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  1. How is less loot more balanced?

    That’s half the fun. Wouldn’t be as fun if everyone got an AR in the first 30 seconds.
  2. Is Bp messed up?

    Why would you expect more when you didn’t even finish top 10?😂 The main goal is to win, so place higher if you want more BP.
  3. Remove Friendly Fire.

    Terrible idea. Cause if it’s removed I can just lob grenades threw the windows while my teammates storm a house. You wouldn’t like that.
  4. Dropping plane

    Yeh happened with patch 9. Less crap for the game to run. Helps it run smoother. I’m sure it’ll get added back later on.
  5. Hotfix Requires Update?

    you're you’re you're
  6. GB PubG Tournaments

    Or im amused at the lame attempt at competitive tournie play they are using 😂.
  7. Hotfix Requires Update?

    Always someone that has to cry about something.
  8. GB PubG Tournaments

    That sounds incredibly stupid 😂
  9. Vehicle damage seems down again

    Yeh it’s dumb. People should still be downed by getting hit by a car. At least at a certain speed.
  10. How to get to #1 SOLO Rank

    Kill rating on OC server. Not impressed.
  11. Here they come

    Nobody is gonna take you serious if you can’t navigate a forum correctly.
  12. My only major complaint with this game

    What annoys me is when someone wants to fight and then after I land a couple they just take off running.
  13. Playing Duo. 9 alive including my self. Circle closing, all 8 others killed each other or died in blue 😂😂. Easy dinner without a shot fired in the final 9.
  14. Roadmap question, Im seriouse.

    They have “Test servers” on PC. Where people can “test” the new maps and what not. Not sure what how to test on Xbox lol.