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  1. Don't need it. They dead before they even know I'm there.
  2. massive patch size...

    And how many Germans play pubg? I mean as a percentage? I'm sure it's a small minority as I said.
  3. massive patch size...

    He said he had a cap and doesn't want to pay more. So instead he wants blue hole to do smaller updates for him and a small minority. For those that have bad internet through no choice of their own, they choose to live where they do. There's a lot of perks to living in the sticks, internet is not one of them.
  4. massive patch size...

    You don't want to pay more but you don't want a data cap. So, you insist on blue hole changing how they deploy updates thereby making the rest of the world wait longer because of smaller updates...... How successful did you expect to be?
  5. Upgraded to an x from s and damn!

    Or people who do have an X and pretend the OG runs better.
  6. Explain This Death

    What he said.
  7. Explain This Death

    The damage isn't done at once. It's done in the time it takes 2 bullets hitting you one after the other so it looks like it's all at once. You see your health bar go down to 10% then the next bullet kills you. Basically you got hosed down with auto fire. If you had a lvl 3 helmet you would have had time to react but level 1 helmet vs an AKM?
  8. after 0.6.2 unplayable

    It's possible it just happens a lot more often when wireless. Personally I wouldn't play wireless because not only is the signal temperamental, the speed slows. I moved house last year and the first chance I got I moved the socket from the hallway to right next to Xbox 😃 Sometime in the future I'm going to have enough time and money to turn the spare room into a man cave and you can bet your life i'm then going to move the socket to the other side of my house and one story up 😃😃
  9. Post-a-Clip

    Sometimes, potato aim saves you. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Orange Beast01/video/45980348
  10. Explain This Death

    You Got hit twice. First was a head shot which is why your helmet dissapears from inventory above health bar (It still on head though but it definitely removes from inventory ). After this you had 10% health which an AKM to the body will do.
  11. after 0.6.2 unplayable

    I've had network lag detected twice and I'm wired. Once it only did it for a couple of seconds while I was driving and then it was ok. The other time I was in top 20 and it kicked me back to main menu and wouldn't let me reconnect. My internet was fine (quick check in phone) and my speed is 70mbps. This was right after patch #9 dropped it never happened before but it hasn't happened since either.
  12. kar98k

    As it unfolded the other day, I was the guy watching you watching them. Then killed you while you were looting the 3 bodies 🤣 obviously not you personally, but I love how it goes down sometimes.
  13. Loot still broken.

    Sometimes the randomness is randomly awful, for you. I often drop those 6 houses south Georgopol and always one or two of those houses will have 2 ar's. Problem now is it's become a very popular spot to land. No one used to land there then I saw a doc stream where he kept landing there and I thought oh great he just brought huge attention to my quiet loot spot. Sure enough now I have to fight tooth and nail for my ar's.
  14. kar98k

    There's one time I can think of where I got head shotted with a kar98 while running. Never saw it coming, was in full sprint, one shot, dead. I woukd have taken my hat off to them if I had a head. All other times I've either been peeking too long or I've been sat still (like healing behind a tree or sitting in a bush). I learned my lesson and now I'm very rarely still for more than half a second. P.s. did you just enter a jeep? Sniped a dude last night. I say sniped, I had a red dot so could barely see him.
  15. Confession

    Are you talking about that row of 6 buildings South Georgopol? If you are, alarm bells woukd ring if I saw loot at the top of the stairs. In fact I would know 100% I'm being baited.