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  1. zDerezzed

    Sluggish movement?

    You'd be amazed what doing this will fix.
  2. zDerezzed

    This game is DEAD!

    Your definition of dead is very inaccurate.
  3. zDerezzed

    Halloween skins.

    To my knowledge there are none on Xbox.
  4. Adding attachments to the equation doesn't help your case. Of course adding two attachments designed to control recoil will make the recoil less of an issue. Moot point.
  5. Yeah, I don't think we or anyone follows, OP.
  6. zDerezzed

    Oh well

    What server and mode are you on? I've yet to have a game below 85-90. The game is not "dying".
  7. Because people cried for it, now it's here.
  8. zDerezzed

    More health in squad?

    I missed that bit of information somehow.
  9. zDerezzed

    More health in squad?

    All of those players could've had varying amounts of health and/or their helmets could've been damaged.
  10. zDerezzed

    Such a shame

    Right, 30 measly dollars.
  11. zDerezzed

    Such a shame

    Fan base isn't dying off. I'm not sick of waiting because I'm enjoying the game. I don't understand why people let a game bother them so deeply to begin with...it's just a game. Laugh it off and move on.
  12. I have been running one since two weeks after the game dropped. You'll definitely be glad you did it.
  13. zDerezzed

    Getting games in PTS

    Which server are you on?
  14. zDerezzed


    All of the responses to this thread are pure gold.
  15. zDerezzed

    39 people matches?

    Not for me, I've yet to have a game below 90 players on the live server or the PTS.