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  1. I didn't know we were buds!?
  2. tpp to easy

    Dude - 17 matches a day on average? Wowzers. Wish is didn't have to work.
  3. tpp to easy

    I am also, not so patiently awaiting this day. Seeing those idiots streaming Xim gameplay makes me sick.
  4. tpp to easy

    Looks like the xim is working wonders for you bub. Gratz
  5. I've been noticing floating weapons randomly around the map - once as many as 4 times in a single match. Wondering if this is a result of a crash to dashboard and they're ghosting until they come back. There hasn't been any crates near any of the floating weapons so doubtful that someone was killed there. Anyone else notice this?
  6. Upgraded to an x from s and damn!

    I upgraded from the S recently as well. Game looks pretty crisp but still suffers frame drops just as badly (and before the last patch worse). Hope they continue to fine tune. Locked 30fps should be doable in the near future.
  7. oof

    Ive been burned by the auto-shotty more times than I can count. Garbage. I'd rather use a crowbar
  8. So you're saying the XIM was worth the investment?
  9. Kar 98 head shot broken?

    Isnt this game supposedly running on MS azure servers? Why is the hit detection so shit?????
  10. Biggest take from Xbox Roadmap...?

    I hope they implement some way of removing M&K functionality. Watching turds like Occulus Mikki light people up with XIM on Youtube makes me rage. I work 40hrs a week and have a family so don't have time to play 5hrs a day. So when I sit down to play, I'd love to know that some fruitcake living in mommy's basement isn't pounding me with a USB cheat stick.
  11. Headshots or do you spray?

    Join the Xim club. Everyone else seems to be.
  12. 2018 Roadmap Out Tomorrow

    We all just need to find happiness in the 15fps.
  13. Tougher competition

    This happens to me and I'm retiring from shooters forever. That's ridiculous. Probably an XIM arsehole
  14. Latest patch feedback and bugs

    "Salmons strapped to feet" I lol'd! Frames are still hit and miss but a bit more consistent - still not 30 very often. Also, agree on hit registration - much worse of late. Huge blood splatters off people and it seems I get 1 shotted.
  15. Roadmap Update from Nico

    Give us locked 30fps or give us death.