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  1. Snowy Ghost

    Cry babies

    Im guessing you have been banned many times then.
  2. Snowy Ghost

    Cry babies

    Couldnt after the ban. You cant add friends or look at profiles.
  3. Snowy Ghost

    Cry babies

    Just dont use any words that hurt feelings. I got a message the other day and said back dont cry like a bitch. But because the persons account was listed under 18 years old i got a 24 communication ban. But during the ban that person flooded me non stop with messages that i coundnt stop because of the ban.
  4. Yeah i dont get why sometimes if your on the left side you end up in a right side seat. But the one thing ill say is if it was automatic to stick you in the drivers seat id hate it if they could just jump in drive off. Id say next time use it as cover just dont stand right beside it
  5. Snowy Ghost


    Any video proof?
  6. Snowy Ghost

    Trip Wire Explosives

    Not needed at all. It be a campers dream im sure but it be way frustrating. I find the final circle frag nade fest bad enough and its the only explosive.
  7. Snowy Ghost

    BEST Pubg Clips

    Good work well done
  8. Snowy Ghost

    thing you should do when you knocked

    Question why would you wanna do that? I can't see how that would help you. Smoke would affect your teamates a frag takes you out and flash bangs have a small range
  9. Snowy Ghost

    Destructable Furniture

    It be nice but i cant see that happening. The frame rate would die and it take way to much for them to code it
  10. Snowy Ghost

    How did he know I was here???

    Thats a good example if why i dont play tpp servers anymore. The camera just makes it to easy to spot around corners and if hes like me if someone else killed him from that spot before he checks it everytime he walks into those barns
  11. Snowy Ghost

    Still no one wants to pan it out. :(

    Hey ill be honest if you came at me with a pan id still shoot you. Its cool to see pan fughts with the last 2 players but even with prox chat id never take some one at their word.
  12. Snowy Ghost

    Available Space Meter?

    Also if you didnt know the vests also add a bit more carring capacity. A level 3 backpack with a level 3 vest maxes out the bar
  13. Snowy Ghost


    The lack of easy cheap kill weapins in this game is one of the best parts of the game. Mines, c4, rpg, claymores, and nade launchers would ruin the game and would make it frustrating. If your having issues winning firefights you need to keep playing to get better. Theres no need to add easy lazy kill weapons because you are struggling. Keep playing you will get better
  14. Snowy Ghost

    Ideas for new maps

    Sounds good in theory but one thing im surprised in pubg is that you cant use a pistol in water while smimming and fir map like that if couldnt get to a boat and had to swim your screwed. It least if you use a pistol you had some chance
  15. Snowy Ghost

    Hit markers needed

    Only thing i like about no hit markers is when your hit but not killed by a nade. The other player doesnt know if they missed or not.