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  1. Alpinelager

    Test Server not letting me Play :(

    I had to back out once I loaded up, then it worked.
  2. Alpinelager

    Vote here to get rid of 4K

    Seriously, who's voting 4k with crap performance? 1080p locked 30fps all day please
  3. Alpinelager

    This map is sick

    Still lots of framerate issues for me in populated areas.
  4. Alpinelager

    This map is sick

    Not as far as I could tell.
  5. Alpinelager

    Test server xbox one x running smooth, bugs minimal

    Still had some major Frame drops in populated areas. Smooth aside from that, but I find the other map to be the same. Didn't really notice any major improvements tbh.
  6. Alpinelager


  7. Alpinelager

    Pubg is dying!!

    Sure this has been beatento death but my fps on the X is a little worse than before the last patch. Its only 4 months tho guys... ... . And its still nearly as bad as day 1. Not looking very promising that they'll ever hit a locked 30.
  8. Alpinelager

    Inventory still crashes the game

    I've used the S and now have the X - I've never once experienced the Inventory screen crash, thankfully.
  9. Alpinelager


    Got the polka dot t shirt 3x in a row. Wanted to snap the disc in half...... quickly realized i ejected Farcry 5 and that pubg is digi only. Close call
  10. Did i really just read that correctly ? Patch 12: - Fixed vehicles Future fixes: - Vehicles Frames be droppin for another month minimum.
  11. I didn't know we were buds!?
  12. Alpinelager

    Patch 11 info

  13. Alpinelager

    Patch 11 info

  14. Alpinelager

    Patch 11 info

  15. Alpinelager

    tpp to easy

    Dude - 17 matches a day on average? Wowzers. Wish is didn't have to work.