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  1. Haven't seen this myself yet. Almost as if it is not able to ping the server and grabbing that NULL response. Is this on the Live server or the Test server?
  2. Can confirm (from other people) that this did fix their issue. Great work.
  3. This seems to be the fix. Thanks for that advice.
  4. I would bet that they are indeed in the test server. Would be very surprised if they were not.
  5. I hope this is satire
  6. Saccshop

    xbox test server

    No information has been given regarding when and if this will take place.
  7. Saccshop

    Both maps in test server?

    Eventually we will see all new maps (think:savage) on the test server. This is how it is done on PC and looks to be how they want it done on Xbox. Once they release savage onto the live PC server we can expect them to bring it to our test server sometime after that. Things look to be speeding up.
  8. To be expected. All of the "patch" fixes and optimization will be present in the test server. Once they confirm that all is working well and has no serious hiccups - they will implement those into the live server. How it's done on PC. How it looks like it is going to work on Xbox as well.
  9. Saccshop

    Miramar Patch Notes

    I just got the email (they don't always send them)
  10. I agree with your hypothesis. If they stick to these times - a good portion of people will not be able to play this very much. Hope this gets updated after tomorrow.
  11. Whoa - is this info from the email? I have not heard of this......that is a game changer
  12. There is probably a good reason why "everyone" hasn't been informed on it yet. I really don't want to have to wave through a few million downloads and active users the hours it drops tomorrow. I would prefer for all of us that stay active and up-to-date get in on it early and the casuals can fall in line once we have.
  13. Saccshop

    Test Servers!!

    Patience padawans - our time is coming
  14. Saccshop

    Game crashes

    I haven't crashed in a long, long time......until last night. That dreaded inventory bug as soon as I went into the menu I was sent back home. It doesn't take me super long to get back into the game though (X)