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  1. headspawn

    Darken compass gradient already

    It should be fine once they add graphical options to adjust contrast/hdr. I assume thats coming sometime soon now that we actually have a semifunctional options-menu.
  2. I'm not particularly passionate about it, if you recall I left a simple post and you responded telling me I'm wrong for some reason when I'm not. The reason I took the time to make the video was because on the previous page you linked to a WackyJacky101 clip as proof that this didn't exist in the PC version. It was your claim that this "bug" didn't exist there, so I thought by showing you that it existed a year ago when the game first came out on the PC version and still exists in the PC version right now and it's been like that since Day One on Xbox as well, in hopes that you would come to the realization that it was an intended feature. But alas, now you seem to have changed the argument a bit, something about some ex-military guy saying it's not realistic... of course it's not 100% realistic, it's attempting to simulate realism, but the only way you'd truly have a realistic aiming is if you were playing a VR game with a gun controller that moved 1:1 with the controller in the game and had an approximate ADS function when you raise your gun. The way the game simulates you needing to move your head and gun is by moving your reticle. Does the guy who served think it should work more like Call of Duty/Battlefield or any other game? Because that ain't realistic either. "I haven't met someone who's had such a hard on for poor targeting reticles." Maybe you're having a hard time reading but I never expressed whether I like or dislike the aiming.. by me explaining that it isn't a bug doesn't mean I like the way it works, it's simply a fact that it isn't a bug, therefore it would make more sense for you to push this discussion in a different section of the forum as a game change suggestion. I don't doubt that others would agree with you; people have been making suggestions to change this game to have mechanics similar to other FPS games since it came out.
  3. Well yeah, I made the second video myself (just deleted it) to demonstrate that I know what I'm talking about in that it isn't an Xbox related bug. You can can pretend it's not intended all you want... you're assuming they accidentally made it so that the reticle moves in conjunction with the gun moving, but that's not the reality. You don't accidentally program a reticle move in an exact and predictable manner, that's called a feature. A bug would be if it moved erratically, or if RoboDanjal told you "it's not supposed to move" and it moved anyways.... that'd be a bug. Whatever the case, it's demonstrable and by PUBG Corps word, intentional. So, it's not a bug, regardless of your opinion. Now if you don't like it and would rather it works like other games, that's a completely different conversation you should be having instead of insisting people aren't doing their job correctly... go suggest it in the general forum, there's nothing wrong with that.
  4. You're telling me it's a bug when RoboDanjal just told you it's not and explained it to you how it works, "Regardless of what other games have done, when you change to ADS your weapon moves, when the weapon moves so will the aim point." The same happens when you go into hipfire, this has always been the case. You can feel free to disagree with me, but how are you going to argue with that? Here's the game a year ago with someone just realizing the same thing that you are: Here is the PC game from about 5 minutes ago: https://imgur.com/AhxZMd8 If that reticle movement is what you're referring to, than that isn't a bug. If you're talking about something else then I'm not sure.
  5. Whatever your opinion on this, it's not a bug.
  6. It's a frustrating mechanic but it's a bit of a simulation mechanic; you are adjusting the gun, therefore you need to readjust your aim, so they simulate that with the reticle. 6 months in on console though, it's all muscle memory'd in to take it into account before pulling LT.
  7. You would... umm.. Let me get this right.... If your head-bean was in charge of Bluehole Studios, you would replace the Lead Programmers and Programmers with... graphical artists? Wasabi. Lay off the drugs.
  8. The maps are downloaded onto your Xbox. The problem is things aren't fully optimized yet for loading off of the HDD into your RAM at the right time and priority. It's a bit mitigated on Xbox One X because it has waaay faster RAM speeds as well as optimized HDD read/write speeds over standard Xbox One or Xbox One S. They're working on this though, we should be seeing improvements soon.
  9. Don't waste your money on SSD. I'd say External 7200RPM HDD is only a real get if you're using the standard Xbox One or the Xbox One S and if you need the space, it's obviously great for Xbox One X, outside of that the differences are mostly minimal. DVR has no effect on performance. That is a system level function with it's own resources allotted to it, whether you have it on or off.
  10. Just remember to do a fresh install on the 26th and knock on wood.
  11. headspawn

    Gun jump.

    It's definitely part of the game for sure and takes some getting used to but I've seen people saying they've seen super exaggerated aim-punch, I'm not sure if aim flying 6ft or so is intentional so if you see it, please report it. I'll do the same if I see it, but I haven't yet.
  12. headspawn

    Gun jump.

    It's 'aim punch'. Post a clip if you see some odd stuff. We had someone else post a thread a week back saying their aim flew off like 6 feet but never came back with actual footage of a glitch unless I missed it.
  13. headspawn

    Rocket Launchers

    Flare gun.
  14. I just noticed within some of the Xbox media assets from E3 that they had a couple screenshots featuring cloudy weather/rain, they aren't even from the trailer as far as I can tell. So is this intended to come with the Sanhok map release and will it be applicable to Erangel at the same date? This pic looks to be from Erangel.
  15. headspawn

    E3 snow map announcement

    It'll come in due time, just let them get a handle on what they have now first though. Hell, Warmode was 'announced' near the launch of the PC Early Access IIRC. They are fleshing things out before releasing them.