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  1. bufo. he says stuff. and if you respond to it. you're trump in his eyes for addressing the things he says
  2. fUll951

    Salty McSaltertin

    it does look like a lag spike hit when you get shot but other than that the only BS I see is tpp.
  3. not sure if I should have voted. I voted thru the lense of an X owner
  4. fUll951

    My team takes unnecessary battles

    so they read you like an open book, and rather than rush you camping, they chose to catch you in a panicked vulnerable state.. and let me guess, they take your car and make in just fine. am I right?
  5. fUll951

    My team takes unnecessary battles

    you can not control the actions of others
  6. I do love guns. no I don't like trump. but I do hope good things come from his presidency. it wierd you keep bringing up trump because I told you factual information about the article you sited being fake news. there is no other way to describe it. the fact is fake news exist. just because trump kept repeating it has nothing to do with any conclusion you can draw about me or any one. what's ironic is you're the one who acts like trump, you ignore facts
  7. fUll951

    TK is out of control again.

    I grew up in the 90's and using that word was prolific. almost as prolific as saying dope. try doing what I did. replace it with lame. because that's what you really mean. or some other short quick word.
  8. I'm going over the stuff you said and the impression I get is you're a middle school aged kid. but then I noticed your Google.cz. that explains a lot.. I think. English is not your first language is it? that would really explain why you don't comprehend the things myself and others are trying to tell you.
  9. 😂 I'm here for you man. you need anything else cleared up for you. you let me know
  10. your inability to understand what people tell you and your biased closed minded rejection of basic facts does not make anything I've said demogogy.
  11. bufo, the way you wrote it implied you thought epic made a statement saying they were banning for it and that's what you wanted the devs of pubg to say too. if you now saw otherwise that's fine. you wanted an official statement, I already showed you their statement on it. and they clearly stated they have no intention of banning for it. yes bufo it was made back in February. No bufo they don't want to say it twice. it's already been said and referred to multiple times in the forums largest and longest running thread. you even talk about all the times you have heard them talking about it. sorry the power point presentation bugged you. just trying to help you absorb correct information. bufo. I'm not making this shit up bro. everything I told you is true. it's hard not to feel This strong need to inform you with all the wrong and misinterpreted things you say. I can understand your stance to not just take my word because I'm someone on the internet. but you fail to apply that logic to anything else. the reason I know what I know is from first hand experience, and because the xim device has a very active, healthy and informative forum. feel free to Google it. I know you got that down. when the creator of xim, and I do mean the very person who invented, designed and created the xim heard about those guys who got kicked on fortnite, he immediately fixed it, he immediately found out what was going on and why, and he told everyone on his forums. that's how I know. that's how I know all kinds of information about it. I'm not gonna go thru dig up every bit of referenced material for you. those forums have been active for about 10 years and my familiarity with the site and its content for at least half as many years is where I get this information. it's not as simple as googling a click bait article packed with ads like you did.
  12. that's cool. not what I or lots of people would do but it's a cool option. technology is awesome.
  13. bufo, you have a huge biased confirmation complex. and your sheer inability to understand that article you site is just incredible 1. it's incorrect. epic wasn't trying ban anyone. they were trying to keep PC players out of console only games. what the article does not tell you is they were detecting wasd and when they detected it they kicked the player. that's it. no bans. that's what people like you started saying to the guys who posted about it on reddit. xim owners using a keyboard got kicked and not even reliably. guys who used game pads and controllers like the switch controller or sony nav were never effected. the kicks were circumvented in less than 24 hours. in 48 hours epic stopped doing the wasd checks. no more kicks and bans still at 0. 2. that website is not affiliated with epic. I know fortnite is in the url but it seems you don't understand epic does not own or have any affiliation with this web site 3.that isn't a statement. nor is it the statement you claim it to be. nor is it a statement by epic. the material this article is going off of isn't even from a epic statement about what I told you in #1. it's fake news bro. and it's the internet so it's there forever now and the same incorrect information is on a bunch of gaming websites. 4. I don't care who is good and who isn't either.
  14. how many times do people have to tell you it doesn't work that way. just simply because of its sheer popularity there's more adaptor users than you can shake a stick at on fortnite. you really seem to think native mouse and keyboard support is the same thing third party adapters provide. you also seem to think the size of this thread means people don't want it. if that was the case 3rd party adapters would not exist, if that was the case you would not see Microsoft developing their own branded mouse and keyboard. you also seem to think if it didn't exist that somehow the game would be fair and everyone would be equal. people are different bufo. not everyone is a pubg God nor will they become one if it didn't exist. it changes nothing. if you want competition... you're getting it. and if you want controller only competition. there's always the console version of csgo. otherwise an in-person controller only tournament is where you're gonna find it. otherwise you're in the same boat with all of us. this isn't sanctioned for money, prizes and glory. it's public online play. you are really interpreting feeback the wrong way too.
  15. what did fortnite handle that pubg didn't? all. fortnite did differently is support native mouse and keyboard support.