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  1. Masta Cruz

    Xbox PTS patch feedback July 11th

    Patch feels amazing! Didn’t realize things could get this smooth. I’m pretty impressed.
  2. Xbox one x Occasionally in a tense fire-fight doing a combination of button presses like holding breath, changing optic zoom/visibility, free looking, etc. I’ll accidentally get the emote wheel popping up. Then it seems to lock my character somehow where I have purposely do the emote wheel again to unlock my character movement back to normal. Please give us an option to disable the emote wheel. Or maybe change it to something like holding the select button. Thanks.
  3. Masta Cruz

    Is the update good?

    Felt pretty good to me earlier today on X1X. Feels smoother and slowdowns seem less frequent.
  4. Masta Cruz

    Check your NAT type

    Comcast cable internet. Xbox bandwidth test said 80mb download 6mb upload speed. Thanks Andy yes I think that was the problem today when I found mine was unintentionally on strict NAT I ended up putting my Xbox in the DMZ in the router and it opened up my NAT and I had very good performance the remainder of today. I wonder if others who complain of getting bad performance could have a strict NAT that they didn’t realize they had.
  5. Masta Cruz

    I like Miramar better

    I used to not like it but I enjoy it now as well. I’d be happy if each map alternated one after the other. But solo fpp player base during non peak hours is dwindling so I’ll take any map that fills up.
  6. Just a idea I came up with might be nothing but I was getting some bad frames and unusual rubber banding earlier in the day. Noticed my NAT type in network settings was strict. Went into router settings and opened it up now it says NAT type open and I’m getting normal frames and performance like I had been before, the rest of the night of play.
  7. Masta Cruz

    This has gotten out of hand.

    I haven’t had a crash, or seen Miramar in about 12 hours of gameplay. Game feels great to me solo fpp on the x1x
  8. That’s crazy I just got erangel every time right now between 830pm and 1130pm on solo fpp. I was kinda hoping for the desert map once before I finished playing but didn’t work out.
  9. Masta Cruz

    I really want people to try out FPP

    Sometimes I wonder if more people might play fpp if readying up defaulted to fpp rather than tpp. I could never go back to tpp. And when I had to do solo tpp for test server that one weekend, I spent like 95% of the time using fpp. Many times I even forgot to change to tpp to peek around a rock without having to put my head out there.
  10. These were my old settings. When I used to use AA0
  11. Absolutely. With scopes single fire I have to wait until the gun resets position to fire another. I cannot single fire quickly only as fast as the recoil resets itself. But I feel like I can track a moving target a little better at medium to long range. However with this I find full auto sprays red dot at close to medium-close are more manageable for me. I changed to these settings when they fixed the curve on AA10 that was causing it to move fast with a medium push of the right stick. I plan to revisit aim acceleration=off in the future when they perfectly fix the vertical sensitivity and stuff. I used to be a high sensitivity player in other FPS games but I’m beginning to think the auto aim made that possible. Now without auto aim in this game I find I need low sensitivity or else I over run my target. I went and turned all auto aim and assist off on battlefield 4 and 1, and found I had to lower my sensitivities on that game too without any kind of aim assist. I guess I never realized how powerful the aim assists were in those games.
  12. Masta Cruz

    For your consideration

    I agree unfortunately the vast majority of people are inherently evil.
  13. By the completion of the first circle to be comfortable I would like a minimum of: 1 med kit 2 first aid 5 bandage 2 painkiller 3 energy drink 200 rounds smg/AR ammo 35 rounds kar98 Red dot or holo 4x or 8x scope 2 frag grenades
  14. Masta Cruz

    Elite Controller and Vehicle Throttle

    You might need to go into the elite controller settings application thing and change the maximum trigger press range to like 50%. You’ll kinda see what I mean when you get into the setting for it. There’s like a trigger range of motion setting so that when you push it all the way down with short throw, it registers as 100% fully pushed down. Rather than like 60%.