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  1. No one seems to understand that.
  2. zDerezzed

    Favorite AR POLL

    Not sure if someone has mentioned this already, but the M4A1 is not in the game. The M416, however, is the rifle you're referring to. My personal favorite would be the AUG, it's an absolute laser.
  3. zDerezzed

    It's Official - PUBG is a PC game

    Lol "It's official", one of the most misused statements of all time. I'd go as far to say that no game on console is better than it would be on PC. PC is the master race for a reason. For the thousandth time, there are separate departments doing different jobs. You have a department creating new content, a department in charge of integrating that content, and a department in charge of optimization/stability. Obviously that isn't an "official" list of their departments but an example. Please don't be an asshat and take me literally.
  4. zDerezzed

    Level 3 Gear

    Lmao, definitely not.
  5. zDerezzed

    Dual Wielding

    Have you ever tried dual wielding two pistols? It's damn difficult and highly inaccurate. Hard pass.
  6. zDerezzed

    Pubg destroying my console

    Yes, I have a corner desk with my TV mounted on the wall, Xbox is positioned underneath it but it's exposed completely.
  7. zDerezzed

    Pubg destroying my console

    Does everyone not keep theirs in an open area? Mine sits fully exposed on top of my table, I haven't experienced any issues. Yet...
  8. zDerezzed

    Game crash rate increasing?

    I haven't crashed in-game since the last update. I dashboarded once at after a game had just ended. I did notice a huge FPS drop in the final circle of that game and fully expected it to crash.
  9. zDerezzed

    Enough is Enough

    I aim to please.
  10. zDerezzed


    I would be satisfied in triggering him and leave it be. Hate mail is the best way to know you're doing something correct.
  11. zDerezzed

    Enough is Enough

    There's plenty of it, see?
  12. zDerezzed

    Going to give this SSD a try

    You'll never be satisfied with a hard disk again.
  13. zDerezzed

    Dynamic Weather Incoming?

    As long as it isn't a FPS Storm then I'd love to have it.