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  1. No pseudo-psychology there chief, you literally are saying "not finishing off your enemy is a pussy move", right? That is literally being dismissive of the tactic. I agree about the joining friends part, it really does make the whole experience a bit idiotic IMO; like how the hell did they port over the mode and then forget people would be trying to join with a proper squad? I'm not even sure if there is a word to describe how much that doesn't make any sense.
  2. You're saying the mode requires no tactics, yet complaining about your teammates not reviving you (which would actually be smart tactic since it gives you points and keeps more people on the battlefield) and then dismissing the enemy letting you bleed out slowly (which would also be smart tactic since it can temporarily give them the numbers advantage on the battlefield). Calling it a "pussy" or cowardly-move is just weird and a bad attempt at being dismissive... it's clearly effective or you wouldn't be complaining about it.
  3. I mean, air your grievances with this game, sure, but let's not pretend people haven't been getting shot around corners in CoD games for over a decade. Funny enough, Blackout actually has like the lowest tickrate out of any modern FPS around today.
  4. headspawn

    Anyone Else Find This Unsatisfying?

    Whether it's bullets, blasts or the blue, a W is a W.
  5. headspawn

    When can we expect Training Mode?

    Should be within a month I would guess. Hell no I'm not waiting for it, that's absurd.
  6. Your friend sounds like an ass, tell him to finish his own kills. You have to Kill him with the weapon. For example, I can down someone with a grenade, and then finish them off with a Pan... that counts as a pan kill. Very useful for getting the Crossbow kill if you were having trouble with that in solo's.
  7. headspawn

    1.0 performance and a thank you

    One thing for me though is that I'm able to spot movement's and hiding players a lot better without the motion blur helping them blend in. I honestly hope they give us the option to toggle it on and off later because I absolutely don't want it now. That "judder" be reduced going forward if they're able to increase the framerate past 30fps in a meaningful way.
  8. headspawn

    1.0 performance and a thank you

    Are you playing in the correct region? I never got big amounts of lag or anything when I'm in the right region and FPS is a ton more stable than it's ever been for me with the newest patch. In all honesty I can't recall a single instance of notable FPS since this patch went live. I've even gone to the same areas that previously I was unable to ADS and shoot in Sanhok and it's all fine now.
  9. headspawn

    Releasing new content but...

    One thing has nothing to do with the other, at all.
  10. headspawn

    Dr. Disrespect throwing shade at PUBG

    Dude has always been vocal about his complaints with PUBG, it's really nothing new, certainly not worth a thread. His complaints are valid, we'll see if the fix.pubg crap actually changes things. If I had a nickel for every time he said he's done with PUBG I'd be pretty well off.
  11. headspawn

    Mods, Please Explain This

    That's slow reaction time + an ever so slight hint of lag/desync.
  12. headspawn

    So Pubg is coming to PS4 ..

    It's been known since the day it was announced to come to Xbox that the PS4 version would follow later. More people playing the game is more money in the dev's pockets to support the game and you should be happy about that. One thing I'd like to see though would be crossplatform play... have a 50v50 mode that is exclusively crossplatform only, that'd be great.