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  1. We should at least have the option. That goes for graphical options as well.
  2. Tarheel23

    Grenade Radius is too big

    There should be a limit on how many you can carry and the radius should be slightly reduced.
  3. Tarheel23

    Add a brightness slider

    Yes! Also please add graphics menu so I can adjust the game myself.
  4. Tarheel23

    Drag and Drop?

    Just wondering why this hasn't been implemented into the inventory? Are there plans to bring this to XBOX? This is one feature on PC that really makes the looting seamless. This would also give the ability to switch scopes from gun to gun on the fly. Looting late game usually will get you killed with the current system. The loot being out of order only makes this harder. Solution: Add a cursor with an adjustable speed for the inventory. Thoughts?