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  1. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Why are you working on anything else???

    The menu glitch started on the first test server they were told about it among many other things then around 3rd or 4th test server the head started disappearing both got pushed to live servers. Even though it's broken then are pushing it out .. it is rediculous 🤨
  2. XboxoneXPlayer09

    E3 snow map announcement

    Crap hey I thought war mode was the big team battles.. this is that stupid small area respawns bs PC is playing.. no thank you I want event mode.. that is pubg to me not that constant cod respawns bs blah I'm disappointed now
  3. XboxoneXPlayer09

    E3 snow map announcement

    Where I live its summer hush lol
  4. XboxoneXPlayer09

    War Mode Confirmed

    I was just telling my friend yesterday man I'd like to see warmode om xbox Haha and it is happening soon along with sanhok
  5. I think you just should take a week off from it I'm sure some hotfixs will come out etc so just be patient I just did a factory reset on my x and i had a reoccurring problem b4 i did it with the controller not staying connected it seemed to solve that issue and pubg right now is running smoother on my x
  6. Wait there's a brandon greene panel! Lol I totally forgot who that was
  7. Come on I want to win a winter jacket from our current loot boxes to run around in the snow in maybe snow mobiles?! Who knows!
  8. XboxoneXPlayer09

    E3 snow map announcement

    Its june.. it's already summer! Lol they got a panel today on purely battle royal so tune in I will be.. it's in 2 hours from now I hope they give some bfv royale play an some new things to look forward to in pubg and I swear if I have to hear nothing but fortnite $#@% I'm going to riot..
  9. There's a whole panel today staying the future of battleroyal so.. I'm hoping to see more on pubg there I've seen the new trailer an its funny only some games on pubg my xbox one x can get those frames its showing in game.. but I'm hoping there's some more surprises today for xbox
  10. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Battlefield v have announced a Royale gamemode

    They said it will be battlefield style twist of a familiar game type they never mentioned "pubg"LOL Turkey I cant wait to see what that new grand operations is like
  11. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Xbox One X users.

    The thing on the xbox x is called free sync2? Just look that up or if u have a x there is a uncapped setting of you have the required monitor I've never tested it tho I do not have a monitor for it
  12. They announce it in this first reveal . There is no gameplay of it but you get to see the new battlefield in game gameplay which looks great I'm super excited from one game I used to love back at bf4 to pubg and back to bfv with my new favorite gamemode I cant wait to know more about it. Watch "Battlefield V - Full Multiplayer Reveal | EA Play E3 2018" on YouTube
  13. XboxoneXPlayer09

    Xbox One X users.

    I doubt this will happen but as it sits I think if you have a certain monitor you can get high frames but as it sits pubg the game doesnt allow certain things on the xbox it's being held back by og systems which really.. really.. sucks
  14. XboxoneXPlayer09

    "Your controller is disconnected"

    It happens to me alot but I feel it maybe pubg related but also xbox related.. my xbox has been doing stupid stuff.. I mean stupid stuff! Constant disconnection controller on all games and this weird audio cut out crap that xbox cant seem to help me fix