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  1. AV8er

    Hi i'm newbie of PUBG

    Welcome, learn to play and have fun! It's one of the most exciting, frustrating, adrenaline junkie of a game you can find
  2. AV8er

    Make pubg Fun again

    the point is, many of these posts have already been made and another one wont change anything
  3. AV8er

    Leaning glitch

    okay that video is disgusting. 8 bullets from an akm is not okay, especially when in a real sense if you shoot someone right there, then the bullets would more undoubtedly travel through the hands into the chest. nice video
  4. AV8er

    Forum Spammers

    I agree, it's completely unprofessional as well
  5. Things I don’t want from that list airstrikes emotes skins things that have already been put into pubg skins emotes things that likely will never be put into pubg airstrikes
  6. AV8er

    Remove Knocking!

    just kill them before they go for the revive
  7. AV8er

    Undo new Aim Punch

    Idk, being new to PC I feel like aiming on the test server discourages me to engage in any battle, even if I'm only 15 feet away
  8. My only question is how many times do you watch him do it? Are they youtube clips or twitch streams? If twitch then I mean just keep trying but I always keep my chat muted so I guess it really just depends
  9. This is just ridiculous and unprofessional that you cannot regulate your own forums better. How is this much spam possible? Do the forums have no sense of spam prevention? Come on. When I come to the forums I am expecting posts from fellow members of pubg not about some University of queensland post, or some pill enhancement, or some safe zone. @PUBG_RoboDanjal @PUBG_Hawkinz@PUBG Greece Is nothing being done?
  10. AV8er

    Please rebalance loot.

    Most frustrating thing ever is landing in pochinki and having your neighbor come to your house and blow your head off with a shotgun because all you found was a nice backpack and smoke grenade
  11. AV8er

    Goodbye PUBG

  12. AV8er

    Drinking and Driving

    Very misleading title lol, don’t drink and drive
  13. You hit the nail on the head 😊
  14. Seems that the crackdown on cheaters is irritating to some people
  15. AV8er

    Ability to mark enemies

    Did they really get rid of it? Holy crap they did. Lol wow.