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  1. Go to your settings. Are you playing on PC or console?
  2. You realize in your settings you can edit this, right?
  3. AV8er

    Top ten things for a newbie!

    Playing a first person shooter on a PC after 10 years of owning a console, let me share with you my experience. Learning how to use the controls and feel comfortable with the keyboard and mouse was attrocious. I have never felt so crippled. I would accidentally lay down when trying to Sprint out of a bad situation. Make sure you are aware, you must dedicate yourself to learning your system. The mouse is a completely different movement type than the controller. You can't use high speeds. As a matter of fact, lower sensitivities are far more accurate with mice than controllers. It's been fun playing PC pubg, but believe me, the players are also a lot better in PC than on the console. Any gun has the potential to take you out within 2-3 seconds. Ping and peakers advantage are even more abundant than in console. Good luck, but don't think this will be a walk in the park.
  4. AV8er

    CornerShot Gun? ITS REAL

    You mean like this? - poor grammar, googled image
  5. That's not what he meant. Map selection was what killed map selection. Pubg basically had no one playing mirimar (or not enough to justify keeping mirimar servers) so they took map selection away.
  6. I completely agree that fortnite is by far more popular than fortnite. At least in the east. In Asian countries I do believe pubg is more popular. Fortnite definitely has better consistent content. Pubg is more cod style in no game rewards just high kd. I enjoy both fortnite and pubg. They are both completely different playstyles though. Since building my PC I play fortnite more because of fast paced and money invested due to friends, but I still love pubg. Gotta get used to keyboard and mouse though.
  7. AV8er

    Request of official logo

    This is something you should email their human resources department about, or their legal department.
  8. AV8er

    Crash Report

    How old is your build? Your Intel core may be crapping out
  9. AV8er

    Game won't load past home screen

    Is recommend posting this in the Xbox help section. This is the PC section. You may need to reset your cache though. That may be a possibility.
  10. AV8er

    Crash Report

    Thanks for providing that info. Based off that info alone you should look into investing in a newer video card. I believe 4gig is recommended for video cards. Also I'm not sure about that core, because I am more familiar with Intel, but if your core is too old then possibly you may need to upgrade.
  11. AV8er

    Crash Report

    You don't provide any information regarding the crash so it'll be very difficult to help you. What are your PC specs? What's your internet connection like? Are you able to load into the game?
  12. AV8er

    PC or Laptop - What to do, what to do?

    Your laptop specs are a lot better than your PC. The 1080 is going to beat 980 (obviously) And the i7 is also pretty good. I use an i5-8600k and I bet that i7 would outperform my core
  13. AV8er

    Making the switch from console

    Let's break down a list of the parts. I recently made the switch and spent about 1500$ and got a 60hz monitor and consistently get 60 fps. Computer parts: - motherboard - pcu - cooling - power - ram - hard drive - SSD drive - video card Other: - monitor - keyboard - mouse - mousepad - headset These parts are expensive to get 100 fps. You will want an i7+ to get 100 fps, and I'd suggest minimum a 1070, but highly recommend a 1080. Building your PC on your own is the best way to go for money, but you can also find the parts you want in a pre built computer as well. You probably won't get 100 fps on a 1200 pre built computer though.
  14. That 2 seconds is 2 seconds for them to crawl back to the whole they just crawled out of, never to appear again. A campers glory. Please, let us not indulge this idea.
  15. AV8er

    Xbox one

    Wrong place to post my friend, there is a subcategory for Xbox bugs. this section is specifically for the map on their closed servers for pc, codename savage