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  1. 2 buttons to pick stuff up ?

    I understand I just am not used to it yet so I will see how I like it when I get used to it.
  2. 2 buttons to pick stuff up ?

    I am not necessarily a fan of this..
  3. Oh my goodness everyone, just let the thread die
  4. Ive never been able to discern noticeable kb&m players please enlighten me
  5. I would love a consistent fps. Some games my fps is great, sometimes my fps is absolute trash
  6. Eh, difference of opinion I suppose.
  7. He is a Microsoft employee and giving us more updates on what is happening though. He isn't even employed by your team, and giving us more information than what your team is giving us. He posted on Twitter saying that the team is wrapping up on testing the update and that it should be posted around Wednesday. Where is the developers on sharing this information? I don't understand why a Microsoft employee is giving us more information than you guys give us. Is it because you don't have the time to share a little update? Are you too busy? Are you guys understaffed? Yes I understand you guys only want to share "substantial" news about patches and updates, but if your team wants to be great they will share progress of each update. Only sharing when a new patch has been passed in certification, and then when it will be launched, is bare minimum in terms of communication.
  8. For the love of all that is pubg, STOP MAKING POSTS ABOUT MOUSE AND KEYBOARD USERS. ITS BEEN BEATEN TO DEATH. SERIOUSLY. As much as you people complain about it, IT DOESNT EVEN COMPARE IN LEVELS OF ACTUAL USE. You guys make such a huge deal out of it where it is very rarely being used. Get over it, and just play the game. The developers will do something about it when and if they are able to
  9. Gotcha, that point was just to say I agree with you. Sorry haha
  10. I just jumped in on the conversation. I made the thread so I like doing that
  11. Oh I'm well aware a very small percentage of players actually visit these forums. No normal amount of players on Xbox ever visit or probably even are aware of what forums are.
  12. Like I said earlier. I don't disagree with posting things to Reddit and Twitter, but they can just as easily be published to their own forums
  13. Seriously. It's quite unprofessional for them to neglect their own forums.
  14. Thanks bro, you are more reliable than the developers on posting information
  15. Well I mean when it's the only information you get, you tend to over exaggerate it. Like to us. A bottle of water is a bottle of water but to a child in Africa who is in need of life giving substances, water is miraculous and they will probably react a lot stronger to that water than someone in a 1st world country. What they are doing to us is treating information as if it were the water in this scenario and giving us hardly anything. So when we get information we react very strongly.