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  1. Inventory Glitch.

    The fix it damn
  2. This part of the game is a whole world of messed up! Whilst waiting for friends to re enter the lobby you can’t swap between the game mode type because the game keeps moving my selection choice back to what it was previously, and to do this I for some reason have to select the opposite way on the bumper to then press the way I want to before it will actually move. I keep getting please wait for sync message appearing and I have ended up waiting nearly 10 minutes before, then I realised that this lobby was a big mess and had to back out before I could move to the game type I want.
  3. Inventory Glitch.

    Next time this happens use the right stick to scroll up and down then it should work as normal.
  4. Glare on x4 scope!!

    Please remove the glare from the x4 scope I can’t see a thing at times! I see what yous are trying to do by adding a bit of realism to the game which would make sense if the glare was on the front of the rifle scope and you were facing the suns direction, but that’s not how it works for the rear. I’ve used scoped rifles in the sunniest and clearest of conditions and never encountered anything of the sort. The glare will disappear once you start aiming down the sight due to your bodies/helmet shadow. This also happens when your stood in a dark room which has no sunlight in your direction but somehow still get glare???, please please remove this pointless addition.
  5. for some reason the character struggles to pick up items when pressing x he bends down and ends up stroking the items instead of picking them up this is very frustrating in high action situations where every second counts.
  6. Can’t scroll through the inventory list when I try it highlights the second item down the returns to the top of the list instantly.
  7. When spectating a team member I get swapped to another team member that has just been killed and all I can watch for the rest of the game is my dead team mate liying there on the floor unable to swap cameras between members such an annoying glitch please fix this.
  8. Game crash: Megathread

    I have Xbox x mate never used to crash now I’m crashing all the time sick of this bullshit Korean crap
  9. Game crash: Megathread

    My god man just crashed loading into the actual match! Didn’t even get to wait in the pre game lobby straight back to the dashboard, how have yous not fixed this by now!
  10. Game crash: Megathread

    Literally just crashed in the pre game island...
  11. Game crash: Megathread

    Since the 7 update crashing on the Xbox X has became more frequent. I used to crash once a week with daily play if that , now I seem to crash every other game. Nothing In particular seems to trigger the crash it seems to be a random event. I then get sent back to the dashboard.
  12. Time after time I try to jump through a window which usually I can vault through no problem i am just jumping on the spot. Even after smashing the window I find myself just jumping up and down going nowhere, this mixed with trying to evade or pursue an enemy is thee most frustrating thing I have game across it’s got me killed so many times, even jumping over jersey barriers with holes in the mesh fence has became a nightmare.
  13. Been playing this on the X since December and have sometimes gone weeks without a crash but since the most recent update the Xbox x has been crashing significantly more now up to one every other game.
  14. Can no longer keep looking down the sight of the x8 after the shot with the kar98 to see where the shot landed to aim off according. Because of the auto rechambering of the next round, only way to do it is fire all 5 shots then wait before you reload. Please introduce the battlefield system where you can keep looking down the sight until you have left go of the aim button then the next round is to be chambered.
  15. The recoil on the AK when fired in automatic is outrageous even when equipt with a compensator fires all over the place please reduce this