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  1. XboxoneXPlayer09

    An opportunity missed

    If your play of you will need a solid state to play the game worth a darn and if your not hardwired into your internet you'll be plagued with network lag section error while ingame
  2. First off id like to say it's a step in the right direction awesome for thinking of it. However.. it's incredibly hard to notice where the pings are going it should display a icon on your mini map atleast . Secondly trying to pinpoint without being able to ads is incredibly dumb and you should rethink this.. we need to be able to pin point accurately put a marker holding down the aim button and clicking one button.. they have ways to rig controller schemes diablo 3 for instance has a hold lb+ then click abyx to toggle a different preset setting key.. so instead of having only 4 buttons abyx you have an addition lb +abyx. I would like to see markers appearing on the mini map too not just on the unseeible compass.. it's bad btw I just noticed you added a shadow feature to it.. I will try it out today but having to press both left and right analogs in just to put a temporary marker is annoying an I think the dumbest place you could have put it .. again awesome you added it but work on getting the minimap to display the Mark's and change how you mark positions both analogs is a no go for me as a console gamer it's hard to use reguardless as it sits
  3. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Getting tired of this.

    Still you were not hitting him half those shots go left right and up try letting off the trigger and tap holding you'll be more successful
  4. Hate to say it but atleast fortnite can give solid frames and its game actually works last I checked as of a 6 months ago.. ?? they still cant fix the frames in the version even with doo doo graphics on the x wired in one of the best internet connections I still get stutters and Skipping.
  5. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Getting tired of this.

    Your aim wasnt even remotely on him. Tap fire an move to correct your aim everytime you fire keep your right thumb working against the guns recoil.. to stay on target
  6. They arent looking to make this game flawless. That's why
  7. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Has aim assist been added on the down low?

    Try an replicate it video it then post it here I'd like to know if it is true then I'll quit playing pubg I cant stand non skill games that do it for you ..
  8. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Desert Knights Event Feedback Topic

    If you have a ssd an put your favorite games on it trust me it runs flawless I got it for my nephews an one has a og and the other has my s I got my og back an on my og I can play pubber* very well no hiccups like the one x version which still has with the x load in issues bc they keep changing stuff ?
  9. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Desert Knights Event Feedback Topic

    1. Get rid of the long plane ride. 2. Optimize this mode to only load in key points of the map 3. Increase the winning score 4. Increase to 4 teams of 10 5. Increase play zone when increasing number of teams 6. Since you already have fixed locations for circle spawn you need to have a the plane drop there instantly the rest of the huge map should not be loading at all.. the performace would go way up
  10. XboxoneXPlayer09

    One X users only

    From what I read and gathered they reduced like 6 different lighting problems causing issues . And disabled motion blur. Still I think alot of things need to be disabled
  11. Need to lower the settings even more and disable several more things still on the x dropping in places and the delay of insides of buildings weapons and furniture happening this is rediculous sanhok is even worse last circle it's so laggy and stutters even with the new patch just .. ??? So theres a on going joke with pubg now #pubg its ready for 1.0 I think everybody will get the joke. ?
  12. XboxoneXPlayer09

    One X users only

    They need to have all the options available for us to enable it disable I still think they need to go lower on the graphics and what's in the game the games has too many things wrong with it.. has water under the map constantly flowing just like the rivers and edges if the map just as what they lowered or disabled theres still alot more to do.. I have audio issues.. an it's still having a bit of terrible frames better then b4 but still there
  13. Just looking to see what people have noticed better or worse? I just want your opinions I wont be playing until tonight.
  14. XboxoneXPlayer09

    FIXPUBG updated on xbox side

    Hoping today's patch helps
  15. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Can we seperate vaulting from jumping?

    I've had several occasions vaulting when not needing too running sideways hitting a vaulted. It gets you killed on a roof trying to stand on ledge by jumping sideways vaults and off 7 story building rip.