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  1. Patch #9 leak

    Lol leaked rumors
  2. Patch #9 leak

    They're as easy to create as not releasing a roadmap that's for sure
  3. Patch #9 leak

    This just in from a strong inside source. Patch #11 will experiment with a new cell shaded graphics overlay and some kind of building aspect.... Wonder what they have in store for us next....I mean it's as much info as we officially have to go off of so who's to say
  4. Patch #9 leak

    Rumor has it that patch #10 is only simply adding control type c. This new control type will allow you to fully play the game with the Kinect
  5. Patch #9 leak

    Heard that patch #9 will be reverting all changes made in patch #8 back to the way it was in patch #7. At least that's the roadmap rumors going around. Could be wrong , who really knows
  6. No.... Unless you are ok with unstable framerate .( Below 20fps) And crashing 1 out of 3 games . Game is fun but not ready for normal enjoyment.
  7. Xbox Roadmap Soon!

    I wouldn't know it didn't say
  8. Xbox Roadmap Soon!

    Funny how I got banned for creating a post asking for this info , and two days later there is a response directly stating "roadmap". Hopefully this is a step in the right direction.
  9. Very true , and yet that still no excuse for a clear roadmap.... Its not uncommon for devs to release podcast or post on Reddit or q&A's. I think most sensible people understand that development isn't straight forward and that there are many unforseen ups and downs . But most are baffled at a one week update that did almost nothing to progress the game forward
  10. Pretty simple idea honestly . Just be open and honest to the player base. Hire mods that can communicate back to the players not just hand out forum penalties. It's ok if issues will take time and it's ok if you're not gonna fix everyone most wanted complaints first. As long as there is direction and open discussion. Hey we plan on making adjustments to this aspect of the game in the next coming patches , what do you guys think of this change ? How can we improve this? Polls... Simple things .
  11. Fully agree . Mods didn't like the title of this tread. But I can understand your post . Sadly there's a lack of big games right now .
  12. Nobody is doubting it's hard or it's gonna take time ... People are infact stunned that it takes a week to release a backtrack patch that has no other substance. And many are left insure of when whatever issue they have may if ever be fixed . It's a game preview .... I previewed it....now when can I land on a roof? In a month? A year?
  13. Is it unreal to ask for a roadmap of where they are headed ....that's all this thread is asking for
  14. Did it seriously just take the devs a week to release an update that simply reverted things back to how they were a week before? This is why I and many others are asking for an update roadmap. What direction is this game going? And why? I get it they want it to be like the pic some day... When? What is the realistic target ? Does it really take a week to release damage slider adjustments? Idk let the fanboys hate here I'm ready for ya lol. Releasing patch notes the day an update drops is not communicating with your fan base . #updateroadmap
  15. Not at all... I already said I don't care if it's once a week or once a month....what matters to me is information... I enjoy this game when it's running fine . But am at the point where investing 2 hours into this game vs 2 hours into whatever other game is no longer worth it. I just can't justify crashing for what may as well be random reasons anymore. I'm currently more interested knowing when I should check back 1 week 1 month , several months? I like most people ASSUME it's all gonna be good some day. I'm sure they're working on "it" whatever "it" may be. Idk man I guess if they want my or anyone else's input , I'd like some back , that's all I'm saying . The game is good man , we are all fans or we wouldn't be here . But I can understand OP complaint and many others frustration without saying they're spoiled or entitled