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  1. zDerezzed

    Why is this game so...

    Again, download speed has nothing to do with the quality of your connection, common misconception. It has been an issue for a while.
  2. zDerezzed

    Please tell me you fixed the weapon skins.

    It'll be fixed soon.
  3. zDerezzed

    ETA on the gun skins?

    They'll be ready soon.
  4. zDerezzed

    Communication: Xbox vs PC

    Comparing Treyarch to Bluehole is apples to oranges, honestly.
  5. zDerezzed

    I just killed a man

    You'll get used to it. Killing will come more easily the more you do it.
  6. zDerezzed

    Event mode - base jump

    Very valid point about loading the whole map, it's very unnecessary. Base jumping does sound cool though.
  7. Nah, I think it's fine how it is.
  8. zDerezzed

    Communication: Xbox vs PC

    Pushing an update to PC also is much easier, don't have Microsoft to deal with.
  9. zDerezzed

    Still so many last 2 rounds Sanhoc

    I've seriously never experienced that many people alive in the last few circles. It's typically below 40 by the 2nd zone restriction and well below 30 by the time the last few come around.
  10. zDerezzed

    4th random

    3-Man Squad...
  11. zDerezzed


    I think some people are just expecting a larger hit box. Much like CoD, Halo, or Destiny. If you shoot just inches away from their head or body the hit would still register, clearly PUBG hasn't designed their hit boxes that way. Not saying that's always the case for hit reg complaints, but it is sometimes.
  12. zDerezzed

    Game unplayable since event launch

    There isn't a whole lot of help we can offer, so from our standpoint, it is what it is.