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  1. Flexeh

    Utilise -Shooting Range ?

    Not that guy at all, cheers for letting me know. Searched for training and couldn’t see any post game needs it it to be honest
  2. Evening, Well I had a thought today, which may be rubished or laughed at by some. But i feel it may appeal to the few. Why dont you open shooting range as a testing area? I tweak my settings constantly, and end up having to join a game to test how the scope or gun feels with my new settings. Cant you open shooting range up so that a player can generate a test area to try their guns and builds? In the distance you could have some moving objects so that range could be tested. As your "recycling" shooting range anyway and using its current design, surely there wouldnt be much impact in delivering something like this. Id just like to be able to go in, test my controls, sensitivitys and ranges and then tweak them on the guns without the need to queue up for a game, then have to wait 10 minutes to find the gun I want to try it on. Lay all the guns on the tables with attachments and let people practise till their hearts content. If you want to spice it up more, you could have a small element of competative training which will then link up to the score boards like old cods did. - Such as fastest clear with XXX Gun etc.. limited amount of bullets etc Theres my thoughts and opinion, waiting for flamers to attend disect it! Thanks
  3. Hi, I died and spectated a team mate. Whilst stood close to a structure whilst in ADS it displayed some random area on the map. it came back when out of ADS and then happened again when back in ADS see Vid - http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/flexehuk/video/53052373
  4. Hey got my tracksuit set pop up and opened crate. However it’s missing from my wardrobe..
  5. Well couple of things, There’s a big disclaimer on load screen advising its a pre release /beta and functions and features may not work as intended. The cost of the game is very minimal compared to other titles. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, it’s how you say it that may offend others - I haven’t seen your comment but others have been able to voice their opinions without consequence. if your video is to try and show an issue... the only thing I can see wrong is your aim! Only hit him once everything else hit the uaz Lastly, probably the most amusing since when has “COD” been a company?.... it’s a game! If your a COD fanboy, go back there then, but remember COD is the year on year recycled garbage that throws in a new jump to try and reel people in. I used to play COD but wised up .
  6. Flexeh

    Mystery deaths on mirmar

    Well that’s a new one! Lol i think you must have threw your can on the floor, stepped on it which made you fall into the wall, breaking your neck! moral is don’t throw litter lol
  7. Flexeh

    Typical Online Gaming Company

    Guys may I point out it still says beta and pre-release. You wanted to play the game in its current state. yes bugs are annoying but at least a lot of people are being given an opportunity to help shape the game going forward with the feedback your giving. i would hazard a guess that everyone on here who has purchased it, has had their 30bucks / 20 pounds worth of enjoyment and intensity. If if it’s still an issue for you go away and come back when it’s out of pre-release/beta
  8. Hi, had an an instance where when I landed near mansion. My player would not run, in fact he barely walked! in addition to this, it would not pick up items correctly unless I was then stood on top of them. At first I thought I may have been clipped into the ground, but I was able to walk upstairs. i was just about to leave the game and knocked my crouch button and it then dislodged me from this slow mo and allowed me to play. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/flexehuk/video/52362813 xbox one X - yesterday
  9. Flexeh

    Squad ready up bug

    It’s due to the region not showing. Basically the game was unsure where the player was until the rejoin so in effect they were in limbo!
  10. Flexeh

    Hit detection.

    Probably lag, happened to me
  11. Flexeh

    When do we get the desert map for keeps?

    There will probably be a new wave of testing. It it will have to include fixes found for this map map rotation between Miramar and Erangel and bugs on the current game (non test) when all that’s done we will probably get it. I’m hoping that all the feedback for the last few days is resolved quick and implemented and that a test server is back up to see how that performs. im really glad thy did away with the stupid timings and just let the server run. I’m in Europe and there wasn’t much play time for us and what was there was during the night
  12. Saw a teammate had been killed saw it was other team mate wasn’t sure if in self defence. Went over to check and yup killed me also. Love when you get people like this while testing Name is - Socks44 http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/flexehuk/video/48890337 not sure if there is going to be varying stages of testing coming up. If so time to whittle out the ones who are not there to test but instead be complete bell ends!
  13. I’m not sure what happened if I’m honest. Lvl 3 Helmet and lvl 1 arm and dead from 1 hit from an uzi! http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/flexehuk/video/48839857
  14. Hi - Tried searching region and also RG here but found nothing. we have found that when you try and assemble a squad or duo, if the region hasn’t loaded at the bottom right it stays as RG and will not let you ready up. We generally have to leave and rejoin the group to get it to sync. Replicates on Xbox S and Xbox X
  15. Flexeh

    Test Server - wrong name

    @PUBG Xbox Team #bugbounty forgot to copy you in