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  1. Can we get some forum mod support?

    wtf did i just read...english?
  2. Pubg official mobile

    the progression system in the game needs to come to the console version
  3. FLARE GUN!!!

    please i hope they bring this to the live game. such a cool idea
  4. news flash the game has boon the top selling xbox game since release (minus two weeks when monster hunter released)
  5. Improved inventory system

    The inventory system is well made imo. They just need to make it more responsive and make us be able to loot quickly
  6. Expect Hotfix Tuesday!

    LOL u must feel stupid now
  7. Better make some improvements soon

    Have fun playing far cry with your “squad” lol
  8. Great idea Very Poor execution

    Sigh..lol...please OP dont posg anymore.
  9. Nice OP...making yourself look like a fool lol
  10. Roadmap - Why are people complaining?

    because people are idiots.
  11. Biggest take from Xbox Roadmap...?

    Dude wake up pc roadmap = all of 2018 xbox roadmap = SPRING 2018