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  1. Northdistortion

    16 hours?

  2. Northdistortion

    Are we paying for sanhok or what?

    lol...you will pay..not us
  3. Northdistortion

    Sanhok Pass!!

    learn to work on your post titles
  4. Northdistortion

    Why PUBG not have that Fortnite popularity?

    hmmmm one is free and caters to a casual audience and one is 30$ and caters to a hardcore audience.....not really hard to figure out bud
  5. i imagine the map will come along with update 1.0 for xbox and they will make an event with the release. So they are trying to get the base game stable and optimized before 1.0
  6. Northdistortion

    Theory about PTS this weekend

    man i hope its dynamic weather!!! so pumped for this
  7. Exactly....people better not start bitching. Dynamic weather is awesome
  8. Northdistortion

    Before you rant about new patch....

    No change for me on the xbox one x
  9. Northdistortion

    Pubg is dying!!

    ur brain is
  10. Northdistortion

    Fed up of being team killed in a random squad ?

    I play with randoms all the time and got team killed once or twice since launch. You must be doing something to piss people off
  11. Northdistortion

    Xbox PUBG Suggestions

    Also can we get a seperate sensitivity for moving map target indicator