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  1. Tiredllama

    Event mode greatness

    Did not see any fishy in the Squad of 6 randoms. Got the dinner too. Fun.
  2. I do not remember - but it taste just as good every time
  3. Tiredllama

    Cheating Discussion

    https://twitter.com/pubattlegrounds PUBG Help‏ @PUBG_help 2 t2 timer siden Mer PC players, the live servers are now back online with our anti-cheat update and red zone sound improvements applied. It may take a bit more time for the leaderboards to activate in some regions. Thank you once again for your patience, and we hope to see you in-game!
  4. Tiredllama

    Cheating Discussion

    It is deployed now.
  5. For me and my mates there is a lot less rubberbanding in the beginning / landing. T