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  1. fUll951

    18 months I’ve played PUBG

    and absolutely zero in the last post puts that guy dowb. so I don't know what you're talking about
  2. fUll951

    18 months I’ve played PUBG

    I'm famous. this guy knows me.
  3. fUll951

    18 months I’ve played PUBG

    step one: establish your own personal validity for commenting on a topic. step two: disregard the fact 99.80% of us dont feel that's required to see the game is a mess or post about it step three: make a post that is stealth bragging by throwing the current community manager under the bus and throwing in captain obvious tips. profit.
  4. cuz that is all this forum would be is mnk accusations and teaming evidence.
  5. I assure you it's not. the only time you hear anyone say this is in opposition to its use. there's maybe a handful of guys out there trolling and saying this... because they know it gets to you.
  6. universal perifial compatibility is a good thing. it's tragic to see such non inclusive rhetoric
  7. it's a salty sentiment held by controller only players. no one uses emulators in ill will. yet day after day post after post it's what non user say is happening to them. it's not. it's battleroyal: 96 to 99 salty kids every round
  8. fUll951

    was I wrong about the SSD?

    my bad. the ssd I use is 480gigs. doubt that matters much but wanted to be clear. more specs just in case. I'm no guru of the topic: -sata III 6Gb/s -compatible with sata II @ 3Gb/ss -Toshiba TLC NAND flash memory -TRIM support if any of that helps or is irrelevant let me know. the ssd is in a usb 3.0 compliant enclosure with UASP Protocol support
  9. fUll951

    was I wrong about the SSD?

    just wanted to share my experience with using the ssd. at least for me, with pubg on ssd I have a better experience. this better experience has been the same for bf1 and a couple other titles. but recently I put pubg down to enjoy some single player experiences. specifically witcher 3. and I gotta say. at least with the ssd i have: Witcher 3 runs better even looks better(resolution difference is clear) on the internal drive. this is on an Xbox X of course. (1080p 60hz monitor) I played many hours of witcher 3 off my sdd and was noticing some not so smooth play. so first I cleared my local saved games. and IT DID perform better. yet I still had a couple hiccups and straight up crashes to dashboard. so i decided to Uninstall and re install on my internal xbox X drive. wow. huge difference. the game does indeed hold a higher resolution and run smoother by my eyes. please tell me your experiences. maybe you play the same two games i do with an X and can you please confirm my findings. not sure if I just have a sub standard ssd (OCZ TRION 150 i got a "good deal" on 500 gig ~90$) or if maybe specific games run better on the standard drive than external. I still think pubg runs better on an ssd -but for me at least, NOT witcher 3
  10. fUll951

    It’s official MnK is coming to Xbox!

    seperate lobbies won't last. the whole point of mnk support is to be more inclusive and join player pools for matchmaking. there's more pc players than console players. they want to bring these players over while extending the lifetime of any game's online multiplayer . meaning keeping the games market value up for a longer time
  11. fUll951

    Xbox adding mouse and keyboard support.

    nope, not since last last Tuesday . I'm talking about before this recent announcement. the reality is: it changes nothing. you will hear more of the same as you did befor Tuesday, with a small chance they could go ahead and bring it to pubg. but that is unlikely imo.
  12. fUll951

    MS announce MnK Support 🤦🏻‍♂️

    it's the right tool for the job. and at this point nothing more. when you finally go up against real native mouse and keyboard support you'll wish emulators were the only thing available
  13. fUll951

    Shotgun range

    I highly suspect your assessment of what 30 to 40 feet is off. please find an sk12 in real life and try damage test at 20 to 30 meters. I think you will come to find its virtual counterpart is under represented
  14. fUll951

    When will ultra HD become available

    Ultra HD = 4k pubg on xbox one x runs at native 4k it's already here. what's that? that doesn't look like ultra HD to you? Ultra HD is a resolution. shit textures look like shit no matter the resolution. ... oh I see. you asking for it on a phone.. wrong forum.