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  1. Snowy Ghost

    This game totally blows...

    Sure wilo be when they lock the regions and the servers are not flooded by people who swap
  2. Yeah i was in a clan back in my Halo 3 days and almost everyone was stoned when we played. The funnest was one of the guys dropped his pipe and it broke. That was alot of yelling
  3. War mode has shown me that some of you have some strange gamer tags..........
  4. I don't even let the stats bother me. With the issues the game has there's no point.
  5. Snowy Ghost

    Automatic region selection

    I hope they also lock it so players can't team up with others if they are not in the same region. Its a big problem and causes big server issues. Its something that should have been added a long time ago and i can't wait for this to finally be added.
  6. I played a few but i don't like that you change region's. Way to much lag.
  7. Snowy Ghost

    Third person or first NOT BOTH

    Yeah i have no way of knowing if any fights iv had where someone had it running. Same with the k+m stuff. It's alot less then what people really think
  8. Snowy Ghost

    Anyone Else Find This Unsatisfying?

    I once said this game would be better if the frag nade was removed. Most people did not agree.
  9. Snowy Ghost

    Losses to not count

    With this game i don't let stats bug at all. They don't track right and with the bugs and issues there really isn't a point.
  10. Snowy Ghost

    (Suggestion) Night maps.

    Not intill this game is fixed. I do like the night idea better but instead add it in as standard random map effects, like the weather.
  11. Snowy Ghost

    Love but Hate PUBG

    When its fun its fun but right now its not fun. The lag and desync issues are really putting a dark cloud over this game. Along with long wait times for any added content and poor communication Pubg is not in a good place. I do hope they can turn it around but they gotta do it faster then the pace they are at right now. They also need to look at some of the smaller changes that we have been asking for.
  12. Nope sorry iv run out. It should have been an issue delt with before 1.0. The fact that im suck playing against people from other regions s bad enough but the fact that the game is really a dice roll at the moment when fighting. Im tired of waiting on a fix that should have happened. There is no more excuses. I was fine with the problems during the preview but thats over, time for proper working game
  13. Disappointing hearing that the desync patch isn't till late October.
  14. Snowy Ghost

    Third person or first NOT BOTH

    I do only play fpp but i do worrie about the wait times as the games coming this fall get closer to launch.