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  1. it's not even the first time... honestly thinking it's about time to call it the day for this game.
  2. Slimo

    Find the Camper

    In what world is "Thought you were the one camping behind your tree." saying that?
  3. Slimo

    Find the Camper

    Oh totally, i've never seen anyone sitting behind a tree and healing in FPP. God that's why i hate FPP only players - toxic special snowflakes.
  4. Slimo


    Oh yeah, and fps were actually way higher as well
  5. cause it's boring? Not sure what's wrong with wanting things to improve. Especially since cosmetics in games can be fun, overall character customization is fun
  6. Not sure why is it so crucial to have these in rotation. It's not like these locked crates are worth anything and people who want to open them will do it anyway if you simply make a shop for these crates instead of selling keys. Want to compensate for no more avenue from having them on market? just add that insane 0.03€ to key price, lol. Others will stop having 50+ pieces of annoying junk in their inventory and some satisfaction from any sort of character customization.
  7. Slimo

    Cases with locks

    Who knew we'd miss times when we could open these two black combat pantses per week 😂 It's not worth your time to sell them, they aren't worth anything, also by selling you give bluehole idea that this mechanic works fine. It's all cons.
  8. Slimo

    Speed of Gameplay

    First of all, 10 minutes? Give me a single game that ended within even 20, i'll wait. It's ~30 all the time. Second of all, what more do you want to do on these maps to make it longer? It's already literally walking/looting simulator for half of the game if not more.
  9. Slimo

    Getting no higher than 50fps

    PC specs do not matter here. Yeah, map due to very very high density of trees/bushes etc. is also very hardware demanding. Looking at how people not that easly can run other maps, i can already see it being quite a problem if it'll be released as it is right now.
  10. For me Kar and M24 is one the same weapon, so literally whatever. More interested in character model and delay optimizations, which are real problems.
  11. Slimo

    Under a million average players

    Why do you care about it? Honestly give me 10000 players per month and i'll have same amount of fun as today or in january, haha. Not sure why should those numbers bother anyone
  12. Slimo

    Vector and Extended Mags

    Cool idea, vector needs this mag to be usable and noone ever picks up pistol mags, so it definitely would make both get more value.
  13. Nah, people, who make lobby time low on Erangel should be awarded big time, +50% sounds good.