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  1. PUBG_Hawkinz

    UPDATE: Event Rewards

    Yep, definitely! We're investigating. Sorry about that. Hey guys, the Snipe City event rewards haven't yet gone out - if you participate din the headhunter event and didn't receive your rewards, please submit a ticket with our support team at http://support.playbattlegrounds.com
  2. This summer, Xbox and PUBG are teaming up to do rad giveaways and events. To learn more, head over to the official Xbox website.
  3. PUBG_Hawkinz

    PGI Ringside Crate Giveaway

    Hey everyone, As we detailed earlier this week, there will be several different PGI themed skin sets available between now and the end of the tournament. The first of these is the Ringside Crate and that giveaway is going on NOW! To claim your Ringside Crate, simply visit the link below and enter your in-game name as it displays in the in-game lobby. Please note, we need your PUBG name, not your Steam name! This giveaway is limited to one set per account, so double check to make sure you’ve entered your name correctly. The crate will be automatically added to your account within a few days after the giveaway ends, so watch for them when you login to the game. There are a limited number of skin sets available through this particular giveaway, but keep your eye on our social channels for other ways to grab this and other upcoming skin sets. PGI 2018 runs from July 25-29 and will be streamed live on all major streaming platforms. For more information, please visit the official PGI website. CLAIM YOUR PGI RINGSIDE CRATE
  4. PUBG_Hawkinz

