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  1. FN P90 and FiveSeven

    Id like to see the mp5 swapped with the tommy gun.
  2. Switching guns/shooting

    Yeah i find thats a big issue with this game. Its not the best when it comes to reacting to commands when theres an intense fight
  3. Xbox One S Version left behind

    Untill that box gets a price drop ill stick with the S. Im big on gaming and i game alot but with monthly bills one being a a house payment ill stick with S and deal with the minor differences. The X is cool but that price is a joke.
  4. Anyone else hate bridge campers?

    In duos and squad i stay away from them but in solo i fibd its very rare players camp the bridges. I think with having no backup no one bothers to.
  5. I got my first solo win in the first week but it took my buddy and me till January to get a win in duos. We just could not catch or buy a break and the match we finally won i got a lucky guess on the last guy
  6. Hud suggestions

    If we could change colours for the compass. It blends in with the sky making it frustrating for call outs. The weapon pictures beside your map if they could change with the attachments that are equipt as well the equipt grenade had a number of how many you have. The helmet and body armor pictures could also change with the damage they have taken like its shown in the inventory screen. And of course a brightness setting as well.
  7. Since Patch 10 Hot Fix ...

    I havent noticed a change bit the fps in cqc can be really bad at times. I dudnt either notice it before or sonething waa affected after the patch but some fights iv had botg me and the other player use a ton of shots.
  8. Is PUBG as bad as some say?

    Gamers will complain nothing is gonna change that. I find most people on here exaggerate the issues.
  9. Is PUBG as bad as some say?

    How i look at it is if i could get threw the battlefield 4 launch i can get threw this game
  10. What happened here?

    My only guess is that maybe another two seater bike was on the ground and the game just didnt have it shown. I avoid driving myself. Right now the game just doesnt do well when your driving i find. I havnt had a game crash since January when walking but it has happened the odd time driving. Along with rendering issues i try ti stay away from driving cause of things like what happened to you
  11. Pan Challenge!!!

    Thats where the prox chat helps. If you could have talked to the player you could have asked him to drop all his items to be sure.
  12. Explosives

    Id rather not. Personally im tired of things like C4, mines, nade launchers things like that where they become crutches for players. The biggest draw for me with this game was that it was gun focused and not loaded with equipment that make for easy kills. It is nice to have variety in a game but id rather see Bluehole had new guns in and not items that make kills easy to get. Plus from what iv seen the added c4 to fortnite has really pissed off the bulk of the player base and that would be the same in Pubg
  13. Aiming reticle

    Are you talking about the general white color reticle or the sight attachments? If your talking about the attachements when you hold LT press and gol2d RB at the same time and use the left stick to change the brightness
  14. Yeah that would work.
  15. Stop playing squads if....

    If they could add a few simple text requests that might help to