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  1. Input Lag When Attempting to Shoot

    Hey Penguin, Are you able to provide a recent video of this? I haven't seen any other similar reports which makes me think this may be related to your specific hardware configuration. Do you experience this problem in any other games?
  2. When Will PUGB Be Complete

    We plan to continue working on the game, improving the existing gameplay experience, as well as continually adding more content for many many more years to come.
  3. Agreed! That's certainly my reasoning for doing it.
  4. I can't play PUBG no more :(

    Hi bersuk, I'm sorry to hear about this. Please try the steps listed in our troubleshooting guide and if that still doesn't resolve the issue, please respond with your PC specifications so we can further investigate.
  5. Leaving match, but character stays online

    If you leave the game once you enter the plane or slightly before entering the plane, your character will remain in the game until you are killed. There is no way of removing your character from the game once you enter, unless you get killed.
  6. Refund

    Please contact your point of purchase for all refund requests. For Steam: https://help.steampowered.com/en/ For Xsolla: https://www.xsolla.com/modules/support/ For Xbox: https://support.xbox.com/en-US/
  7. Hi, There are many issues with the way vehicle physics and collisions currently work in the game. The development team are working on improving all aspects of vehicle gameplay and will endeavour to greatly improve the overall experience and fix related bugs. Here are some common issues with vehicles currently: General Vehicle collision. Often vehicles don't react as you'd expect when hitting other stationary objects or vehicles. This can often cause unexpected results like your vehicle blowing up or flying off towards the sunset. After a vehicle flips, it can sometimes blow up extremely fast. Blown out tires on vehicles can flicker (graphical glitch) If you experience any of these issues, or any different issues related to vehicles, feel free to post a reply in this thread.

    Please try now

    Hi Players, If you're experiencing this issue of N/A BP, please reply to this thread with the following information: In-game character name Screenshot of your lobby screen, as seen below. We're aware of an issue where some player's BP is displayed as N/A and are unable to join games. We have found the cause of this problem and are working to resolve it automatically, for now this problem needs to be fixed manually for each user. Please provide the information shown below this screenshot and we will manually fix this issue on your account. Once we've resolved the issue for your account, we will remove your post, so we can keep track of which users are still experiencing this problem. If your post has been removed and you're still experiencing this problem, please create another post and let me know you had previously posted. If you do not have default clothes in your inventory when this is resolved, please submit a support request at http://support.playbattlegrounds.com If you are experiencing this issue on the test server, please specify that in your post.
  10. Replay, how to know who you are observing

    Hi, This is a bug which we're investigating at the moment. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  11. Recommended video settings?

    It's mainly preference but with a 1080ti you should probably crank some settings up. I've got a 1080ti and have everything very low except for anti-aliasing and textures, ultra and high respectively. I found those settings to work best for me in terms of spotting enemies and getting good frames.
  12. Low fps on Pubg (Gtx1060 msi gaming laptop)

    Also, please make sure you've got your laptop power settings set to high performance and it's plugged into the power!
  13. writing "spectating"

    This is a bug which we're investigating Thank you
  14. Voice Chat

    Hi, We use Vivox for our voice service provider (VoIP). Some countries block the use of VoIP services due to certain laws. If this is the case for the country your friend is living in, unfortunately we are unable to assist. Although, we do have an official Discord server if you're like to use that to communicate with your friend while you play https://discord.gg/battlegrounds From the Vivox wikipedia page:
  15. Hi, You will have to contact G2A support directly for any issues with keys bought from them.
  16. Cant see Friend online/ cant invite

    Hi Macaveli, is this problem still occurring on the latest patch? Hi guys, is this problem still happening for you? If so, what is the in game name of the players that you're unable to see on your list, without manually inviting them?
  17. 1 FPS BUG

    Hi, What are your PC specs? Also, please read the following thread, attempting the troubleshooting steps:
  18. PUBG wont launch

    Hi guys, What are your PC specs? Please review the following thread which contains common steps which can help fix issues like this: https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/181292-read-me-first-troubleshooting-steps/
  19. Were do you report Xbox players cheating and submit the video

    Not currently, but we provided an update regarding this in our PUBG Xbox Spring Roadmap
  20. NO Sound on carpets

    Thanks! Appreciate you sharing this video with us. I'll forward it to the team.
  21. EX: FORMAT error - unable to get into lobby

    Should now be resolved guys Sorry for any frustration caused by this
  22. White dotted line on the minimap is bugged

    We've forwarded this information to the dev team Thank you
  23. Bug in lobby UI after watching replays

    Thanks so much for the information I'll forward this to the team.
  24. Poll: We need an answer from PUBG! Once and for all!

    Hey We have given an official answer:
  25. Wrong direction

    Hey! We're looking into it I've forwarded the info to the devs. Frustrating bug! Apologies