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  1. So everytime I go to write a post every 4th word or more when I hit space bar on my phone it closes the keyboard and reveals the back or forward buttons taking me to the next post which gets so annoying is anyone else having this problem? And can someone be notified that works on this mobile part of it
  2. Spinning cars

    I've seen these 😂😂😂
  3. Xbox live fatal error

    Is this confirmed?
  4. Xbox live fatal error

    I'm getting this too keeps restarting the menu so when I go to choose squad it loads solo
  5. Instant Headshot

    What gun? @Mr Sleepyhead downed you
  6. Network latency detected

    It's really bad rn
  7. Instant Headshot

    I heard armor isn't registering from another post
  8. but then I wouldn't be able to set up my view of them doing musical chairs b4 I snipe them 😂
  9. Crossbows

    Daryl Dixon that crap lol gimme that sir lol "takes bolt back"
  10. The Reward System Needs Improvment

    Keep the crates visual only but I think a new item in game could be cool for storage or armor maybe
  11. Weapon suggestions

    Mosin nagant sniper Dmr variant maybe aswell Some kind of fully auto m16 variant
  12. So launching any game type it shuts my music off from a second app in my xbox and all audio it did not do this before the patch
  13. Doors not being responsive and increased network lag

    Two separate issues 1 doors not responding when trying to open you have to tap open several times and the other is the network lag has gotten worse constant crashes and network lag error appearing
  14. Still having extra footsteps on multiple terrains post patch. Doesn't always happen but I've noticed it still with no one in sight and since patch I've crashed every game
  15. As the title says will my fps improve if I change my video to 1080p? For this game