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  1. resolution locked

    I'm sorry, I've had another player with this issue that has been unable to resolve it following the steps shown above. It seems there may be something on your laptop not allowing PUBG to use a non-native resolution.
  2. Where is the new maps for XBOX ONE PLEASE

    As soon as we have any more details about the specific release timing, we'll be sure to share it While our focus is still on improving performance and reducing instances of crashes, we do want to get Miramar to you as soon as possible, while still working on fixing these very important quality of life issues. http://playbattlegrounds.com/news/132.pu
  3. Post needs approved by Moderator WTF???

    This seems to be a bug possibly related to an automod feature, or our word-filter to catch the huge amount of malicious (human) spam that we get targeted with. We're looking into it
  4. resolution locked

    That's strange, I'm not sure why other resolutions aren't available for you there. You may be able to change the resolution from the game configuration file, I'll explain how below. Close PUBG Press Windows + R Enter %localappdata%\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor Open GameUserSettings (with any text editor) Change 1920 to 1280 and change 1080 to 720 then save the document and relaunch the game.
  5. PUBG MOBILE Internet error 154140712

    Hi, Please use the in-game help button for support, or contact support@proximabeta.com https://twitter.com/pubgmobile
  6. Help me !!

    Hi, Please use the in-game help button for support, or contact support@proximabeta.com https://twitter.com/pubgmobile
  7. Killing AFK Players for BP

    No Although, it doesn't sound very fun
  8. resolution locked

    The lowest supported resolution is 1280x720, you will need to play in fullscreen or windowed mode to be able to choose a non-native resolution. It is not possible to change to a non-native resolution in fullscreen (windowed) mode.
  9. It should be working as intended, you may have been killed. Also, if you press the exit to lobby button, you won't have an option to reconnect.
  10. FPP FOV in the new update

    Do you mean when running for example? We reinstated the "relaxed state" animation for weapons when they're not ready to fire. ADSing/soft aiming/firing pulls the gun up into a ready position and after a few seconds it'll fall back into the relaxed state animation. http://playbattlegrounds.com/news/131.pu
  11. Unreachable loot location (Miramar)

    There are some unlootable locations which you can only get to while parachuting, although this doesn't seem to be the case here butrather an issue with the height of the boxes preventing you from being able to vault onto the roof. I'll forward this to the team to look into. Thanks
  12. my changing seat button is having some problem

    Have you checked your controls in the menu to make sure the bind hasn't accidentally been changed?
  13. SideCar BUG

    Seeing a lot of these clips, it's something we made some changes to improve in the most recent patch but unfortunately it is still occurring. I've forwarded all of this info to the team. Cheers guys and apologies for all the terrible random flipping.
  14. Cactus hitbox

    Damn! Pretty damn frustrating, I'll report this to our team. Thank you!
  15. Hi Zabomawho, We have a new system for reporting players breaking our Rules of Conduct now, we no longer take the reports via the forum but instead on our customer support site http://support.playbattlegrounds.com For more details and information on how to submit a report, please see the following thread: Cheers