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  1. I agree as well. Man 60fps would be the dream
  2. Masta Cruz

    How loud do you have your headset?

    I have the turtle beach elite pro using superhuman hearing setting. I try and barely put it loud enough to hear footsteps without my ears ringing from gun shots. I still feel like it’s too loud I’m very worried about hearing loss later in life just from this game alone. I’m usually pretty protective of my ears but damn this amazing game. The pc players use a software audio compressor to save their ears. None exists on Xbox but I found a little black box on amazon that was for stereo audio compression and I ordered it to give it a shot connecting through the headphone jacks and it didn’t work no surprise.
  3. Yes I wish the hold to reload and hold to get into drivers seat was just a tiny bit faster than it is now.
  4. Masta Cruz

    How much will player count drop?

    Probably will affect our game here quite a bit. I think that’s why they wanted 1.0 out now to get a head start before the upcoming cod/battlefield releases. I hope we don’t lose too much of our playerbase but I have a feeling we will. Wait times will increase etc.
  5. Masta Cruz

    What I think of Sanhok so far....

    Love the map but I was mentally unprepared for the size difference. There’s almost always someone right around the corner from you whether you see them or not. I’ve never been a hot dropper. The faster pace of combat and circle is quite a change to what I’m used to. It’s a different kind of excitement than the large maps. Loving the variety going from each of the three maps they all require slightly different strategies it’s lots of fun. Absolutely loving 1.0
  6. A lot longer then I thought. Struggling solo fpp. Loving it though
  7. Masta Cruz


    I was shocked when I got the camo padded jacket I been wanting in my 10th survivor crate I bought.
  8. Masta Cruz

    Can we get a round of applause?!

    Yes everything feels really great
  9. Masta Cruz

    Best tip of all "cruise control"

    Very useful for boats as well thanks
  10. Masta Cruz

    Am I on my own event pass / crates

    I’m not interested either in any of those things. I don’t have the extra money for it anyhow. I love the base game type for what it is. But anything that keeps others interested is great. Keeps the game alive. Once the new battlefields and call of duty’s come out soon I worry its going to divide the player base a bit leading to longer wait times during non peak hours.
  11. Masta Cruz


    Very frustrating for me as well when I get to the match starts in-screen and see the back of my own character! Wish it would just stay on fpp for those who choose it
  12. I’m thoroughly enjoying the smoother frame rate now but yes I was really wondering the same thing. Is this where the frame rate will be capped? Or are they going to continue to improve on it and maybe get us (at least 1X users) closer to 60fps in future updates....
  13. Masta Cruz

    Found the rains down in Miramar - very impressive

    Agreed it’s really awesomely done.
  14. Masta Cruz

    Reloading your gun

    Agreed. However I do wish the hold for reload and hold to switch to driver seat was a tiny bit less holding duration then it is currently.
  15. Masta Cruz

    FPP is dying!!

    Yes it’s very sad. I wish the play option defaulted to fpp rather than tpp. But that probably wouldn’t help anyway. But it’s a matter of time when the new shooters come out next month or two I’m sure we’ll only get to play fpp during peak hours. I hate the idea of having to do tpp but that mode will always live for majority casual console players. Let’s enjoy fpp while we can.