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  1. Revive Glitch

    Cancelled around ~6 seconds left, revive went through. Just saw this thread today http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/I TG MAVERICK I/video/45558004
  2. [TG] Tactical Gaming Recruiting Mature Players for PC/XBOX

    TG community currently has 1,941 active members spread across 13 different games and 3 different platforms. I am here to bring in members for our PUBG, XB1 division, both North American and European battalions. We focus on communication, teamwork and development as squads to achieve our dinners. Players of all skill levels are welcome. If you have any questions please send me a message on XBL: I TG MAVERICK I (capital i's). I do not accept random party invites with no message attached. To see what other games we play click here. To apply, click here. Most of our player base is in their 20's and 30's. Applicants under the age of 16 are not accepted per policy. Mic required. See you all on the battlegrounds.
  3. Excellent update

    Game feels much smoother, at least in FPP. Don't play enough TPP to have meaningful input. Also loving the update!
  4. Most Unused Buttons

    And LB cooks grenades. Also super useful
  5. Win not counted

    Got a couple solo FPP wins early today, noticed they didn't show up in the stats "in-game". But I checked the game hub progression statistics and they counted there, so they're registering somehow.
  6. Fov slider PLEASE

    100% yes please

    Went from rattling my headphones to just loud enough to mask pretty much every other noise. 2 thumbs up
  8. Patch 9 Xbox one x my experience so far...

    I'm with the OP, game feels smoother - at least in FPP solo's. Will be experimenting with squads on the frame rate end tonight. Crossing the fingers for any kind of improvement!
  9. [TG] Tactical Gaming Recruiting Mature Players for PC/XBOX

    Tactical Gaming PUBG division is opening 2 new squads soon in preparation for more to come. If you like the idea of working as a unit and being able to count on your team mates, come check us out. Numerous opportunities are available for you to hone your skills, tactics and leadership skills. Send me a message if you want to try us out sometime. XBL gamertag is the same as this username (they are capital "i's"). Shoot, move, teamwork. Click here to apply.
  10. [TG] Tactical Gaming Recruiting Mature Players for PC/XBOX

    We have assigned squads who play together during practices (Sun/Wed), but all members of all squads tend to play together during the week.
  11. [TG] Tactical Gaming Recruiting Mature Players for PC/XBOX

    Our NA battalion is growing rapidly - lot's of mature teamplayers always squadding up! If you're using LFG or playing with people you don't know or trust to have your back, come check us out! The perks of a gaming community are growing together as squads and building connections with your team mates. We're looking for mature players who want to work as a fire team to achieve victory. Shoot, move, communicate.
  12. Weapon won't reload

    Server: EBB255 Game: Gamertag: I TG MAVERICK I While in Pochinki I had equipped an M16 with no attachments, and 90 rounds of 5.56 ammunition. After emptying my first magazine I was unable to reload. I wasn't attempting to loot, open a door, equip attachments or anything that might cancel the reload. I attempted a reload standing perfectly still in the open 4 times with no effect. The bullets in my magazine displayed as "0" and I was unable to fire. Edit: Using an XB1X console, day one edition, wired 75 up/25 down fiber optic
  13. What's your guy's favorite weapon and attachment?

    For some reason my favorite setup is the AK and Tommy Gun. They are usually the ones my squad passes up . Probably not the best combo but it's what I enjoy playing with.
  14. Beard Guys and Frame rates

    I've got the dinner and the dessert so to speak as to gaming setups. Messed with every imaginable setting between my network, TV and XB1X. The framerate drops happen, as others have mentioned more so in the last 2 patches or so. And they seem to be random. No specific zone on the map, number of players around, etc. have any noticeable difference. Still love the game for what it is and planning on hanging in there while it continues to get worked on. See you all on the battleground