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  1. Would this work Poll

    You can't poll everyone. This is how polls work with anything. You take a base and get a general idea of what those people want/feel and multiply those numbers for the "silent ones".
  2. Would this work Poll

    You can keep saying that all you want but in reality it looks like you have easily a 10 to 1 ratio of people wanting an "EZ MODE" on this game. So by your argument that "market share" will dictate the change...........it wouldn't happen.
  3. Please add achievements to the game.

    This game should have extremely hard achievements in the first place. So it shouldn't be for the hunters any how. I love achievement hunting but I also just love playing great games. If people are only playing games for the points...... They can just stick with the arcade games and the "easy" games to hunt points. The rest of us will enjoy this game as it is and when the day comes it has those achievements - we will be ready
  4. Cheaters

    No, Xbox one has remained in the category of "not undetectably compromised" since it has been released.
  5. [SUGGESTION] Option to mute the starting area.

    Just turn your headset down until the timer is at 1 No need to implement this tiny thing that you can just do yourself
  6. End game demolition derby

    People just need to get over it. Cars can be dealt with by a good shooter (always have been able to) or anyone that can spray in that generally direction. Not hard. Actually - it is too easy
  7. Devs

    I have seen more trash posts today then I can remember in awhile. I guess it's Tuesday night (update night) and they just can't handle it I don't know - I'm still playing it and loving it.
  8. Worst fiction I've read all day And I read a chapter of twilight
  9. End game demolition derby

    Here we go again
  10. About Patch #9 and the community

    Just something here that is absolutely not true Opinions can be wrong
  11. Would this work Poll

    Only those who refuse to learn how to play want to change the way other people play it
  12. Would this work Poll

    So far the ratio is 34 for every 1
  13. Would this work Poll

    As of right now 30 to 0 to 0 The minority just got smaller
  14. About Patch #9 and the community

    Bro literally all you do is complain Nothing constructive whatsoever and it's almost to the point of intentional trolling Also - when you say "fact" make sure it's a fact. Tencent made the PUBG mobile game (giant mobile studio) and turn out games very quickly. Fact.
  15. Clarification on proxy chat?

    Then what about the map button (follow this logic)