    Xbox Game Preview Update #17

    Hello everyone, Our latest PTS patch is ready to push to live servers! Thanks to everyone who participated in the PTS testing process. The issues that we fixed were in no small part thanks to your feedback and reporting. We also want to thank everyone for their patience while we continue to improve performance of the game. Even though today’s patch is more content focused, we will continue to make game performance the best we can. As always, we are closely monitoring our community, so please continue to provide your feedback on the game! Now, onto the patch notes! Schedule: PDT: July 17th 1AM (2 hour maintenance) CEST: July 17th 9AM OC and AS Server Merge In an effort to improve matchmaking times, the OC and AS servers will merge to become OC/AS. The server will be located in Australia, so players in the OC region shouldn’t notice much of a change in performance. Leaderboard Reset We’re resetting the Leaderboard with the new patch! After the reset, the new Leaderboard will need to populate new statistics of at least 1,000 players, so it may appear to not have results for a short time. Weapon & Item Balance Weapons Pistols Increased the damage of the P92, P1911, P18C, R1895, and R45 Shotguns Increased effective range Shotgun chokes and duckbills are now less effective at decreasing spread (so the effective spread for a shotgun with a choke or duckbill will be similar to before) Increased limb shots modifier (shooting limbs now does more damage) Slightly decreased the damage of the S686 and S1897 Reduced pellet spread Shotgun chokes can now be attached to the sawed-off SMGs Adjusted SMGs to be more effective in short range combat Increased limb shots modifier Slightly increased the damage of the Micro UZI, UMP9, and Vector Decreased vertical recoil on all SMGs Decreased recoil and scope sway when moving in ADS (aiming down sights) Increased ADS transition speed To make the Vector a little easier to find, we’ve increased its spawn rate at the expense of the spawn rate of the UMP-9 (overall SMG spawn rate remains the same). ARs Rebalanced ARs so none is the “objective” best—the power differential between each is now reduced, but each brings advantages to different situations. Slightly decreased the damage of the M16A4, SCAR-L, AUG, and M416 Increased reload time by 30% for the SCAR-L, M16A4, and M416 Increased reload time by 10% for the AKM Increased vertical and horizontal recoil for all ARs except the AKM Decreased recoil recovery rate for all ARs Restricted big scopes (8x and 15x) for use with all ARs Modified recoil animations for all ARs First shot (including first shot after recoil resets) from the M16A4 now has less recoil. DMRs Increased head, body, and limb shot modifier Decreased the damage of the SKS Slightly increased the damage of the VSS and Mini14 Increased vertical and horizontal recoil for all DMRs Decreased the recoil recovery rate for all DMRs Added new recoil animations for all DMRs Increased world spawn rate of DMRs. DMRs now use AR attachments (magazines, compensators, etc.) along with SR attachments SRs Decreased basic damage of the M24 from 88 to 79 M24 will no longer dropped in care package. It spawns in the world Both SR quickdraw magazines and SR extended quickdraw magazines now spawn only in care packages Other guns Slightly increased the damage of the DP28 and M249 Restricted big scopes (8x and 15x) for use with LMGs (DP28, M249) Reduced crossbow reloading time from 4 seconds to 3.5 seconds Weapon sway has been adjusted for all weapons (slightly increased side-to-side movement). And sway is now more pronounced when holding your breath. Weapon sway when moving is now also reduced by the cheek pad attachment Cheek pads now help you recover from weapon sway more quickly after moving Other Item Balance Level three helmets now only spawn in care packages (and one is guaranteed to be in every care package) We’ve reduced the spawn rate for AR extended quickdraw magazines Adrenaline syringes now spawn (rarely) alongside normal loot in the game world Adjusted the casting time of Adrenaline syringe from eight seconds to six seconds The tactical stock and cheek pad are now less effective at improving recoil recovery rate. It now improves ADS speed. Gameplay Along with all the balance changes, we’re introducing a new weapon, a new vehicle for Miramar, and a ton of new weapon attachments. New Weapon Added the SLR The SLR spawns alongside normal world loot. It’s a DMR which uses 7.62mm ammo and contains 10 bullets per magazine (20 bullets when extended.) The SLR is more powerful than the SKS but has more recoil. Recoil control is the key to using the SLR effectively. New Vehicle The Mirado is a classic muscle car: a fast, four-seat sedan that’s limited to Miramar. It can be found around downtown areas and main city streets Think of the Mirado as a compliment to the other unique vehicles on Miramar: The van is extremely sturdy, but slow and ineffective when taken off-road; The pickup is great for off-road travel; And the Mirado is the fastest way to blaze down a highway. New Attachments Duckbill - A new attachment for shotguns (S1897, S12K). It decreases vertical pellet spread but increases horizontal bullet spread Attachable to S1897, S12K Light Grip - It decreases first shot/single shot recoil by about 15%. Animation kick reduction has been changed to 20% (from 30%). Attachable to ARs, SMGs, DMRs (UMP9, AUG, M416, SCAR-L, SKS, Vector) Thumb Grip - It reduces vertical recoil but increases horizontal recoil. It also increases the recoil recovery time Attachable to - ARs, SMGs, DMRs (UMP9, AUG, M416, SCAR-L, SKS) Half Grip - It reduces vertical and horizontal recoil and also reduces recoil recovery time Attachable to - ARs, SMGs, DMRs (UMP9, Vector, AUG, M416, SCAR-L, SKS) Scope 3x - This scope has fixed 3x magnification with an illuminated reticle. It’s discoverable as a common world-drop item Scope 6x - This scope has variable 3x–6x magnification. It’s discoverable as a rare world-drop item. Throwables Improvements have been made to throwables (frag grenades, stun grenades, and molotovs). Weight changes Frag grenade: Increased from 12 to 18 Molotov cocktail: Decreased from 18 to 16 Smoke grenade: Decreased from 16 to 14 Stun grenade: Decreased from 14 to 12 Increased frag grenade damage and effective range Frags previously had to be within 2.6m of player models to deal lethal damage. They now deal lethal damage within 3.5m, moderate damage from 3.5m through 8.5m, and low damage from 8.5m through 10m. Stun grenades’ blinding effects have been improved First, let’s explain some terms. “Direct effect” is defined as stun grenade explosions