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  1. Orange Beast

    Analog movement (bug?)

    Then no one would ever be able to achieve 100% sprint due to the difficulty of hitting the exact degree. It's harder than you think to achieve the exact degree, even straight forwards. So if it worked how you say, then we are all running around trying to sprint but not. Look, it feels different and people don't like change. I've played shooters on console for 20 years and believe me this is how it is. We all got used to 8 directional movement but the fact has always been the same.
  2. Orange Beast

    Analog movement (bug?)

    I'm not so sure it works exactly how you suggest. Say if it did, that means I could only get 100% sprint speed only going forwards with this new movement. But you can strafe and maintain 100% sprint. If it worked like you said, even a minor variance on the left stick would cause a proportional drop in speed.
  3. Orange Beast

    Analog movement (bug?)

    No, you just think you're still at 45 degrees. See before you could be holding it past 45 degrees but because the controller only had 8 directions, it defaulted to 45. Now even if you're a smidgens smidgen past 45 degrees it will stop you.
  4. Orange Beast

    Analog movement (bug?)

    I don't understand this whole discussion. Are people complaining they can't sprint while strafing almost sideways? You can't do that with wasd movement either, but some people are fooling themselves that they could. There is more precision required because before you could be moving the stick in a direction that was between the 8 directions and this is what your thumb got used to. Now it actually moved exactly where you're pointing.
  5. Orange Beast

    Aiming to get smoothened out?

    Aiming IS smooth, for those that have played the most often. This is most evident by how many people carry one shot kill sticks (kar98/M24/AWM) now you can spectate, you can see just how comfortable some people are with the aim.
  6. Orange Beast

    Miramar chosen more than Erangel?

    Yesterday I got Erangal first then Mirimar 4 times in a row. I always get Mirimar 3 or 4 times in a row but never get Erangal more than once. It's annoying because Mirimar is horrible at the moment yet I'm forced to play it for the majority of my time.
  7. Orange Beast

    Anyone tried FPP EU yet?

    Don't bother.
  8. Orange Beast

    Is there any Aim Assist?

    I think people shut up about aim assist months ago friend. Not seen anyone ask for it in a while.
  9. Orange Beast

    FPP Que Times

    Exactly. People saying It's dead but there is no way I went from being able to get a game within 1 minute up until 11pm weekdays to not being able to get into a match AT ALL Saturday 7pm even after waiting 20 minutes. Either there was a mass exodus from EU FPP literally over night or there is a problem somewhere. The strange thing is devs have not mentioned it at all.
  10. Orange Beast

    Ranking? Solo fpp important question

    If that did turn out to be true, it would spell the end for me. I would have to pray cod BR turned out decent enough.
  11. Orange Beast

    Ranking? Solo fpp important question

    I have found myself having to hunt the chicken on foreign pastures. Namely those of North America. The lag impedes me, but LO, I have managed to get a chicken dinner and 50% top 10 in my 26 games. One only wishes I could show this strength in mine own lands. Alas, as you say, I shall keep the faith.
  12. Orange Beast

    Ranking? Solo fpp important question

    What I want to know is how you even get into a game on EU FPP? I seem unable to. Let's discuss that.
  13. Orange Beast

    Analogue Input is coming!

    I just remember using the stick to move forward and backwards and also turn left and right. So you could run and turn corners with 1 stick. You strafed with the c buttons on the right side of the controller. It was a nightmare if someone was above or below you because you had to use c up and down which was incredibly awkward. I remember when I got an Xbox and bought Halo. I was so used to Goldeneye that I found moving just using the left stick and looking with the right stick really strange. I actually changed the controls to match Goldeneye so left stick looked left and right and moved forward and backwards and right stick strafed left and right and looked up and down lol.
  14. Orange Beast

    Analogue Input is coming!

    Funny thing is with 1 stick you used it to both look and move while c left and c right strafed. Did you change it so you just moved with all the c buttons and looked with the stick? Ahead of your time lol.
  15. Is skill based match making even a thing? Every time this topic comes up I see several people saying if you do well you get matched up with higher skilled players then some people say that isn't true skill based match making is for squad searching only. I need to know so I can go and commit suicide 10 games in a row so I get matched low. Rinse and repeat and my win rate will be great 😃