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  1. Why can't i Hear others but i can talk

    We use third-party voice communication software which runs on separate servers from the game servers. The service is called Vivox and Internet service providers of several countries block Vivox services due to VoIP restriction laws. Countries included but are not limited to, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Algeria. Are you in one of these countries or a close region?
  2. Controls resetting

    There is currently a known issue with non-qwerty keyboard layouts, as well as binding the left and right arrow keys. We're working towards a fix.
  3. Hi Crusherheads, I understand and appreciate your concern. Performance isn't where we want it right now, we are working hard to make the game run better for all systems that meet the minimum requirements. We have a team dedicated to optimization and it is our number one priority. We will continue to work on optimization throughout early access and beyond, into full release as we continue to support the game for many many years to come. Optimization is an ongoing progress and you should see gradual improvements over the coming months especially.
  4. NA Virginia only US server???

    Hi, We have two NA game server locations, on the east and west coast of the USA, in Oregon and Virginia respectively.
  5. This game is inundated with hackers.

    Hi, We currently use BattlEye as the main anti-cheat for our game. So far, we have banned over 150,000 users for hacking/cheating. As far as I'm aware, VAC is a cheat signature detection tool and as such wouldn't offer us any benefit over the protection already provided by BattlEye. We are constantly improving our anti-cheat systems and will continue to do so throughout early access and into full release.
  6. Banned/How long

    Reshade is currently allowed. For all ban appeal requests, please see the following thread:
  7. Twitch Prime Rewards

    Hi, Unfortunately, the items needed to be claimed with a linked PUBG account, by July 8th. The items are no longer available, I'm sorry.
  8. Using any macro to gain an unfair advantage is against our Rules of Conduct. This includes the scenario listed in this thread.
  9. help me! Thank you

    It is against our Rules of Conduct to use any macro to gain an unfair advantage. Breaking our Rules of Conduct can result in a permanent ban.
  10. Question about the Crouch Jump Keybind

    Using any macros to gain an unfair advantage is against our Rules of Conduct and obviously then not something we recommend users do.
  11. Won't Let me Accept Terms Of Service

    I'd recommend running an anti-virus and anti-malware scan.
  12. Won't Let me Accept Terms Of Service

    Is your taskbar on the bottom of your screen? There is a known issue where if your taskbar is not at the bottom of your screen, the crosshair is misaligned. Please move the taskbar to the bottom of your screen, if it isn't there and let me know how you go.
  13. Hi, When you purchase PUBG on your account, you will be asked to create a new character when you launch the game. Everything should be good to go. Your in-game settings should remain the same.
  14. Thank you for the report! I have forwarded this to the dev team.
  15. Exclusive Item for Testers

    Nope, I got given a code just like you! Didn't work for Bluehole back then