occurring within a 100˚ angle of the player’s visual field. “Indirect effect” occurs when stun grenades explode outside of that “direct effect” range and players are within 5.5m of the explosion The maximum effective range of stun grenade has been increased to 20m Depending on distance from the explosion, the direct effect can blind the player for a maximum of 5.5 seconds, and a minimum of one second (when 20m away). Depending on distance from the explosion, the indirect effect can blind the player for a maximum of three seconds. Characters blinded by a stun grenade now cover their faces. This is a new animation. Spectators are now also blinded when spectating someone hit with a stun grenade Stun grenades will now briefly blind and deafen the thrower if they explode behind their back when cooked. You’ll now be unable to ADS while blinded. Molotov cocktails now have new effects and their damage has been increased. Molotovs can now deal indirect damage and burn damage (as damage over time), depending on whether or not you're standing directly in the flames. If you're in the flames you'll take both types of damage. Indirect damage (taken when standing in the flames) has been increased from 10 to 12.5 damage per second. After catching fire, players will take burn damage as damage over time (10 damage per second) for a total of four seconds. You’ll now be unable to ADS while taking burn damage. Flames now spread further along wooden surfaces in houses Flames from Molotovs spread further if another Molotov is thrown on top of the flames. A new animation has been added for character models who are suffering burn damage. They’ll attempt to pat out the flames using their hands. Character Movement We’ve slightly decreased the movement speed when holding SRs, LMGs (M249, DP28) and shotguns. Your equipped weapon affects both your sprinting speed and your running (normal movement) speed. We’ve removed the first shot delay when your character is not sprinting Chambering a new round in certain weapons (M24, Kar98k, S1897, etc.) no longer limits you to walking speed while aiming down sights The amount your camera shakes after being shot (“aim punch”) now depends on the amount of damage received. Boat and Swimming Adjustments Boats now sink when destroyed We’ve made some adjustments to the way swimming works to reduce the effectiveness of hiding underwater. We’ve decreased the maximum submersible time from 35 to 15 seconds Once you’ve run out of air, you’ll now take 10 damage per second (up from four damage per second) We’ve increased the delay for breath recovery time from one to four seconds. (In other words, when you lift your head up out of the water, it’ll now take four seconds before you begin to recover your breath) The Blue Zone indicator bar located above the minimap has been improved Others On Erangel, all windows with bars have had the glass removed. Added 26 graffiti images to buildings in Erangel and Miramar. Added advertisement banners for PGI (PUBG Global Invitational) to buildings and billboards on Erangel and Miramar The winning player or team will now be given approximately 8 seconds to celebrate their victory before the match ends and results are displayed. Spectators can also watch the winning player or team celebrate To improve visibility of the Blue Zone in the map, areas under the Blue Zone are now colored blue UI / UX A marker has been added to the map that allows players to check the flight path of the plane. The path is visible from when players are at the waiting lobby up until the point when they fall down to their final drop destination. Added a UI message showing when healing items can’t be used. Improved the in-game minimap The mini map now dynamically zooms in or out depending on the character's movement speed, enhancing your ability to see what’s around you. You can now change the reticle style and color on the red-dot, holo-sight, and 2x scope using the scope zeroing keys (hold rb, then move L-stick while ADS: brightness, hold rb then press ↑/↓: reticle shape change, color change) Performance We’ve improved the character model rendering process to prevent some small frame drop issues. We’ve optimized character movement and animation while skydiving to improve framerate when multiple players are nearby. We’ve made some improvements to our network code to reduce network latency. Character data calculated radius has been reduced to increase server and client performance. Bike animations have been optimized. Asset/Building loading in Miramar has been optimized. Smoke effects (Smoke grenade, care package, etc.) have been optimized. Parachuting animation has been optimized. Level streaming has been optimized - rendering during the early stages of the game will be faster. Once again, thanks to everyone who helped us test this big patch on the PTS or who continue to provide feedback on the game. You’re all helping us to make this game better, so please continue to share your feelings and experiences with us. Thanks, PUBG Xbox Team
  5. Hey everyone! After a weekend of hot dropping to fallen care packages and close quarters havoc, it became clear that once simply wasn’t enough for War Mode: Huntsmen and Marksmen. As before, players will be kitted out with a shotgun and pistol, with sniper rifles and DMRs spawning in airdrops that drop roughly every 2 minutes. If you didn’t have a chance to play last weekend, or are just eager to find out how many pellets can fit inside an average-sized human head, check out Huntsmen and Marksmen before it goes away on July 15! Please note that while credit towards Steam Achievements and Event Pass missions can't be earned in event modes, you will still earn Event Pass Play XP. Full event details below: EVENT SCHEDULE STARTS: July 12, 7pm PDT / July 13, 4am CEST / July 13, 11am KST ENDS: July 15, 7pm PDT / July 16, 4am CEST / July 16, 11am KST AVAILABLE QUEUES Ten 5-man squads fight on Sanhok NA/EU/AS: TPP & FPP KR/JP/SA/SEA/OC: TPP WAR MODE - HUNTSMEN AND MARKSMEN EVENT RULES Each match takes place inside a small, static safe zone All players spawn with a shotgun, handgun, frag grenade, and bandages Care packages drop every 110 seconds and contain DMRs, SRs, and powerful items Eliminating an enemy earns your team 3 points, knocks earn 1 point Killed players respawn in planes that fly by every 30 seconds The first team to reach 200 points wins If no team reaches 200 points after 15 minutes, the team with the most points wins Friendly fire is disabled Time to revive a downed ally reduced to 2 seconds LOOT SPAWN RULES Vehicles do not spawn World loot does not spawn OTHER EVENT RULES Redzone is disabled Killer spectating is disabled
  6. PUBG_Hawkinz

