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  1. Stewys92


    Nah that’s what I mean I have the volume at a reasonable setting, but when the aircraft comes over head I have to turn it down so the volume of that is at the same level I would have it for general game play, then the general preference has been reduced greatly to the point I can barely hear shots/steps anymore
  2. Stewys92


    So next time you get shot and someone offeres you a bandage tell them to beat it and tell them a “generic” energy drink will sort you right out...
  3. Stewys92


    Yous are clearly not getting the point, yes use it to your advantage but there’s no need for it to be that loud.
  4. Stewys92


    I live on a military base with the same type of aircraft and have worked with them doing low level fly bys and I’m telling you now they arnt that noisy. Taking off yes but not cruising along. Nice try though 👍🏼
  5. Stewys92


    Can you please do something about the footsteps they are pretty unrealistic nobody makes that much noise while walking/running around it’s annoying, Also those who wear headsets will know the supply plane volume is ridiculously loud to the point where there’s no need. And before people say “TuRn tHe voLUmE doWn” you clearly don’t understand what I mean. I hate having to turn down my geadset volume to prevent ear drums being burst which then turns the volume of everything else down so I can no longer hear gunshots steps ect.
  6. Stewys92

    Game crash: Megathread

    How can I still be crashing in this game almost 8 months after its release!! I was literally just stood there peaking the corner and then crash, Xbox x. This only ever happens on the new map. Why don’t you fix what’s broke on the old stuff before releasing new content, people arnt going to start playing the game again because you are giving us some half finished crashing glitch galore map, they are going to come back when there’s no crashing or see improvements on the old stuff, which is the main reason why people aren’t bothering with this game anymore. like them I’m done with this trash game you can’t seem to fix something without breaking 5 other things bunch of absolute amateurs your game is dead.
  7. This will more than likely be very useful..unfortunately it’s bluehole and they dgaf 🤷🏼‍♂️
  8. Stewys92

    Xbox One X Huge advantage

    I would agree with you but I have an x and someone drove through the front window,door, wall and ran my ass down. There I was minding my own business in the front room of some chumps house looting away trying to pick up some items that he just didn’t want to pick up which I assume was covered in grease as he kept dropping it. Then he came through dr strangers porthole and mowed me down like a dog in the street! He then continued his course and drove out through the back wall..advantage og I think so!
  9. Stewys92


    Or at least give us the option to not use that map
  10. Stewys92


    So true about the iPhone running better, so embarrassing man
  11. Stewys92


    I only have one or two really but here goes Keeps unreadying Crash Aiming Hit recognition Can’t choose map Can’t jump through certain windows Aiming sucks Matchmaking takes ages Rubber banding Low frame rate Lag Clipping aiming Lobby is glitchy Emotes are dumb Jumping over walls is temperamenal Press x to invite is also temperamental and how haven’t some buildings rendered in half way through a match?
  12. Bc they don’t have a single clue what they are doing the company is an absolute embarrassment, never seen a game preview get released and be so trash!
  13. How you manage to mess this game up every time you introduce something new, new lobby menu..broken, new map..broken, small annoying glitches we beg you to change..still broken, but don’t worry the footsteps sound like fish being slapped on the floor. 1 step forward 2 back
  14. And yet I’ve been waiting for 10 minutes to find a first person match 🤔🤔🤔?
  15. When joining back into the lobby from a game there is sometime no options on the left hand side to choose solo/duo etc.