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  1. won slow truck

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    My solution is for M$ and pubg to publicly allow k&m via xim4 etc. And you can not prove someone else is using it via demo lol.
  2. won slow truck

    Ping/Marking Feature

    . Thanks
  3. won slow truck

    Ping/Marking Feature

    How do you do this?
  4. won slow truck

    Red dot on all SMGs

    This thread again. This isnt real life. It's done for balance. Keep as is. Or add to unbalance things like they've done before.
  5. won slow truck

    PlayerUnknown Response on Patch #19

    What in the heck. Whoever runs that page on twitter, tender what it's called could of said region lock doesnt help hackers. I dont have problems playing with people who's names look like they are from that area.
  6. won slow truck

    bring back the map selector!!!!

    Then ill keep quitting in the lobby. no big deal.
  7. won slow truck

    Esports mode

    Google let me down, where can i read about the differences in this mode? As for the OP, i really dont care.
  8. won slow truck

    Extremely long solo queues.

    it's because you are too good and people dont want to plat against you. Tone them skills down.
  9. won slow truck

    How to spot a MnK user.

    You can not tell if a person uses a mouse and keyboard. Period. Until the software can detect what you are playing with, you will just have to live with it. It's the same way the PC users have to live with anti cheat being reactive. We still have fun. good luck.
  10. won slow truck

    3x and 6x Scope hit registry?

    Not even once. I did noticed i am terrible at aiming though.
  11. won slow truck

    One of those nights?

    I noticed when my rank got higher, i got harder a lot quicker. You do always find some random good person that is just started to climb the latter. Or a person who just doesnt give a crap about rank and has low rank but is good. Then there's RNG that can screw you over.
  12. won slow truck

    Sahnok needs MM!

    I was ranked 27 in duos by Saturday evening and i peaked mid 200's in solo a couple seasons ago when i gave a damn. I used to get wrecked. I used to not even get a kill. When you play better people, you learn to adapt and get good. Due to RNG, things dont always favor the more skilled guy. We get frustrated a lot playing duos. It's boring as hell playing solos for rank (read is for a chicken dinner).
  13. I went ahead and relaxed while watching TV with the wife. An evening without pubg isn't a big deal. You are not entitled to it. The salt is sad. Get over it.
  14. won slow truck

    Why does people...

    Look at us all getting along, agreeing and having a good time here....
  15. In competetive play and some pubs yes, but in nearly all the cs servers ice played on since 2004, they give you 16k. Your argument is opinion which is only that. Neither is right nor wrong.