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  1. I have become the bush in several matches.
  2. Stimulant

    Lingo you've created

    Agreed, but everyone usually gets a laugh out of it. There was a guy who did videos about the zombie apocalypse and he said, "Don't carry too much stuff, cause what you do is figure out who has something you want, wait till they're asleep, and go shopping. In the zombie apocalypse, everyone is your Wal-Mart. Lol My squad call those outposts pillboxes.
  3. Stimulant

    Changing Squads to 5 man

    I'd like five or six man squads. It would have to be only against other, like numbered groups though. Don't see the harm. Might take a little longer to gear but surviving other squads would be pretty fulfilling.
  4. Stimulant

    General feedback after 50+ hours.

    The fun you're having, definately. I think this forum can use all the positivity it can get. 😉
  5. Stimulant

    General feedback after 50+ hours.

    Believe this should be posted in bugs or suggestions. Happy hunting.
  6. Stimulant

    You MUST do something with the cars

    Bullets are the cure for the disease of vehicles. Or frags. Usually only lose to vehicles when the audio bugs out and i don't hear them coming.
  7. Stimulant

    What is the difference between the two?

    I believe targeting is 3pp.
  8. Stimulant

    I'm trying to like this game but...

    Agreed. Maxed out and it still feels sluggish most of the time.
  9. Agreed. For me my priorities go like this. Work on aim first. Next is Looting. Mostly early game timing wise. If you can efficiently loot, you save yourself time to position yourself strongly in future circles. Next is positioning. Learning to put terrain between you and fire. Repositioning after engaging is important as well if you don't get the kill.
  10. Stimulant

    Lingo you've created

    When bushes start shooting should be a sign of the apocalypse.
  11. Played with a motley assortment of people and everyone seems to make their own call signs/ slang. Interested to hear everyone's. Mine. Walmart/walmarting - Find teams that are weak or in bad positions and go shopping. Mushrooms- The guys who camp in the shade of trees. Gophers- People who camp or belly crawl in the fields. Duck hunting- Nothing but shotguns after dropping. Rape face- Ballistic mask. Empty/moving- When we call out vehicles. What are yours?
  12. Stimulant

    2 Valid Questions: Pan and Running Heavy

    You can also melee block shots. I've had someone try to shoot me, and a melee intercepted the round.
  13. Stimulant

    Game crash: Megathread

    One x, had a couple the last few days. Mostly loot interaction, one when I was swapping held weapons, and a couple during initial landing.
  14. Stimulant


    To all those who've died like this, we thank you for your gifts. These corpses and the loot they provided have saved runs for me in every game type. Lol
  15. I have missed proximity chat since halo 2. I want this badly.