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    This War Mode is Bad

    Here's an idea, lets make every game perfect for one guy who never seems to think anything is wrong with a game. I never take comments like these serious because fanboys will always pretend nothing is ever wrong just to troll people. War mode sucks, its that simple. 15 minutes of hot dropping in close quarters with a sniper? Dumbest idea ever. And regardless how much you believe you get to pick where you drop you never know who is waiting for you to hit the ground and immediately either knock you and take half your damage before you respond and if you have a sniper with an 8x than I'm happy if you have Shrouds aim because we all don't. What would really make a game better is if assholes didn't always act selfish and at least acknowledge that not everyone can shoot like shroud and thus its a clusterfuck for those who's skills are just slightly less better than everyone else. The irony of those who think there is nothing ever wrong with PUBg is that if it wasn't for the "noobs" they make fun of so much their scores would suck because they would only have players of equal or better skills than them and then they would be crying that servers never have anyone in them to play.
  2. Stop putting circles in the middle of a city like Los Leones while using crate weapons as the main weapons. Sniper guns in a city are useless, specially at close range. Lord have mercy can't you learn anything? This is TDM in a really small circle with the mechanics of PUBg. How idiotic can you be to put a circle in the middle of a huge city while dropping half the players with useless sniper guns with 8x scopes to get killed over and over because there are no good places to land without someone with an automatic weapon waiting for you inside 60 tall buildings. I can't believe you guys always find a way to ruin a potentially good mode. Just do it with all weapons not just crate weapons, that way there are not only more ARs but also SMGs. Hell, even a shotgun would be better than a sniper gun at close range.
  3. I love the new SLR, the map selection feature, the new Mirado on Miramar, the updated buildings in Miramar, the flaregun feature, the jetski, the new lobby concept and more. But it all means nothing if I spend more time waiting in lobbies before I jump on the plane, it takes forever just to join a lobby, I spend so much time just trying to reach an area because rubber banding keeps pushing me back, shooting blanks, having my scope and my barrel aim at different locations because the game doesn't tell me I am pointing my barrel at a window ledge and thus can't hit someone because my bullets are being blocked, invisible rocks that give me 50% damage when I hit them with vehicles and more. I have played all kind of games since as far back as the Atari 5200 and have never dealt with such a consistent and almost ritual like persistence of problems with just one game, one game. Oh and its interesting the audio thing you mentioned. Because they did include changes to the M16 to buff it and it turns out they did nothing to change it. WackyJacky proved it on his latest video. So basically they lied to us.
  4. I wouldn't say this is the best $30 spent. I enjoyed most COD games more than this not because the game itself sucks but because of the problems. I actually believe the best game I have ever played was L4D2 with the exception of the annoyance of players who you can't mute and the fact that they can team up and vote kick you just because they can.
  5. The game is broken again thanks to Bluehole updating the game incorrectly and I'm sick of it.
  6. I never had an issue with Bluehole making changes to the game to accommodate some of the complaints people have about the game. Some are genuine complaints but some are not and that's when Bluehole just breaks the game. I tried really hard to give them the benefit of the doubt, that developing a game and updating the code to fix the bugs in the game and to adjust the graphics and gameplay for a better experience was not an easy task. As a guy with a minor understanding of how coding works I get it. But I have been playing videogames for decades now and never have I seen a game break over and over and such ways that makes you question if you should bother continuing to play it at all anymore. Every single update is plagued with a slew of bugs that were not there before the update including repeat offenders such as matchmaking issues where you spend almost as much time just waiting to join a lobby as you do playing a round or spending more time just moving 5 feet forward thanks to the awesome rubber banding lag that keeps pushing you back to the last spot you were in a few seconds before. Bare in mind I am not even mentioning the bugs from the new features that were supposed to be ironed out during the test phase of the update (isn't that what the test servers are for?) but end up making the game almost unplayable for the first couple of days after the update. Playing PUBg is like trying a new game every time they do an update. It rarely ever plays right the first couple of times you try it out and takes a few days before you are finally able to play the game as it was intended. And then comes the really annoying part, the actual changes to the game. For months people complained Bluehole never listened to players complaints about the game, all the bugs, the issues with the gameplay and more. I want to say I am happy Bluehole is finally listening to us and trying to fix the problems in the game except now they are going overboard with the listening. Now