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  1. Snowy Ghost

    War mode changes

    Add in 3 times as much pistol ammo for the Awm loadout. Allow us to pick what load outs we want. I had 4 straight with the Awm. Faster spawn times and ground spawn as well. The drop spawn makes for easy kills. Add one boost to the load outs as well to get players to 100% health. Maybe think of adding in a faster bleed out time as well.
  2. Snowy Ghost

    Favourite map?

    Sanhok. I enjoy the two big maps but iv cone to love the smaller map for the pace of the game. I played the Blackout beta and enjoyed it to because of the smaller map size. I have always thought the 8x8 maps would be alot more fun if they could add another 30 players.
  3. The second one is supposed to add region lock for match making.
  4. Snowy Ghost

    Community post feels

    Only risk of a triple A studio if they were to take over is the game would be filled with weapons the game doesn't need. One of the biggest draws to Pubg for me was no rpg's and no grenade launchers. Had enough of that from Battlefield 3 and 4. But the game would also be in a better state.
  5. Snowy Ghost

    Community post feels

    My theory is that they have come to the conclusion that the amount of work that's needed to make this game a full working game became to big of a task. I think it was a bold move to try and make it work on the Xbox, but were talking about a game thats a mod from another game that started on pc and is a pc port on the Xbox. I give them respect for taking on the idea and i lm glad they were willing to show that despite consol limitations you can make games that are just a good on Pc work on the Xbox, but trying to do that with a game made from another game that has no consol support was to much to do. I do hope im wrong and i do hope they csn some how pull off what Ubisoft did with Rainbow 6 Siege but 20 plus years of gaming tells me its to big of a hill to climb. What i do hope for is a sequel to Pubg built from the ground up.
  6. Snowy Ghost

    Do you like War Mode: Desert Knights?

    Id like to be able to pick my load out when i drop in.
  7. Snowy Ghost

    Movement blocked by ankle high objects

    It's alot like the Battlefield games. Back in Battlefield 4 vaulting could kill you. That bug took a long while to fix
  8. Snowy Ghost

    Xbox XO

    Im allready happy with the announcement of keyboard and mouse coming. I know they said its up to developers to decide if they want to add it but there are some games i do hope they do because of the menu set ups. I also assume its only for the Xbox since Playstation just canceled the PSX for this year. A game like Fortnite with cross play and both Pc and Xbox players that could use k+m will make it suck for the Playstation players
  9. Snowy Ghost

    Hate Message from a Pleb

    Iv noticed a drop in messages since Xbox updated the bannable offenses in April. But i did get one from a person whose game reputation was so bad he was close to a full account lock out.
  10. Snowy Ghost

    War mode, or Custom Games?

    Rather a stable gane with proper frame rates and proper match making system in place. Adding new content doesn't hide the issues that still hurt the game
  11. Any chance we could get a 100% confirmation before December rolls around. September may still count as summer but it would have been helpful to know Sanhok wasn't being released till the 4th of September. Didn't really like that the map was announced for the summer but no date was ever givin till only 2 weeks before.
  12. Snowy Ghost

    Pubg is still alive

    Pubg isn't gonna go anywhere but the numbers are gonna drop a large amount. I am worried that the wait times will be brutal come December and i live on Canada and play on the NA servers. Ill keep the game installed but being how excited i was last December to how disappointed i became in September this year and seeing a clear drop in numbers allready, i do feel that Pubg will become just another game where there's a small number of hardcore fans that will play it. Alot like Ghost Recon Wildlands. It's to bad i really had big hopes for this game but when you add more content and only a few fixes it's clear the game is headed down the wrong path
  13. Snowy Ghost

    XBOX Competitive? eSports.

    I would but not in the current state of the game. I watched the tournament in Germany back in August and even on Pc there were issues with the program they used to switch between the players. Pubg on Xbox has a long way to go and it's as time goes on the 1.0 release is proving to have been a mistake. There were bugs and issues that should have been fixed before the launch but they didn't wanna compete with the games out in October and November. Bad move. I get why they did it but i think waiting and making fixes first would have been smarter. Anyone who thinks Black Ops 4 isn't gonna hurt this game much is just delusional. It's gonna drop the player numbers for Pubg and there's still 2 other big titles to come after October 12.
  14. Sure wilo be when they lock the regions and the servers are not flooded by people who swap
  15. Yeah i was in a clan back in my Halo 3 days and almost everyone was stoned when we played. The funnest was one of the guys dropped his pipe and it broke. That was alot of yelling