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  1. GlockuFy

    FPP bs TPP

    Personally for me there's is a huge gap in the average top 10 TPP and FPP each game. Hence why TPP players were able to freely drive around in the final circles. Try that in FPP and you were shot out by a suppressed something.
  2. GlockuFy


    An i3 and a 970 gtx could run at 1080p w/ 60 FPS?
  3. GlockuFy

    How I use the M416

    Thats not how you do it bro. Just Scroll to the attachment you want and double tap A. Bam.
  4. GlockuFy

    Do you remember when?

    The cars were never "indestructible tanks" lol
  5. GlockuFy


    Most likely not.. a smooth 30 is possible. In my personal opinion, the x, uncapped, at a lower resolution, and further optimized could push 50-60..
  6. It is very "open" but I've noticed there's still tons of cover naturally. There's usually always some ridge, hill, or crater to use it seems like. This is only from the time I've spent watching it.. I've not had any time playing on it though. also high ground is super OP on that map.
  7. GlockuFy

    How do we report m&kb

    what's up man you want to play some today?
  8. Every PC player has said that they've gotten better FPS on it. That's what I'm going off of. Ive heard multiple of them say it runs much better. And some of them do prefer it, just because you don't doesn't mean other people don't like it.
  9. GlockuFy

    How I use the M416

    I stray away from all subs except the UMP, but never carry them into late game
  10. GlockuFy

    Anyone know why.....

    I wish this would hurry. I need my nub stats erased
  11. GlockuFy

    This game is stupid now

    This guy knows ^^^^
  12. GlockuFy

    This game is stupid now

    block the bullets!
  13. GlockuFy

    How I use the M416

    Ive seen that number on the forums quite a few times, so do take it with some salt on the side
  14. GlockuFy

    How I use the M416

    The tommy gun is terrible no sights and an ungodly recoil. you have to take those videos with a pinch of salt. All weapons on Xbox have a 15% reduction in recoil. SO when you watch those you still get the exact same information except you have to remember that every weapon in the game is 15% less for each of the shown spray patterns. They still all compare to each other the same though.
  15. Im hoping for Monday too.. wish they would just throw miramar out there so we can play a more optimized map so we would get better performance. That's just wishful thinking and I doubt it's even true lol