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  1. AV8er

    Looking for Budget PC for PUBG

    The issue with that is it still leaves a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and headset still left to buy. You'd want to go cheaper than that, as used I can easily see those being difficult to find under 700. Finding a COMPLETE setup for a PC to run pubg will be very difficult. You'll be running very basic settings. Unless you are a complete deal shopper and can find amazing deals, finding everything you'll probably be spending 1,000 on a PC that is 700. (Including extra parts for the PC itself)
  2. AV8er

    PUBG Lobby Music Option

    Yeah rip music, first thing to go for pubg for me 😂
  3. I've seen this suggestion before many times and equally met with ambiguity from the general populus. In my opinion it would never have it's place. Essentially you are dead when knocked. No reason for you to carry a pistol. Your team mate(s) have the opportunity to revive/heal you. This game is "realistic" in no sense except for guns/aesthetics. No group of 100 people fly in a plane and jump out and then run around killing each other until one person is left alive. A game is a game. Bluehole has put being downed as a mechanic where you are useless for a reason. You are not meant to be useful after you are downed.
  4. That's not what he meant. Map selection was what killed map selection. Pubg basically had no one playing mirimar (or not enough to justify keeping mirimar servers) so they took map selection away.
  5. AV8er

    Crash Report

    How old is your build? Your Intel core may be crapping out
  6. AV8er

    Game won't load past home screen

    Is recommend posting this in the Xbox help section. This is the PC section. You may need to reset your cache though. That may be a possibility.
  7. AV8er

    Crash Report

    Thanks for providing that info. Based off that info alone you should look into investing in a newer video card. I believe 4gig is recommended for video cards. Also I'm not sure about that core, because I am more familiar with Intel, but if your core is too old then possibly you may need to upgrade.
  8. AV8er

    Crash Report

    You don't provide any information regarding the crash so it'll be very difficult to help you. What are your PC specs? What's your internet connection like? Are you able to load into the game?
  9. AV8er

    Xbox one

    Wrong place to post my friend, there is a subcategory for Xbox bugs. this section is specifically for the map on their closed servers for pc, codename savage
  10. AV8er

    Pubg crashing

    I don’t know but gpuz told me the card was fake
  11. AV8er

    Pubg crashing

    I discovered my problem. My problem is a fake geforce 1060, it was a 550 Ti or GTS 450 masked as a 1060 in the bios screen.
  12. AV8er

    Pubg crashing

    Also my post is being buried my Korean spam while waiting to be approved by a moderator.
  13. AV8er

    Pubg crashing

    It seems I cannot play a game of pubg. When I load into the lobby my game crashes. It doesn't have an error but I can send the crash report to bluehole. My specs are Intel i5-8600k pcu Aorus z370 ultra gaming motherboard G skill 16g ddr4 3200 ram Nvidia GeForce 1060 3g GPU Crashes happen almost 2-7 seconds when in the match. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to last the whole 1 minute preview of the pre game lobby, but I crash as soon as I enter the plane.
  14. All the tournament team leaders will be streaming this week to start off the tournament, everyone should join and come watch everyone play!
  15. I stream on mixer and twitch. I'd rather use mixer until I get a PC and El gato device so I don't need to see the nuisance bar hovering over pertinent information