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  1. bigmike1g

    HDR Brightness issue

    TV model: Samsung ks8000 Xbox one x Using normal in colorblind mode. Before patch 1.0 game was beautiful. Dark where it needed to be and bright the same way. Now it is broken. Comparing gamerpic in game between hdr on and off. You can see with hdr off you can see the green baseball field. When you put hdr on the colors fade away. And brights bleed together. Its ugly. I wish I had a screen shot of hdr pre 1.0 because it was way BETTER than hdr off. I have had to play with HDR off because of how bad it is. I keep checking to see if it's been hotfixed but has not. Top pic is hdr on. You would never guess by looking at it!!
  2. bigmike1g

    Am I the only one who got hustled?

    I bought the starter pack because I read thru everything and I knew I could buy the event pass, have coin left and get the cosmetics. I agree it's not laid out easy to see, but I don't know if I would call it a con job
  3. bigmike1g

    HDR is now eye burning

    I have searched but I can not find a official statement acknowledging this issue. Does anyone know if they officially acknowledged this and is getting fixed with next patch?
  4. bigmike1g

    HDR is now eye burning

    Exactly. Samsung ks8000 here
  5. bigmike1g

    Xbox - 1.0 Release Feedback topic

    Fix HDR!! Completely broken with 1.0
  6. bigmike1g

    HDR is now eye burning

    Hopefully this gets fixed asap!!
  7. bigmike1g

    HDR is now eye burning

    Hdr appears to be broken. Colors way to saturated and brightness is insane. Turned brightness to 0(used to have at 65) and it is still way brighter than it used to be