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  1. Orange Beast

    TPP or FPP?

    You said "my point stands that the game was designed for TPP". So what is the relevance of this point? Never mind I now see you never had one 😃
  2. Orange Beast

    TPP or FPP?

    And viagra was invented to treat heart disease. What's your point?
  3. Orange Beast

    TPP or FPP?

    So what if the game was designed for TPP? That doesn't make it better. Viagra was invented to treat heart disease. I bet there's hundreds of things that were designed for something different. And e sports uses FPP.
  4. Orange Beast

    TPP or FPP?

    Actually I have no problem with this, other than week days after 11pm. Just last night i was getting into solo fpp EU instantly. Maybe the people complaining are trying to go online while the rest of the region is actually earning money or getting an education?
  5. Orange Beast

    TPP or FPP?

    Well I suppose grown men go through their whole lives being called childish, why not act like a child? Anyway it was said in jest. I actually have no idea what ages people are that play either game mode. I just know what i prefere and so be it.
  6. Orange Beast

    FPP Servers EU

    Dropped shelter and no one was there? And so the truth is revealed. Dude was clearly playing in a server full of clowns that play the clown tune through their headphones. You know the one.
  7. Orange Beast

    TPP or FPP?

    HAHAHAHAHAHA......... ........ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. this topic is about the biggest flame fest there us in pubg. Good luck with that. P.s, FPP is for the men. The kids play TPP 😃
  8. Orange Beast

    FPP Servers EU

    He killed 13 people and every single kill was a camper? I call bullshit. To get 13 kills you need to hot drop. Campers don't hot drop. You're full of lies and deceit chacho, lies and deceit
  9. Orange Beast

    Fpp is dead

    I'm in the UK and the only time I struggle to find a solo fpp game is after 11pm weekdays. Test server straight away.
  10. Orange Beast

    My first adventure in Miramar...

    I rubber band for about the first 30 seconds on test server its awful. I put it down to the server just being laggy becsuse of the amount of people connecting and me being out of region.... hopefully. Rendering is a whole other story. On Miramar nothing loads in for about 1 minute. Entire towns just aren't there I have to look on the mini map to see where the buildings are. Erangel is better than main server, but weird. Buildings load in straight away (I can actually see them as soon as I jump out if the plane which is new to me) but sometimes only the roofs load and it looks like all the walls were taken out. Stairs are already loaded which is great.
  11. Orange Beast

    This is pathetic.

    It's a known issue that playing for extended periods of time causes crashes. It's in the patch notes and has been for months. People are trying to offer a solution, which is more helpful than your smart arsery.
  12. Orange Beast

    People who snipe cars?

    All of the questions you ask, you answer them yourself. So you know why. Everyone plays different.
  13. Orange Beast

    Erangel on PTS is a mess.. (video)

    Erangel for me on PTS has been great! Buildings (and stairs) are loading in way faster and it's so much smoother and more responsive. Feels a lot more like a regular first person shooter to me. OG Xbox.
  14. Orange Beast

    Lack of players Fpp europe

    Yep. 11pm on weekdays I jump on the NA servers. I don't see the advantages NA residents complain about regarding out of region players. I crash and often skip frames on NA servers.
  15. Then I don't know how I could convince you if you had such good results. I've been in the Telecomms industry as a network engineer for 10 years and my experiences with both LAN over power and Wi-Fi have been sketchy, to say the least. For gaming I've always recommended wiring direct which we agree on at least.