    Update #17.1 Notes

    Hi everyone, Today we’re shipping a smaller update to the test server in order to address some recent bugs. First, we want to talk about two issues from the most recent patch that we’ve already resolved with hotfixes: It was discovered that planned server optimizations for Sanhok hadn’t been properly applied, and this was resolved with a hotfix pushed out on July 9th. There was also an issue preventing ping-based matchmaking in NA, which we resolved by shipping a hotfix over the weekend. The problem was exacerbated in part by a bug that set the default region to NA for all players (which caused many players to queue up for NA without realizing it). This test server period will be open in a limited capacity on the following servers to consolidate the smaller matching pool and decrease queue times. AS - TPP Solo / Duo / Squad NA - FPP Solo / Squad Below are details of some additional quick fixes we’re shipping with this patch. Patch Changes Gameplay Improved off-road driving performance of the pickup truck. The iron sight default zeroing for all SMGs is now 100m. The crossbow’s zeroing will always be 25m even with a scope attached. Bugfixes The revive bug has been fixed. When reviving a team match, in some instances the revive would not complete, even when the time remaining reached 0. This has been fixed. Fixed an issue with the wrong 4x scope (ACOG) reticle was used on the SLR. A cross type reticle is now used, instead of the chevron. Fixed an issue preventing you from being able to aim right away after switching over from the driver’s seat. PGI Theme All 20 teams participating at PGI will have their logos displayed on the loading screen Added PGI team graffiti to locations across Erangel These will be applied to Miramar and Sanhok at a later date. Removed the PGI regional qualifier graffiti There’s one other bugfix which we’ll also ship before this update comes to live servers: It has to do with an issue that’s sometimes preventing players from being able to revive their teammates. This bug was unfortunately introduced because of new code related to revivals that helps us better detect certain cheats. We generally don’t mention changes of this nature in the patch notes because we don't want to give away too much information to cheaters. Finally, after receiving a lot of feedback from players who love Sanhok, we’re also going to turn on MMR matchmaking for the map on live servers soon. We agree with the feedback we’ve received from many of you that this will make the map a more meaningful and competitive experience. MMR based matchmaking has now been applied to Sanhok. A NOTE FROM THE TEAM Our goal is to always work to give you a better battle royale experience. To do that, we know that we have to ship more performance improvements and additional bug fixes. We agree with the criticisms of the game that many of you have made recently, including comments that our efforts need to be more effective and that the game still needs more improvement. We greatly appreciate this feedback and we know that all of it comes from a place of support and love for PUBG. Right now we’re developing new plans to resolve various problems facing PUBG, prioritizing server performance, client-side performance, anti-cheat, and bugs. While we’ll continue shipping new content and preparing for PGI over the next few weeks, we intend to have more concrete info to share about these plans shortly after PGI is over. Our dev team is doing their best to make sure that our plans are well-laid out so we can announce meaningful and detailed changes. We love PUBG as much as you do, and we’ll continue doing everything possible to improve the game. Thanks for playing, Your friends at PUBG Corp.
  7. Hey everyone! Please post all of your PTS feedback in the thread below See the patch notes here:
  8. PUBG_Hawkinz

