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  1. Think the video speaks for itself... I did lol at the bit the pubg video came in at, “listen to what he says” https://www.facebook.com/machinima/videos/10151155489159987/
  2. Andy in regards to the frame rate and smoke. I understand variables make a different but the common cause within every video we see of frame rate drop is smoke! More than 1 in close proximity kills your Xbox. its worse trying to loot a box in the middle of a double smoke cloud!!
  3. there’s a lot of items floating in the air on the maps Such as trees, rocks bushes etc. as there’s so much to post individual threads, I thought it may be worth posting everything here for @PUBG_Andymh5 to review and forward on. post images of the floating item and a brief description. If it’s not apparent in the map where the location is, a screenshot of the map would be beneficial. pic below - bushes on hill over looking crater fields - corner map provides adequate location.
  4. cant be the X guys - Remember the Sales tactics from Microsoft and Bluehole - Plays better on the xbox one X!
  5. Flexeh

    PS4 vs ps4 pro

    Careful they have buggered the Xbox one x up by throttling it to help the older consoles, making it a disadvantage. They may do the same between the PS4 pro and standard PS4
  6. Flexeh

    Lobby screen not loading

    Ignore me it’s not saved
  7. Flexeh

    Lobby screen not loading

    @PUBG_Andymh5 not sure if it’s related but I’ve had the lobby half load where I can see my player but cannot matchmake leave team go back to menu etc and have a video
  8. I know you have acknowledged, but ultimately this issue has been around in game preview and absolutely kills the XB1X at times. Things like this should have been ironed out prior to pushing the game out for release. We we keep hearing we are going to do this and that to sort rendering and also other graphical and performance issues especially on the X, but unfortunately it still hasn’t been resolved it just seems that at times the people at PUBG Corp make the noises we want to hear but don’t follow it up. you have fixpubg campaign which people still say hasn’t made a blind bit of difference. You have the PUBG face book page showing clips to further promote the game. Andy I love this game but it frustrates the shit out of me, i question sometimes if another developer would at least fix this a lot quicker than what’s happening. I know people scream out and say there is separate teams working on this game but the upper management which usually guide everyone seem to have lost focus in their pursuit of perfecting the game in favour of perfecting the bank balance, I won’t be surprised that the Xbox and pc teams have been made smaller to accommodate pushing out a PS4 version as quickly as possible. Andy if someone there can’t even put a Bush on the ground.. what hope is there.
  9. Flexeh

    Four Hour Maintenance Poll

    Lol made me chuckle, one day bro one day!
  10. @PUBG_Andymh5 that’s been going on for almost 6 months! And has been communicated across multiple times. That videos actually not that bad, seen and experienced slower frames than that
  11. Flexeh

    Four Hour Maintenance Poll

    I don’t when I would want. A big ass desk large monitor and a computer chair! She moans I take over the front room enough with the Xbox and tv. trust me if I could have a pc again and have no moaning or nagging I would! I miss the good ol’ days of the pc bants like we had on Quake and mIRC quakenet. I defo would have been all over pubg like a fat kid on cake!
  12. Flexeh

    Four Hour Maintenance Poll

    I used to be a pc gamer, but then missus and kids arrived and nowhere to put one now lol
  13. Flexeh

    Clipping and floating

    Thank you @PUBG_Andymh5 as there is so many of them it’s not practical having to do two screenshots every one you find one. Can you speak with the team to ask why not add a debugging to the options so that coordinates are shown at the top of the screen even on live server. Then all I need to do is “Floating tree at 14553.63794” “floating rock at 16472.26395” so much streamline and user friendly! There’s more items floating than there is snapped to the ground. Almost every small grassy patch on the Miramar mountains is floating
  14. Flexeh

    Four Hour Maintenance Poll

    Bahhhh loaded the wrong forum up I meant for Xbox lol whoops!
  15. Flexeh

    Four Hour Maintenance Poll

    I don’t mind the maintenance - I do mind that pubg is the only game I own that will not auto update @PUBG_RoboDanjal What’s the deal with that? You have finally got updates to 1-4gig instead of the 13 every time, so can we now have the update fix please