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  1. Masta Cruz


    It feels good to me. But I understand the complaint that the recticle is a bit fuzzy. I thought that was done intentionally to prevent it from being used for longer range than it was intended for.
  2. Masta Cruz

    Fpp dead

    Yeah it’s unfortunate no more fpp. I’ve given up trying I just choose tpp from now on. Sad I don’t get the same enjoyment I did on fpp but I something is better than nothing.
  3. Masta Cruz

    Surround sound settings

    I second that. Sounds seem to come out of the correct speakers I’m surprised. I have a turtle beach for my x1x as well but I occasionally use my original Xbox one that is connected to 5.1 system and I’m very surprised. Also my Denon receiver has an option to compress loud sounds so gunshots aren’t at extreme volume.
  4. Masta Cruz


    Yeah irritates me a little too. Pretty soon we won’t be able to look behind us while parachuting I bet. Idk. My best guess is maybe realism? I just wish I could parachute straight but that’s probably not realistic enough.
  5. Masta Cruz

    New movement feels bad

    Yes and most noticeably while parachuting long distances it’s near impossible to float perfectly straight. Parachute wants to turn left or right slightly never straight I feel like this was done on purpose to keep people on their toes a little extra during parachuting. Im not very happy with it but I’ll have to get used to it.
  6. Masta Cruz

    New weapons are a bit loud

    I actually have begun wearing Hi fi earplugs underneath my headset to take the edge off loud sounds to still being able to hear footsteps. I seriously fear a future of tinnitus and hearing loss from this amazing game.
  7. Masta Cruz

    Fpp games no where to be found

    Same here can’t find fpp game either. I think the only times we will be able to is peak hours on weekends. The future is going to be all tpp unfortunately for us on console. The majority on Xbox love tpp it’s a fact whereas fpp is more liked on pc. As the time passes and people begin playing new releases and spreading out over other games I fear we’ll have to be happy with tpp or nothing basically. Whether or not the game has problems isn’t relevant as the people who love PUBG will keep playing regardless. Many will inevitably be going to other games as time passes and new releases happen. When I can’t find fpp games I usually handicap myself and keep my view in fpp while playing tpp matches. Keeps me from getting complacent and keeps my senses heightened. I’m not very successful doing this but it keeps me sharp enough to compete during peak hours when I find fpp games again. Maybe the the future with a lower playerbase will be to start matches with 50 players rather than trying to get to 100. I’m not sure. Id like to see a sort of live statistic next to each gametype. What percentage of players in which types.
  8. Masta Cruz

    Pts Feedback.

    I feel like it’s smoother framerate for x1x. I had to buy a little cooler fan for the back of Xbox because it would shut down from overheating so hopefully that won’t be a thing anymore.
  9. Masta Cruz

    Left stick movement isnt the same...?

    Good point I agree completely it it seems tolerable for now but I hope they can straighten it out.
  10. Oh you mean your actual elite customizations in device and accessories settings? Wow That’s very strange. I use elite controller as well but my only presets are for the triggers to activate sooner because I use the short trigger stops.
  11. Masta Cruz

    Left stick movement isnt the same...?

    My left stick feels too responsive. Like it’s extremely live and there’s no middle ground between left and right. Very noticeable parachuting for me I can’t seem to go straight it wants to either slightly move me right or slightly move me left. I have elite controller if that if that means anything. I thought maybe it was the left stick deadzone I turned that to 20 and right stick I put at 10.
  12. I noticed this as well. Not to the extreme that you have but I moved my left stick deadzone to 20 and right stick to 10. It doesn’t seem to move on it’s own except occasionally turns me to the right for no reason. Left stick is kinda funny too like there’s no middle ground between left and right. It’s either left or right never straight up. Very noticeable in parachuting for me.
  13. Masta Cruz

    *TPP-PTS* Cries out Loud

    Extremely unfortunate.
  14. i was just wondering, as is the case for me currently at 2am USA pacific time, do any primarily fpp players that are forced to play tpp handicap themselves on purpose by staying in first person view during their tpp matches? I do this because I feel like it keeps me sharp for when the fpp games return during the afternoon/evening. But maybe I’m just an idiot. Hell even weirder than that I also put on hi fidelity ear plugs underneath my turtle beach’s with superhuman hearing on to try and turn the volume up a little louder without damaging my hearing. I feel like it takes the edge off the loud gunshots and I’m not too excited about surely developing tinnitus in the near future from playing this game. Just wondering if anyone does anything similar in either regard. I fear in the future when the playerbase becomes divided fpp games will nearly be non existent since the vast majority like tpp better. Unfortunate for myself and the few of us who love the thrill of fpp but that’s life.
  15. Masta Cruz

    Long queue

    Haha I know I’ll never go into any buildings after first circle for sure