    Invalid Data - help pls

    I've just reached out to the team again, apologies for not being able to provide any further information yet.
  9. PUBG_Hawkinz

    Host not having full control over settings/not working

    The dev team are aware of both of these issues and will resolve them as soon as possible. The airdrop bug is Sanhok specific.
  10. Hi everyone, The road to PGI 2018 continues as we announce the three teams joining the Invitational from the NA region! Team Gates proved that consistency is key. Playing for position, with the occasional bit of circle luck, they ended up in first place overall in points with an average placement of 7th per game. But with everyone bringing their A-game in Berlin, will slow and steady win the race? Ghost Gaming, despite facing roster difficulties before the tournament, ended Day 1 with a record setting 1945 points & 42 kills in only 4 games! With the return of EnergeticTurtle and their shotcaller, Balloc, boosting the team’s spirit, the rest of the competition should definitely be afraid of these ghosts. Honey Badger Nation is the poster child for an open qualifier, having formed for the sole purpose of qualifying for PGI. With key playmakers like w1ckk holding out as the last man on his team and securing the chicken dinner with a rain of grenades against 2 squads, their goal of qualifying may just turn into winning the whole thing. But will their wildcard style and unorthodox shot calling be enough against the seasoned team play of the other competitors? We’ll continue to announce more teams as we approach the tournament, but please join us in welcoming these three teams to the PGI roster! For more info on the tournament, check out the PGI homepage and we’ll see you at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany from July 25 to July 29! #PGI2018 #RoadtoBerlin
  11. PUBG_Hawkinz

    Owned or bought weapon

    Ah ok, no worries This forum is actually for the PC and Xbox versions of PUBG. The best option to contact support for PUBG Mobile is through the in-game "Customer Service" icon in the settings menu. You can also contact PUBGMOBILE_CS@tencentgames.com
  12. PUBG_Hawkinz

    Owned or bought weapon

    Hey Jprim1, Do you mean you purchased an M416 weapon skin from the store, within the PC version of the game? Have you equipped the skin under customize > weapons?
  13. PUBG_Hawkinz

    Waiting for more News

  14. PUBG_Hawkinz

    Lack of support through the formal tickets to pubg support

    Hi number-five. You're sending multiple requests to our support team for the same issue(s). There is no need to spam our support team and create multiple tickets for the exact same purpose. As you have been sending creating multiple tickets for the reports/incidents, multiple tickets you've submitted have been merged. You will receive customer satisfaction surveys, but not for each individual ticket you've submitted - as multiple have been merged because you've been spamming support with duplicate requests. In regards to reports you've submitted, our customer support team is just that - customer support, they do not directly take action against players who break our Rules of Conduct, they instead forward information to the relevant teams within PUBG Corporation to handle the reports and take action. Our customer support team is unable to give you status updates for the reports you submit. Each report you submit reporting a player, customer support log the information and forward it to the relevant team to handle.
  15. PUBG_Hawkinz

    Typo while changing name

    Yeah, this is the best option. Please contact our customer support team, although they may not be able to assist you with this unfortunately. Customer support site: http://support.playbattlegrounds.com