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  1. Official Patch #11 Discussion Thread

    New UI/Inventory is so nice. Framerate felt good so far from what I played but that could be due to servers running optimally.
  2. Official Patch #11 Discussion Thread

    Patch 11 sounds great. Glad to see UI/Menu stuff being addressed, that's my biggest gripe right now.

    only top 5 with kb/m? noob.

    I'm pretty sure most of the servers are just filled with bots. People can't be that terrible at the game.
  5. Patch 11

    You honestly shouldn't be buying Game Preview titles if those are your expectations. Very few games use this development route when the games are already in great shape.
  6. Patch 11

    Can you name a single current continually updated released GaaS title that doesn't still get bug fixes (not even limiting to game preview/early access because that's too obvious)?
  7. Patch 11

    Armor icons are actually gone from the current PC build. It'd probably be a waste to fix it and then remove again in the next real patch.
  8. Pubg vs Fortnite

    pubg, battlefield haven't touched a CoD since MW2 and I'm a better human being for it.

    Oh yeah man, perfect port... my ass. 1) Notice I have jeans wrapped around my arms 2) Notice my knees are weak and arms spaghetti 3) Half of my chest is missing. Kill it with fire. 4) My Teammates? Yeah, they were actually dead at all, just fun server stuff going on 5) Everyone on the server was unable to reload, equip stuff from backpack, use health. Amazing. 7) The game dropped me straight from the sky without launching my backpack and my player landed on his feet unscathed, unopened parachute still on 8) Everyone is either a bot or just straight terrible. 9) Framerate is okay though expect for turning my cellphone into a hot clothing iron if I turn the high framerate mode on. Bonus feature.
  10. "They put PC first..." Umm... people went through hell on PC for 9 months and even up until now they still have insane cheating problems (1.5 million banned in a single month). Yet it's only been 3 months on Xbox, we have none of the cheating and you guys are whining. Of course the PC version seems like it's getting more focus because they're at the point where the game is more or less solid, performs well and is functional... that took more than 3 months to accomplish and now updates are more about content than fixing broken things for the PC version; Xbox PUBG will get there.
  11. Find the bad guy!!!

    Omg, unacceptable for people to go in shelter instead of hiding in bushes shooting at dirt and throwing grenades into the blue!! Hax!! It's true, he does.
  12. Do you have links to verify those numbers?
  13. The secrets out folks, just buy mouse and keyboard and you instantly turn into an aimbot.
  14. Very Suspicious...

    Moral of the story here is "Don't sleep on the VSS". Nothing suspect about this.
  15. New Digital Foundry Video on PUBG

    This game isn't in release form though and everyone playing it was well aware of that fact beforehand.