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  1. Message pops up randomly when joining a game resulting in being removed from that match and returned back to the lobby.
  2. Stewys92

    War mode player taking no damage

    Just had this happen to me unloaded a full clip of the machine gun into him and he just walked off
  3. I cant even get into the new event mode, I press A for matchmaking and then the timer counts but the option to press A to start matchmaking is still there. It will then disappear I will hear people speak and then the matchmaking option will re appear and I am from what I can make out the only person left in the lobby. Am I still in the lobby? Have I lost connection? Some sort of indication would be greatly appreciated as I have nothing to go off here. I would like to know what process you guys use when making something new because every time yous do it it's like youve done the equivalent of throwing a bunch of bricks on the floor and expecting a house to pop up. Do you even test these things before you release them damn man is there any end to your inability to make something work.
  4. Stewys92

    How how how how how

    The game still has bugs that were reported on release so I disagree with this strongly.
  5. Stewys92

    How how how how how

    Bc they are crap
  6. Stewys92

    How how how how how

    Well whatever is put in there gets ignored by the devs anyway so what difference does it make
  7. Stewys92

    How how how how how

    It's a forum it's all a place for reporting
  8. Stewys92

    How how how how how

    It will be once these jokers fire their store brands own version of developers and get in some guys who actually know what they are doing, this is why they are the laughing stock of the gaming world rn
  9. Stewys92

    How how how how how

    Playing fast and loose with the word selection, you can opt for a small map or random 2 large maps, why not give us what we ask for you can map select on the mobile game ffs?
  10. Stewys92

    How how how how how

    I don't have a problem aiming and killing enemies I just thing the whole mechanics behind it is garbage, its just not smooth, play any other shooter bf/cod and you'll see it just feels natural, minus the aim ass I just mean in general
  11. Stewys92

    How how how how how

    Which is tailored in game by in game mechanics?...... 👀👀
  12. Stewys92

    How how how how how

    Yeah they lied about how bad this game actually was going to to be... Its borderline scamming let's be honest, ahh generic gamer banter nice one your crank your craic stinks.
  13. Stewys92

    How how how how how

    I get dinners and kills? The aiming system is just tragic, wrong with the post? Everything I wrote in this post is true from experience so u less you're sat watching it with me you haven't a clue what you're on about I'm afraid.
  14. Can you not do a single thing to fix this game!! Anything you guys do seems to make it 10x worse! Full release yet this game is still rife with bugs and glitches, did yous even add anything when you done this final release update? Stillll no map selection, buildings stillll don't render in before landing, stilll garbage aiming system, stillll can't stay readied up when waiting for someone to enter the lobby, stillll haven't fixed the lobby ready up glitch, stillll having problems vaulting through certain windows.. And despite all that... You have the ordacity to ask us for more money for your premium and mirimar pass !!! What the hell are you guys on to make me want to spend another penny on this garbage game! I have never ever seen a game company so messed up who are just incapable of doing anything right. Honestly will not be playing this once BF lands.
  15. Stewys92

    Very Bad Audio Detection

    Totally agree, out at a distance the audio is decent but once it gets close you can't tell if it's in front behind above or below you!