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    Known Issues - Updated 05/18/2018

    Previous Known Issues lists: Archived Known Issues List 05/03/2018 Archived Known Issues List 04/27/2018 Archived Known Issues List 04/20/2018 Archived Known Issues List 04/13/2018 Archived Known Issues List 04/06/2018 Archived Known Issues List 03/30/2018 Archived Known Issues List 03/23/2018 Archives Known Issues List 03/16/2018 Archived Known Issues List: 03/09/2018 Archived Known Issues List: 02/23/2018 Archived Known Issues List: 02/09/2018 Archived Known Issues List: 02/02/2018 Archived Known Issues List - 01/26/2018
  2. Hi everyone, We’d like to share our thanks with all of you who filled out the weapon balance survey earlier this month. We chose 1,000 players from around the world to receive a reward for taking the survey. Each of these winners will receive two early bird keys. You can check the result of the winners in the link here. * Please note, We’ll start sending out the keys beginning on 5/23. Please keep in mind that there may be delays. To all of you who took the survey or otherwise give us feedback, thanks very sincerely for your help. We’ll continuously tune PUBG’s weapon balance with your feedback in mind.
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    Please try now guys
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    Open-back vs. closed-back headphones?

    For directional sound, always open, unless you're in a very loud environment.
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    Fixed! Thanks guys
  6. War Mode is back (for real this time). We’ve worked out all the kinks that were causing issues for us the last time around, so it’s finally time to battle it out on Miramar. The mode is simple: You’ll enlist in one of 10 five-man squads and respawn in a plane after every death. The first team to get 200 points wins. Check below for the full details, and let us know what you think! EVENT SCHEDULE STARTS: May 17, 7pm PDT / May 18, 4am CEST / May 18, 11am KST ENDS: May 20, 7pm PDT / May 21, 4am CEST / May 21, 11am KST AVAILABLE QUEUES 5-Man Squads on Miramar (All Regions) NA/EU/AS/SEA/OC/SA: TPP & FPP KR/JP: TPP WAR MODE RULES All players are grouped up in teams of five. Each game will have a maximum of 50 players (up to ten full teams). Immediately after the plane gets into the air, the safe zone is visible on the map. The safe zone is small—but slightly larger than the first iteration of War Mode—and never closes in or changes location throughout the duration of the game. Getting kills and knocks (when your opponent is “down but not out”) earns points for your team. The first team to get 200 points wins. Kill: +3 points Knocks: +1 point Own Team Kill / Own Team Knock: -5 points If no team reaches 200 points before the 15-minute time limit, the team with the highest score will be declared the winner. Each time you’re killed, you’ll respawn in planes that fly by every 40 seconds. LOADOUTS, LOOT, AND CARE PACKAGES This time around, players spawn with top-tier equipment that’s normally found only in care packages. This includes: One random care package weapon (AWM, M24, Mk14, M249, Groza, or AUG) A level three vest A level three helmet Two grenades OTHER EVENT RULES Weather is locked at sunrise. Bleedout damage when knocked is increased. Reviving knocked teammates takes only two seconds. You can invite up to four players from your friends list to your party before jumping into game. Any remaining open team slots will be filled by the auto matching system. Care package drops are disabled. Killer spectating is disabled. Redzone is disabled.
  7. Hi everyone, We've received a large amount of feedback recently from players who are experiencing significant drops in FPS during matches, as well as overall lower FPS compared to previous patches. We take these reports very seriously and our development team have been working hard to address these performance issues. While the reports have been widespread, not all players are experiencing these issues, which makes identifying the cause a more difficult task than some may expect. Today, we're requesting your help, as we seek to gather specific system information from affected players, to help us more effectively investigate, identify and fix the cause of these performance issues as quickly as possible. If you're currently experiencing FPS drops, or lower overall FPS which only started occurring in recent patches, we're requesting your detailed system information for the purpose of troubleshooting. To retrieve your detailed system information: 1. Press Windows + R 2. Enter “msinfo32” 3. Click File > Save 4. Enter your PUBG in-game name as the title, then click save Please submit this information to our customer support team: 1. Go to https://support.playbattlegrounds.com/ 2. Click “Submit a ticket” at the right top of the screen 3. Fill out all fields -For Issue Category select "Others" then "Etc." -For Subject Category enter "FPS Drop" 4. Attach the file saved from msinfo earlier 5. Enter a brief description of the performance issue 6. Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page Thank you so much for your understanding and assistance, as we continue to work towards resolving these performance issues as quickly as possible.
  8. PUBG_Hawkinz

