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  1. Reduce sensitivity to 1 on all settings....slow moving = better frame rate.
  2. Hi, Looking for some help, when I play duo or squad gameplay I can never hear the other team members (not in party). I cant see my mic icon flash on and off at the bottom left of the screen. The other issue is Party Chat I get an awful echo, I have a high-end headset and experience no problems on other games. Any advice would be a big help.
  3. Klutch

    8x Scopes = TRASH

    You realize that you can zoom out with the 8x and make it a 4x?
  4. The idea is that you can now loot quickly without having to worry about accidentally swapping your weapon for the one next to the loot.
  5. Klutch

    Using Cars As Cover

    A moving car should be disabled from shots and force you to hold court. Think the game is missing some epic gun battles because of exploding cars.
  6. Klutch

    Using Cars As Cover

    A car shouldn't explode because of gunfire.
  7. Very frustrating when you jump out of your car use it as cover only for your enemy to shoot the car so it explodes and kills you. Car damage should be decreased when the vehicle isn't occupied.
  8. Damn, are they fun at the beginning of the game. When you win they are sooooo satisfying. Me and this dude had a real fight to the death inside a house, it spilled outside and he tried to run away, I chased that dude down and finished him off...hahahah
  9. Klutch

    FOV Slider

    This game needs a FOV Slider, single player is unplayable until this is implemented
  10. Klutch

    FOV Slider

    Are we getting one on Xbox?
  11. I got killed last night by failing to jump out of a window
  12. Good idea!!!!! Hate going through loot two or three times on one body incase i missed something i need.
  13. Klutch

    proximity chat please!

    Is their a microsoft email that we could all spam to express the need for proximity chat?
  14. I've been playing a boatload of solo, then switched to duos. The game feels smoother in duos, or am I losing it?
  15. then how would you shoot while holding breath lt + rb + rt?