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    Xbox one X Yes/No?

    Just bought a 4k tv and Xbox x a week ago . Had og one since launch. Played pubg since launch on og Xbox. Only improvement the x provide is visual and some rendering. Frame rate still equally as bad. Game still crashes the same amount.
  2. No it wasn't built in a day but in all fairness this game hasn't only been worked on since release. We've known of an Xbox port for about a year. Plus the 3 months of work post " release". I think the title of "game preview" let alot of people down who were not familiar with the program. I find it strange that there is an update certification process to weed out bugs, yet a game is allowed to release in almost any state of playability under the " games preview" title. I personally knew this was a games preview. What I didn't know was that , that meant the game would crash 1/3rd of the time . And that's no exaggeration. Also didn't think the frame rate would run a ps2 levels. No doubt this game is huge in scope , and obviously not an easy fix . But I think they could have saved alot of face releasing the " preview" 6 months later than when they did. Releasing a more stable game and patching from there . Instead they released a holiday cash grab. Made a ton of money but loss confidence in a huge group of early adopters and loss the culture war to it's closest competitor.
  3. These guys do a great job breaking the game down. Stable 30fps isn't asking alot out of a game these days. And having game preview in the title isn't an excuse. Bugs and glitches, exploits, missing features , balance issues are all one thing. Stability and optimization is another.
  4. Joestuff

    I dont get it.....

    Exactly...no idea how this is hard to understand...I don't think anyone is saying the game is fixed or done. But this is as far as I'm concerned the first and only true patch since launch and it's a very welcome change.
  5. Joestuff

    Slow clap

    I've been banned and blocked for days for bashing them. But I give credit where credit is due. The game has been out for 3 months and has honestly been trash . If anybody is still on this forum after 3 months of trash it means they some how enjoy this game or have no life. I've been waiting 3 months to play this game at a somewhat stable way. I can deal with bugs and glitches in a preview build , what I personally couldn't stand was the unplayable optimization of this ported game during launch. The new update has resolved or improved alot on my personal complaints and I now feel I can come back to this game for a few rounds a day and have some fun. Others who don't feel they are where they should be should leave the game alone for a while . Played maybe 4 rounds the past 5 weeks. Played about 6 since patch.... There for ....slow clap
  6. Joestuff

    Slow clap

    Just have to give the devs some credit for finally doing what I and many others have been asking for. They came out and have been as vocal as they ever have been . Layed out a plan. And delivered a chicken dinner of an update with some actual meat on the bones . Sure not everything is fixed and new bugs are in, but this is the build we should've had from launch, Clearly this game was pushed for the holiday release. Here's hoping to more patches with some meat on the bones .
  7. Joestuff

    Patch #9 leak

    Lol leaked rumors
  8. Joestuff

    Patch #9 leak

    They're as easy to create as not releasing a roadmap that's for sure
  9. Joestuff

    Patch #9 leak

    This just in from a strong inside source. Patch #11 will experiment with a new cell shaded graphics overlay and some kind of building aspect.... Wonder what they have in store for us next....I mean it's as much info as we officially have to go off of so who's to say
  10. Joestuff

    Patch #9 leak

    Rumor has it that patch #10 is only simply adding control type c. This new control type will allow you to fully play the game with the Kinect
  11. Joestuff

    Patch #9 leak

    Heard that patch #9 will be reverting all changes made in patch #8 back to the way it was in patch #7. At least that's the roadmap rumors going around. Could be wrong , who really knows
  12. No.... Unless you are ok with unstable framerate .( Below 20fps) And crashing 1 out of 3 games . Game is fun but not ready for normal enjoyment.
  13. Joestuff

    Xbox Roadmap Soon!

    I wouldn't know it didn't say
  14. Joestuff

    Xbox Roadmap Soon!

    Funny how I got banned for creating a post asking for this info , and two days later there is a response directly stating "roadmap". Hopefully this is a step in the right direction.
  15. Very true , and yet that still no excuse for a clear roadmap.... Its not uncommon for devs to release podcast or post on Reddit or q&A's. I think most sensible people understand that development isn't straight forward and that there are many unforseen ups and downs . But most are baffled at a one week update that did almost nothing to progress the game forward