    PC 1.0 Update #13

    Hi everybody, This week’s content drop is smaller one: mostly bugfixes and minor balance tweaks to follow up on update #12’s massive gameplay changes. We’re keeping a close eye on statistics and the feedback you’re sharing with us regarding these balance changes. Based on what we’ve seen so far we’re exploring tweaks to the M16A4 that will come in a later update. Additionally, we’re considering adjusting drop rates for weapons, so please keep sharing your feedback with us. We’ve seen a lot of concern from many of you about overall performance. Addressing FPS drops is our top priority, and we hope to have more updates to address performance improvements soon. For now, the team will be trying out fixes throughout this patch cycle. Thanks for staying patient with us in the meantime. On to the changes! Patch Notes Gameplay Both the Lightweight Grip and Half Grip can now be attached to the Vector. Some minor weapon balance adjustments: First shot from the M16A4 now has less recoil. Decreased the spread of shotgun pellets. Shotgun chokes and duckbills are now less effective at decreasing spread (so the effective spread for a shotgun with a choke or duckbill will be similar to before) UI/UX CUSTOMIZATION > GEAR tab has been added. Go here to equip parachute skins. Tooltips for weapon attachments have been edited to make them more intuitive. Localization Added support for Ukrainian. Thank you to all the Ukrainian players who participated in the translation process! Game lobby now supports multiple languages. Multiple languages will be applied to various lobby components such as lobby menus (Play, Customization, Store, etc.), the options menu, and crates 19 different languages are supported Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where certain buildings in Miramar were shown with default textures Fixed some walls in Miramar that could be partially passed through Removed the white mark that appeared alongside the aircraft icon on the minimap Scope reticle settings should no longer reset when weapons are dropped and picked up again We’ve improved the holographic sight’s reticle. It’s now the same size as a character silhouette seen from 100m away Certain animations on the buggy and minibus have been fixed Fixed an issue that sometimes caused characters to sit at odd angles if entering into vehicles from a prone position on a sloped surface Fixed an issue causing red dot and holo sight reticles to get smaller and blurry when swapping weapons “Damage-received” sounds should no longer play after winning a game New Crate - Aviator A new crate (Aviator Crate) with new outfits has been added. Find it in the STORE menu Aviator Crate requires an Aviator Key to be opened TEST SERVER ONLY: For testing purposes, we will provide 100K BP, 20x Weapon Skin Keys, 20x Early Bird Keys, 20x Aviator Keys, and 10x Aviator Crates to all test accounts. Added new parachute skin The "Bengal Tiger" parachute skin can be purchased separately as an individual item for $4.99(price will vary slightly in some regions, based on global exchange rates). It can be purchased only once per account. Bengal Tiger is unable to trade in Steam market It is purchasable in STORE > ITEMS menu Remember that the Target Practice Pan skin will no longer be available after the planned 5/17 update! Update 5/17: The availability period of the Target Practice pan skin has been extended until: May 18 2am PDT / May 18 11am CEST / May 18 6pm KST This is to compensate for a temporary issue which prevented purchases of the item. Both the Bengal Tiger and Target Practice pan skins are permanently added to your account upon purchase, but are only available within the in game store for a limited time. Time remaining is displayed within the in game store.
  9. PUBG_Hawkinz

    Stucked at lobby MAY 2018

    Hi, After speaking to some of our team, this appears to be an ISP issue and other players from the Philippines have resolved this by changing their DNS to Google DNS.
  10. PUBG_Hawkinz

    Stuck in Lobby

    Hi, After speaking to some of our team, this appears to be an ISP issue and other players from the Philippines have resolved this by changing their DNS to Google DNS.
  11. PUBG_Hawkinz

    Game crashes then gives this error

    Hi, instead of using the inbuilt Windows Features to install .NET Framework, try installing from an offline installer. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=21
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    Hi, I've just checked your account history and the first pan you unboxed was actually exchanged for BP. For any further assistance with this inquiry, please contact our support team at http://support.playbattlegrounds.com
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    This has now been resolved for all of you, apologies for the delay!
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    apples...do you like apples?

    I'm not sure, I'd certainly like to see it but there are some technical challenges to overcome.