they listen to every complaint and try to adjust the game to satisfy these complaints even when the complaints are stupid, exaggerated and downright the whining of a player who just doesn't have the skills to play the game properly and wants the game to be made easy for them to play. These latest 2 updates have shown just how idiotic it is to listen to every single complaint and attempt to please everyone. Shotguns are now broken in the game. A single shot to the head with no armor at point blank range no longer knocks a player. The single dumbest setting for them to have ever messed with. At that range barely a single pellet would have missed. Yet in previous versions I could be knocked by a shotgun shot at 25 meters with a shot to the body. It's like you can't win. All or nothing. They tweaked the ARs to make them more even. Although it's nice to see that an SMG is now a viable weapon to carry all the way to the final circles even as a replacement to an AR it's quite annoying that using an AR now seems to be more of a disadvantage because they were made harder to shoot. I find myself now losing far too often to SMGs at close range where an AR was usually the victor of most fights. Throw in the damn "I shot first" lag of the servers that amazingly enough only affects the bullets but not the sound and players are literally notified of your position as you shoot them, they get to react and shoot you after you already shot a couple of bullets and somehow beat you and then the replay seems to show you never actually hitting them first or barely giving damage that should have obviously been greater than theirs. Many will argue "you just didn't hit them in the head or chest or something and sadly one's complaint is pointless because the replay, yet another useless feature except for making sick Youtube videos, doesn't show what really happened thus you can't prove you got cheated out of a win in a gunfight that is obvious was yours to take. Though these days people arte such trolls it doesn't matter if you have proof they will still act like 5 year olds and lunge insults just to get a laugh. I'm already in the process of looking for a new game to play because it just sometimes doesn't seem worth to play a game where skills are too often useless if the game is gonna constantly deny you shots because of the broken servers and software. I'm an addict for PUBg, the first time I find a game that actually pulled me away from playing Call Of Duty. But I'm tired of spending so much time dealing with bugs after every update and ridiculous changes just to please the handful of players who want to be able to play on par with pro players by having the game changed to make it easier for them to play. I've never gone out of my way to criticize crybabies who are not complaining about legitimate game problems that affect everyone, not just them, but now I'm frustrated that Bluehole is tweaking the game far too much just to please these handful of unskilled players thus ruining the game for the rest of us. PUBg is turning into a "everyone's a winner" game where the only way to win is to have the server lag in your favor. I don't care if people chastise me for criticizing their favorite game but the truth is the truth. PUBg is not getting better, it's getting worse and unless Bluehole stops trying to please everyone and focuses on making the game more stable, adding interesting and useful features and items and doesn't break it like they do with every update (maybe every new feature should be tested as intensely as the Sanhok map was), maybe the game can stay on top but if they keep doing these stupid changes for the sake of people a handful of crybabies it's only a matter of time before another game outclasses it. Fortnite already gives it a run for its money, ROE is expected to be a hit once it hits the US and Mavericks is the most anticipated BR game right now and if it manages to create a stable game with a great experience while managing 400 players PUBg is definitely gonna bite the dust. And that's not even taking into account COD BO4 coming in Oct which, whether you hate the game or not, already has a huge fanbase and is likely to be just as popular as previous iterations of this particular series, specially after WWII failed to capture the boots on the ground experience. Bluehole, if you really are listening to your fanbase please listen to me. Stop breaking the game after every update. Stop tweaking every weapon just to please a handful of crybabies. I don't care if you add camos to guns, parachutes or even the vehicles we drive (actually that's a great idea), just make sure the game plays more smoothly, with better FPS and less wait time in matchmaking and lobby waits. Please focus on that more.
  7. BraveStarr

    Healing not applied before knocking or dying

    Makes sense except this never happened before till this latest update. I have always seen that last second med apply. In this case the game actually shows you at 75% and then drop to zero a half a second later.
  8. There's a bug in the live server, which was also on the test server, when if a person heals and manages to complete the heal just before the last tick of the bluezone damage it still counts the last tick and drops or kills you even though the heal was at 75% before one drops. On top of that you lose the med kit, first aid or bandage used. I thought I had a video but it didn't record this one time. Another odd thing, a bug I guess, is that there is no parachute on the character when we jump out of the plane and the parachute comes out of our shoulders. Just thought I would mention that.