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    Please try now Sure, that's ok. Should be working now.
  2. kr\jp server fpp mode??

    Hi, We originally had FPP on the KR/JP server for all game modes. Unfortunately, FPP wasn't very popular at all for this server which led to extremely long matchmaking times, upwards of 20 minutes for the majority of the day. The extremely lengthy matchmaking times due to lack of interest in FPP in this region led to a poor experience for many players. For this reason, FPP was disabled for the KR/JP server.
  3. Can I run pubg with these specs?

    Hi, I'm sorry but your PC doesn't meet the minimum requirements to play PUBG.
  4. pubg invitational crate

    There are no plans to re-release the Gamescom Invitational Crate

    Please try now
  6. Game freezes when i'm getting shot at

    Hey, I'm sorry you're all experiencing this problem. Could you please provide a video of the freezing, your system specifications and also show your in-game settings? Thanks
  7. Game FREEZES when getting shot.

    Can you please see if you have this issue with effects set to very low? Also, if you have any third-party programs installed which add filters/post-processing etc (nvidia freestyle for example) do you you still have this issue when that is disabled?

    Please try now

    This is not screen tearing, but instead graphical artifacting which is caused by your graphics card not functioning properly under load, generally caused by overheating.
  10. PC: Mic only working in lobby for 30 sec

    Hi, This is on our known issues list, there is no fix at this time. We are still investigating.
  11. Hi Players, Some players with specific gigabit modems/routers have reported they're experiencing an issue which leaves them unable to load on to the plane at the start of each game. This problem is limited to a very small subset of modems and is caused by strict firewall settings in the modem itself blocking an aspect of the connection to the game. The issue can be resolved by putting your modem in DMZ mode (Please consult your ISP/network administrator before doing this, because using DMZ mode without proper firewall settings in place can be harmful) or by putting your modem in bridge mode, bridging to a router and then connecting to the router.
  12. bad module info crash

    With the above being said, some players have reported running the game in fullscreen windowed has lessened their instances of crashing.
  13. Switch between Regions

    Hey, Currently, you can pick to play on any region from the in-game menu. We're looking into adding a ping-lock in the future, which may limit the available regions based on your distance to some servers.
  14. PUBG nickname character or symbol

    I believe its just "-" and "_"
  15. Unfortunately, if a user isn't willing to follow forum rules while expressing their opinions in a particular post, that post will be removed.