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  1. Thermal? nah. Binoculars? Yes Please.
  2. Fastline

    Shoes vs Barefoot

    I’m rocking my Blue HiTops regardless. Never know when my future ex wife might see me running through Georgopol. #STAYSWAGGIN
  3. Fastline

    SCAR or M4?

    Whichever one I find first, I keep. I do feel like I’m more effecitent with a Scar.
  4. Fastline


    I’ve noticed that if I shoot one, I shoot skittles. But if I get shot with one, no matter what armor, I get melted lol.
  5. Why? Why can I stand on a grenade and only get downed, but if my motorcycle decides to spaz out at 15kmh, why do I die instantly with no chance for revive?
  6. Fastline

    Extended time?

    we’re literally a couple hours in. My god people. Smh.
  7. Fastline

    Anyone able to play yet?

    Yeh. About to start my 3rd game since it came back on. Finished top 10 game 1. Lagged out game 2.
  8. Fastline

    When is the new map playable

    There’s a new map?
  9. Fastline

    Test server's already shut down....

    Thanks. We didn’t know.
  10. You CAN turn it off on main menu. Just like the regular PUBG
  11. Restart the game. Same happened for me me and my buddies. Fixed on restart. But now we lag out 2 minutes into every game.
  12. Fastline

    Network Lag

    Same for my 1st game.
  13. Fastline

    so umm, its 5.....wtf?

    5pm PDT
  14. Fastline

    Long Jumps vs Hot Drops

    I love Hot drops in Severny, Pochinki, and Gorgopol. Enjoy the early gun fights and looting others early if I win the fights. Saves time lol. Let them loot everything and then kill them and take it haha.