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  1. that's just one more option. options don't change anythjng i said. and as you damn well know it's not nearly as popular an option as the console. and same as I said as did you , it's for money
  2. Anyone else hate bridge campers?

    let me guess. you hate bullets too right?
  3. Grenades are insanely over powered

    seem ok to me. blast doesn't go thru walls and for the most part you can judge when outside the radius
  4. Caution M&K users

    it's other console players. pc players by and large are happ with their version of games. says who? you? well, that's like, your opinion man. sounds rather mainstream then. sounds like console gaming is finally getting one more perk pc gaming has always had: universal input methods. this is a good thing
  5. Caution M&K users

  6. Anti-Recoil Mods for Controllers

    this thread is hilarious.
  7. Caution M&K users

    I don't understand why the mods on this forum allow so many flame bait threads
  8. LowT PUBG Tournament

    pubg corps stance on cheating is clear cheating = ban
  9. I think he's talking about the Down But Not Out system (DBNO) right? OP, you understand that in solos the DBNO system is not active right? meaning when you normally would of put someone in a DBNO state , they just die because there is no sqaud mate to revive them. so yeah. in solo matches it takes less bullets. you don't need to pump extra rounds in a crawling enemy to actually get a kill. this is what you don't like right? do you think there should be no revive mechanic? I'm sure once mods arrive a game mode with these rules will be made.
  10. Caution M&K users

    cool story
  11. LowT PUBG Tournament

    one direction either way is fine. there's only so much mouse mat and only so much desk space. guys try to act like they can tell who's using one based on gameplay. that's complete bull. I'll tell you as far as I knoW the only two effective ways to tell and you already know one of them. by hearing the clack. the other way I just told you. joysticks can spin infinite. mouses cant. if youve ever seen my post, you'd know I'm a huge advocate for using mnk. but if you wanna set up a league and tourney sans mouse n keyboard I totally respect that. because that's the one place where you can call the shots .but in regular public play: no one has say to tell people how to enjoy their game.
  12. or use the right stick as well.
  13. I apologize. don't think nothing of it. I did assume you wanted to team
  14. Welp, its here...

    and if the mnk isn't for you. you may discover it doesn't effect your gameplay the way you wanted. I also suggest looking for third party controllers that are oversized or somethig. seriously your king crab fingers are long! I don't even know if oversized controllers are available. but I do know that the oldschool OG first Xbox ever controller known as "The Duke" is gonna be re-released. that things is big. try to get your hands on one of those. see how that feels for you. maybe if your lucky one will be set up in a gaming store or electronics section of a big box store in your area. I could be way off here: but I think a huge part of your difficulty in controlling the game is the fact the controller just wasn't designed for hands so big.