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  1. Won't Let me Accept Terms Of Service

    I'd recommend running an anti-virus and anti-malware scan.
  2. Won't Let me Accept Terms Of Service

    Is your taskbar on the bottom of your screen? There is a known issue where if your taskbar is not at the bottom of your screen, the crosshair is misaligned. Please move the taskbar to the bottom of your screen, if it isn't there and let me know how you go.
  3. Hi, When you purchase PUBG on your account, you will be asked to create a new character when you launch the game. Everything should be good to go. Your in-game settings should remain the same.
  4. Thank you for the report! I have forwarded this to the dev team.
  5. Exclusive Item for Testers

    Nope, I got given a code just like you! Didn't work for Bluehole back then
  6. Exclusive Item for Testers

    Alpha 2 tester here also! It would certainly be cool
  7. Crouch Jump Bind

    Thanks for the feedback
  8. Cheating has killed this game

    Hi, I appreciate your concern. We don't like cheaters, we don't want them in our game and we are working hard every day to ensure we further prevent them access. We permanently ban anyone found to be cheating. So far, our third-party anti-cheat provider BattlEye has issued over 150,000 permanent bans to players who have been detected cheating. We have different teams who work on different areas of the game. The team members who work on anti-cheat don't have anything to do with other aspects of development. There will constantly be many aspects of the game being worked on, by different teams, simultaneously and none of those impedes the others progress. We will continually improve our anti-cheat methods and won't stop working to prevent players who use cheats from playing our game.
  9. Players, Today we look at what we have changed in our 26th weekly patch. This patch will be deployed to the Test Servers on September 19th KST, and to the Live Servers if everything is stable. Early Access – Week 26 – Patch Notes UI/UX Added the following feature to the Map Help section on the World Map: Marking your character's current position (Default key set to Insert) Other You may no longer modify ini files to set a key bind for multiple actions on the same key Bug Fixes Fixed a bug that enabled angled foregrip to attach to Tommy Gun Fixed a graphic bug regarding building locations Fixed an animation bug that appeared when a character used healing or boosting items in the driver's seat Fixed a bug that did not cancel a player's reload if the character was knocked out during the reload Fixed a bug where an uncooked grenade could explode if a character was knocked out while holding it Fixed a graphic bug that would cause a black box texture to appear while scoped when Anti-Aliasing was set to Low or Very Low in the Settings See you in-game, The PUBG Development and Community Team
  10. How to change default region

    Not at this stage, I'm sorry. We're aware that for the majority of players the region is defaulting to AS, we're working to fix that and are taking on-board all feedback regarding a default region setting.
  11. We're having internal discussions regarding this change and are reviewing player feedback. Thank you for all of your valuable feedback.
  12. New server locations

    Hi ULTI, We have a team which analyzes this sort of data, I'm not aware of the exact figures. There is definitely a number they're looking for, in terms of concurrent players (not owners) which will offer a good experience for users, through acceptable queue times and full matches, all day/night.
  13. New server locations

    Hi ULTI, We may expand to other regions in the future, based on the number of players that region has. We don't have any further information to share at this stage.
  14. Discussion: September Update

    Designated marksman rifle(s)