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  1. fUll951

    PUBG Xbox: Desync

    how would a high latency not affect the amount of desync ? just because they don't show you yout ping does not mean you have a great connection to NA servers
  2. fUll951

    Games con, new updates?

    I hope pubg holds ps4 hostage to cross platform play.
  3. fUll951

    wow. try to explain this one

    more pubg unexplained mysterys welcome
  4. fUll951

    How use Molotov?

    I wish you could jump out a 4+ story tall building window in pubg. but for some reason there's security bars on the windows that high up. Spider-Man ain't breaking in
  5. fUll951

    wow. try to explain this one

    I did switch to spectating but it was too late to see where he shot me from. whats crazy is I watched him and saw zero display of any good aim or good gameplay in general. I watched him and his buddy roll up on two guys about a 100 or so meters away not looking at them, they have the drop on this duo . they both take shots, both potato and the duo turns around and kills them both. yet he makes the shot of day on me 😅. here I am thinking I'm about to see console shroud clutch a win.
  6. fUll951

    wow. try to explain this one

    I say lag compensation because I learned about it from the battlefield games. i really dont know if its in play here. i just thought all dedicated server games had it. from what I understand it's a value they control like you said server side. in battlefield it was found out guys with high pings well over 200 were getting shots registered that probably should not have been. I don't think they had a awesome snappy experience but I don't think because their Internet connection sucks they should be given any slack. it just makes it worse for the rest of use who paid the premium. I always believe in advantage to best player with the best connection, best hardware. no parity or compensation
  7. we say these things like "hit registration", "desync" or "lagg" are we not talking about the same thing if not inseparable attributes of the same thing?
  8. fUll951

    wow. try to explain this one

    sounds about right to me. he had a shot on me in the door way. but not in the hallway. must not have been what he saw
  9. fUll951

    wow. try to explain this one

    I was able to see the angle in game from by the road. I agree with doc. call it what you want. I prefer to call it lag compensation for high ping players. it's way too generous. I can see now how with lag the shot was made
  10. fUll951

    wow. try to explain this one

    thanks for the screen shot. I see the angle. I'll just have to go back in game and take a look for myself
  11. fUll951

    wow. try to explain this one

    will do. need a better device than my phone though
  12. fUll951

    wow. try to explain this one

    I tried to watch the replay but my phone sucks. yeah I'm sure it's someone not right there. does it say how far away they were when I was shot? if you see my sqaudmates perspective just befor he jumps in the window. from what I can see. even when I was standing in the doorway there should of been no line of on me as I walk into the hall way. possibly a line of sight on me as I stood in the doorway at an extremely angle but definitely not when I was in the hallway. in both clips you can even see his shots hitting the wall to my right side as if his bullet passes thru two walls to get there
  13. fUll951

    wow. try to explain this one

    you are mistaken . the second guy downs my sqaudmate. he is not the one who downs me
  14. fUll951

    wow. try to explain this one

    nope the second guy was not the one who shot me. it was a remote player not in the immediate area with a slr here. I uploaded the clips to youtube my perspective and my sqaudmates perspective of the same moment. the second guy downs my sqaudmate, but a third person with an slr hits me. please make use of the playback speed to observe the final moments. enjoy
  15. ok. well. please give an extreme analysis of this clip. soon I will have my squad mates perspective and it's equally as wild. now, I'm not worried about the two enemies you see in the clip, we totally went potato on that second guy. it's the guy who downs me that is blowing my mind. major desync is my initial hypothesis and after watching it a few times there is just no way he had a line of sight on me. all I can guess is the building was not rendered for him, but I was. take a look. enjoy. I did shorten it so it's right to the action. https://www.xboxdvr.com/gamer/full951/video/58780961 I'd really appreciate it if any forum mod would please forward this example to the devs of how extreme the desync can be