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  1. fUll951

    Keyboard and mouse

    ok. I hear that but what's more widely available is the exact same mods for controllers. both are crap. but no one wants to admit it. all anyone wants to do is forget those mods came out for controllers and pretend they don't still exist and more widely available. and act like it's standard with mnk use
  2. fUll951

    Keyboard and mouse

    explain how he experiences no recoil because he uses a mouse
  3. fUll951

    Should team killing be punished?

    yeah if you tk like a few times. it sucks but everyone gets a few. there should be something done after a set amount of tk's over a specific time period.
  4. fUll951

    Should team killing be punished?

    TK punish should be decided by the player who got tk'd. so like it already is.
  5. the only reason I wouldn't double tap a downed player is because of immediate threat or to use as bait or buy time where me and the other threat both go to get up our respective team mate at the same time. I'd double tap even if I had a team mate to get up and as long as the downed player was a clear shot.
  6. fUll951

    Automated Anti-Cheating?

    only one is cheating one is a toxic move the other is an input method.
  7. fUll951

    Automated Anti-Cheating?

    you do realize they have never called it cheating? so getting technical. nope. never. not once has the words cheating and mnk been put in the same sentence by anyone representing pubg corp, bluehole or Microsoft. and believe me, many have asked, and gone ahead and so for themselves. I can see how you are confused on the subject. there's no doubt they don't like it. agree with you there. it's unsolicited third party support that improves upon their control mechanic. and making money off it. you know how pubg corp feels third parties and their ip. anyway that's besides the point: Input methods are not cheating. I do think depending on the game, specific type of input are better than others. pubg being one of those cases. but in no way are emulators giving the mythical pc mouse and keyboard advantage. if they were, I'd be on your side of it. as is these devices play by the rules set by the devs. they don't not change any of the rules. I could explanation this part more but I believe someone else already did and you should know this by now anyway.
  8. fUll951

    Automated Anti-Cheating?

    that works. if you notice I was referring to what he listed. context bub
  9. fUll951

    I don't need it! have eyeballs! 👀

    I stand corrected. sorry I play fpp only. i don't even think of tpp
  10. fUll951


  11. fUll951

    I don't need it! have eyeballs! 👀

    I don't think they need to make a separate mode. either remove it completely or don't. this game is hardcore already. one life, high damage, No aim assist.
  12. fUll951

    Miramar = Crash

    is it coincidence that this is what lots of threads on this forum claim the map rotation is like? "I get mirimar 7 times in row" I've heard this in game a quite often
  13. if i had to guess. MS and the coalition had ideas but Brendan Greene likely felt if it wasn't in house it wasn't his to own completely. meaning he told them to back off and stick to marketing. because the state of the game really does imply they are either getting no help, or are outright rejecting all help
  14. fUll951

    Miramar = Crash

    pubg = crash fixed it for you
  15. fUll951

    Frames per second bump please

    pubg corp is gonna finish those coding classes eventually