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    This game wow lol

    Not concurrent. Concurrent means playing at the same time. The green letterman jacket was for a 5 million player milestone. As in the amount of players/gamertags that have played the game total
  2. bigmike1g

    Dayz running at 60 fps on xb1x

    As stated here and hundreds of times before, Xbox DOES NOT demand parity. They leave all decisions up to developers when it comes to how their game performs on each console. Pretty common knowledge at this point.
  3. This is false. Please don't patronize. I know what 5ch stereo is. I know what virtual surround is. I have been into audio for years. I am getting true 5.1 signal. I have tested. Each channel is seperate and clear. PUBG_RoboDanjal is wrong. I would invite you to hear for yourself but we all know this is not possible. I'm 38. Built my home theatre myself. I won't post further because I do not have links to back up my claim. Take it for what it is. But I know what I am talking about. Good day gents.
  4. Link to pubg only outputting stereo please. Like I posted above. 5 1 works flawless on my home theatre. The game definitely outputs 5.1 to my home receiver. Not sure how this "only outputs stereo" thing started
  5. Can you link it? I have brought this up many times and no one can find a link. Everyone seems to be under the impression the game only outputs stereo. I think someone started this theory/rumor and everyone just ran with it. I can tell you for fact that statement is bogus. I run a 5.1 home theatre setup. The game MOST DEFINITELY outputs at least 5.1.
  6. bigmike1g

    PSA: Reminder About Dead Zone

    This is 100% true. Good post Michael. It's nice to see this issue getting some attention for once! 👍
  7. bigmike1g

    What patch 9 missed

    Controller dead zone setting glitch still not fixed. That was missed
  8. bigmike1g

    What? Why?

    Can't forget the dead zone glitch!! If you want your dead zone applied correctly you have to go into settings before every match. Annoying as hell. But I do think this update was the best so far. Fps is definitely improved and I haven't rubberbanded once!
  9. Still have to go into settings before every match to get dead zone settings to apply. Please fix
  10. bigmike1g

    Shots dont register!?

    YES!! Hit reg is bad post patch
  11. bigmike1g

    Patch #9 update!

  12. I don't know why everyone doesn't get what you're saying. I get it and been saying it since day one. It sucks when your slow walking forward and left and then you go full left and character starts moving full speed. They need full analog movement. Until then the movement is just broken my man...
  13. bigmike1g

    My game has not crashed since…

    If you get a visual improvement turning hdr OFF, then you need a new hdr tv my friend. Looks great on Samsung ks8000
  14. Xbox forum. Use xbox footage or go away. You obviously are having a issue that no one else is having with it. If you don't like it then stop playing and play rainbow 6 since you obviously love that game so much. There's even a zombie mode coming go have fun. I think a little aim assist would go a long way, but I'm not confrontational with people who think different. At the end of the day it's the devs game and it will be what they feel is best. Voice your opinion and let others have theirs!! And that's it. I usually don't respond like this but your attitude about this subject and to everyone responding has been extremely douche!!