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  1. headspawn

    The next PUBG shitstorm...

    So, was I right? PS4 runs better, right?
  2. headspawn

    Lack of Equality

    I can picture tears flowing over dorito dusted cheeks as I read this thread. Get a grip. If you didn't know the map was coming to PC first for testing and polishing (same as Miramar and Sanhok before it) then you just don't pay attention. Hell, Sanhok came to PC PTS servers missing tons of textures with placeholder elements all over the place.. I can't imagine much crying you would do if you had to play on a legit unfinished map considering the amount of bitching about the already finished maps.
  3. headspawn

    The Elephant in the Room...

    I'm so down for this.
  4. headspawn

    Give us Vikendi

    That was Sanhok.
  5. headspawn

    The Elephant in the Room...

    I've got a Kratos style beard IRL, it'd be great to have it in game.... on my female character.
  6. headspawn

    Broken Type B Preset...

    I watched the video and saw someone pointing out the same stuff that has been in the game since the day it launched... what did you see? Was that it?
  7. headspawn

    Broken Type B Preset...

    What's the issue here?
  8. headspawn

    TK is out of control again.

    I know this isn't on you but really this is a terrible solution. A squad shouldn't have to sit there and be killed out of fear of ban themselves from someone who just wants to ruin others experience. The moment a person takes team damage, it should be noted that the person shooting is the potential aggressor and they should be given the option to vote-kick from squad and/or flag the bad behavior immediately before the other two teammates get killed by the troll. All that stuff is logged by the server, no idea why it shouldn't be taken into account first and foremost.
  9. headspawn

    Is an SSD worth it for PUBG?

    So are you guys talking about replacing the internal stock HDD with an SSD then? Is there a speed difference between that and using an external SSD?
  10. Okay now how do you resolve this pov difference with regards to the OP (which is what I was addressing) who has said he had the issue way before that patch which screwed up parachuting deadzones?
  11. Be specific... what am I incorrect about? Are you saying stick drift doesn't exist?
  12. Movement has it's own seperate sensitivity settings; maybe that could account for the difference?
  13. Cool, that has nothing to do with what OP is talking about and since he's had this issue prior to Nov 15th... maybe you two are talking about the same symptoms but two different problems; like I suggested above.
  14. Brand new controllers can have varying amounts of stick drift out of the box and it's something that can exacerbate over time. But go ahead, please insult me more.