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  1. won slow truck

    Kar98 = 1 shot to kill

    Shots to kill is if the person has 100% health. You can only shot a level 3 helmet with a 9mm pistol if their health is low enough. Off topic, ALWAYS take the higher teir helmet. And props to the OP for accepting he is wrong.
  2. won slow truck

    The game is not playable anymore

    I understand the frustration. IMO it easiest to learn how to play the circle if someone teaches you how. That will make things easier. But learning to shoot is something you have to put time into. Good luck.
  3. won slow truck

    Map Selection Re-enforcement Bias

    Doesn't matter to me. I'll quit until I get the map I want to play. Map selection just Makes it easier for people who will do the same.
  4. It's either someone that shows in real time where people are at. Like an outline of them through everything. Or ignorant people who think good people cheat. You can not catch someone who is using a wall hack if they are hiding it well. Sometimes it's obvious though.
  5. I'm currently 2154. Makes no sense. I seem to climb rank no matter what.
  6. won slow truck


    shot him in the head before he hits you. It's that simple.
  7. won slow truck

    Hunting cheaters

    Or you just suck and think everyone hacks. Let's go with that.
  8. won slow truck

    Hunting cheaters

    I wonder how so many of you get so many games with cheaters. I hardly do.
  9. No, anti cheat is reactive. You need to find another game if you can't handle it. I'll keep playing. I very seldom have issues.
  10. won slow truck

    Summary: First day with Patch 22, OC, Melbourne

    I am having problems moving or undoing gun attachments. I also can't click on apply, default , cancel in my menu. Can't click anything once I die. I have to use the escape key.
  11. You can use tab to pick it up and bring it to your throwable slot in one motion.
  12. won slow truck

    Put Level 3 helmet back in

    I disagree to some point about crates being luck. It's not just only luck. In solo, ill drop where there are vehicles spawns near. I quickly get basic stuff then await a plane and go chase it. Get drop then proceed to possibly win. The level 3 helmet has saved me and the awm has helped me win many games against level 3 helmet guys. And of course the good guys will always get the package is false. Nothing is certain. I agree having them drop only makes care packages worth it. Otherwise, they arent imo. I like them either way, spawn or not.
  13. won slow truck

    Weapon Recoil

    SMG's are easier to control recoil. a lot easier than AR's. I dont think you understand the game nor how it's balanced. But keep a positive attitude because they have a good track record of changing stuff that 10's of thousands are ok with.
  14. won slow truck

    Invisible parachutes

    well this thread woke me up. I didnt know this was a thing but i didnt see people many times and yet they are near me within a minutes time.
  15. The game is fine and they are continuing to get it smoother running. Go have a Snickers.