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  1. Parachute Trail

    It’s only the same as vehicles smoking the smoke exists in the game and tbh I think the rendering has got a whole lot better recently
  2. Parachute Trail

    Said it ages ago briefly on another post. would love the ability to have a smoke trail when coming down in my parachute. I like to get stuck in at times and feel a trail would entice people to possibly follow for action!
  3. I think the pioneers of the Fro would be outraged at this fuzzy mess! It’s a bug that definitely needs COMBing out!! looks like a cross between Marouane Fellaini and 2007 Kelly Osbourne!
  4. Better crates

    I’ve had the same outfit like 10 times lol.
  5. Daily challenges

    I’m all for challenges but we have to be careful that this isn’t going the similar route or COD and Destiny etc

    If I’m going in somewhere stealthy and a plane comes over. I’m able then to approach at full speed without the need to try and creep my way where I’m going.
  7. Poll: We need an answer from PUBG! Once and for all!

    Why do we “Need”? In other words you “Want”. if M&K was supported throughout Xbox, wouldn’t Microsoft have jumped on that cash cow by now and then start charging a fortune. if Microsoft are going to support it, then they will release their own equipment and then we can be having this conversation. As then game devs would be denying Microsoft equipment isolating players. until then why are we even debating or coming up with these ridiculous polls
  8. Community reputation?

    I got a RIP .... guess it’s over for me, so long Xbox PUBG’ers, please will someone deliver a lovely eulogy and my crate will forever be yours!
  9. Wrong forum mate - this is Xbox
  10. Cheating?

    Don’t forget these phantom keyboarders and Mousers are now moaning that the latest patch is nerfing their M+K adapter
  11. I saw the recent roadmap where a test server will be introduced for Xbox. just curious, would this only be to the Xbox insider program optee’s? Or will everyone have opportunity to play on the test server and beta client. @PUBG_Hawkinz @PUBG_RoboDanjal I would suggest that when t comes, build in a report/feedback option that will automatically screenshot or save a clip and submit to you along wih notes. As I would think It’s a lot harder to deliver this kind of thing on XBox than PC due to how vague it can be such as “ Hi I would like to report a floating house near military base!”
  12. 5 Man squad

    Isn’t it better to Fix the issues first before introducing more variables
  13. latest game update

    Hmmmm quick to post in wrong seciton
  14. Do you think this is Russian for "Why do you keep looting my house" Joke aside @mrak19832 use russian forum as you may get a better response
  15. 2 PUNCH

    I cant kill nowt with my punching lol, i go all rocky on someone and miss everytime!