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  1. Orange Beast

    Blackout and PUBG

    It's not lag, It's server tick rate (which is probably worse) Even lobbies filled up with God internet experience what you said. The servers only update at 20hz. So if you're hit with multiple bullets before it updates it looks like an insta death. A lot of blackouts weapons fire fast so it's a big thing on the forums, especially since the beta had higher tick rate!! The good news for the Black ops community is it has been acknowledged (sort of)
  2. Orange Beast

    Solo NA FPP is dead...

    The gunplay is both better and worse. Ballistics and sounds are way better in pubg. It just feels better at long range because it's realistic guns, velocity and drop. Blackout feels strange over range because the weapons feel like nerf guns that fire lasers if that possibly makes sense. Blackout takes it close up by a long way. The controls are tight, fast and the frames make it all feel smooth. Pubg close quarters is jarring once you go back. You can literally SEE the frames. There's a certain amount of stuttering/juddering when you're out in the open but I absolutely believe this will be sorted soon enough. I said from the start Blackout won't kill pubg, but it will kill pubg FPP. So far that's exactly what's happening. I forgot pacing. Way faster and frantic in Blackout.
  3. Orange Beast

    A few days of Blackout.. then PUBG!!

    I suppose you've hit the nail on the head for a certain type of gamer. If you enjoy the 'atmosphere' of pubg, the realistic military style survival game, where strategy beats gun skills 90% of the time (until you get into top 5-10 depending on last circle) then I will tell you all day Blackout is absolutely not for you. There is far less strategy involved. Head Phones are a must in pubg. Blackout? Not nearly as much. I've been playing Blackout and you just don't get the same feeling. However, if you like to jump in there like Shroud or Dr disrespect and go full "violence, speed, momentum" then Blackout is absolutely for you. The reason Doc loves it so much is because it's practically taylor made for action streamers to blaze through kills and win, whereas pubg him and shroud would often be killed by people employing good strategy. As for me, I'm like the OP. I want to come back to Pubg but there's too much wrong. The FPP crowd is done. Try living in Europe and getting into a game. No chance.
  4. Orange Beast

    I doubt BO4 will kill PUBG

    Yea it's buggy as hell at times but I'm happy to see the devs are doing daily posts on what they're updating. Obviously Treyarch has huge resources they can throw at it. I bought it for Blackout thinking I would only touch standard game modes for practice but I'm loving the 'control' game mode. I'll keep coming back to pubg though here and there.
  5. Orange Beast

    I doubt BO4 will kill PUBG

    I've kinda been forced over to blackout. FPP takes too long, on any server, to find a game. The other day I managed to empty the dishwasher and make a phone call to the bank (i was on hold for a few mins) in the 15 minutes it took to connect to lobby that had 30 something people in. It started with 40..... on Miramar
  6. Orange Beast

    I doubt BO4 will kill PUBG

    It's easier, absolutely. I got to 5th with 2 kills in my first game while I was trying out guns on random walls and spending whole minutes in the inventory screen seeing how it works. But I put it down to the cod community not yet getting to grips with how BR works. For example if I played PUBG against my December 2017 self I would toy with him with a 9mm pistol. I would shoot his armour off. Then his helmet. Then in each knee cap before finally panning him into the ground. The cod kids will get better. But really, you didn't win 3 out of 4 games man.
  7. Orange Beast

    I Pray Blackout does not kill PUBG

    Yes, I agree. But that's one hell of a huge IF ?
  8. Orange Beast

    Pubg vs blackout...

    I thought that too but was surprised to learn that the pc pubg community say the same thing where the fps is uncapped. Besides that, pubg is never going to get anywhere near 60fps on Xbox. I know you didn't say that but it's a sore point amongst a lot of gamers.
  9. Orange Beast

    I Pray Blackout does not kill PUBG

    Blackout will kill pubg's FPP community. Those that play TPP will be fine.
  10. Orange Beast

    Pubg vs blackout...

    I have no issues in close quarters either but there is a clear lag in the controls which are more clear as you're mashing buttons in a frantic close quarters fight. Everyone and anyone who has played blackout has said the controls are so much tighter. I agree blackout is no butter right now.
  11. Orange Beast

    Pubg vs blackout...

    So you would say pubg is as smooth/slick/tight on the controls as any other shooter?
  12. Orange Beast

    Pubg vs blackout...

    I'm fine on rainbow 6 close up. No aim assist. I'm actually fine on pubg close up, too. If you think close up is screwed on pubg simply because of no aim assist then I don't know what to tell you.
  13. Orange Beast

    Pubg vs blackout...

    You're right in that pubg is way better over long range. Blackout feels a bit weird over about 50m and I can't quite work out why. It could be because the weapons don't have the same kick to them. However, in short range, it's blackout all day every day. Pubg is horrific close up. The inventory systems I would say blackout is better. They have a quick equip on the d pad so you can switch between scopes/optics almost instantly. You can also throw grenades without having to put your gun away. Looting bodies is about the same once you get used to it. What I don't like is the perks system. I dont think perks belong in a BR mode but treyarch obviously wanted to make it a cod BR. Overall blackout is a fun mode that doesn't capture what i felt in pubg. But it's a lot less frustrating than pubg so I fear the casual players will prefere blackout... And there's way more casuals out there than shooter junkies. Also, the FPP crowd can't play pubg anymore. So theres that.
  14. I was invading the NA server with out even realising! It's only when I checked my stats I realised!
  15. Orange Beast

    COD vs. PUBG

    For me, I can't wait to play a BR that is smooth in a firefight. I'm not just talking about fps (although 60fps is going to be nice) I'm more talking about smooth controls and slick movement. Even PC players complain about how clunky and laggy the movement is on pubg. It seems pubg is never going to nail the controls properly. I know there's people our there and in this forum that have the controls figured out and they can snap targets with little effort, but I bet those are the same people that have thousands of games played, so you've had TIME to dial it in. Most of us don't have this time. We need better controls in order to dial in that muscle memory. On top of that, I'm looking forward to practicing in a regular death match if I feel i'm not hitting my targets. I can tear it up for 5 minutes and get several kills then jump into BR. I can't do that in pubg. I have to hot drop with awful rendering and clunky controls, just to Maybe get 1 kill, or 0 kills, then have go back through it all.