've had quite a bit of fun in EA through making excuses and thinking it will get better. But ever since september, i only login every once and then when they announce something/release patch for few games to see if something changed, something new and exciting got introduced. It's always disappointment and if i see anything new, it's usually locked crates, Kool. Honestly, if i knew it will be like that before buying, i would not do it again, just because of how disrespectful devs turned out to be for players.
  13. "1 hour in Erangel" Too bad we won't be able to choose map when it goes live, so queue dodging will get even more popular 😂
  14. Slimo


    Let's face it, they didn't like this idea from the very beginning, it even took them half a year to finally give it to players, so it's not a surprise that now they are getting rid of it without even trying to see how will it look with current system letting alone figuring out actually good, different solution for queues that wouldn't look good.
  15. it's not even the first time... honestly thinking it's about time to call it the day for this game.