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  1. I would love to face him lol
  2. GlockuFy

    We need aim assist on console

    Maybe SOME people choose console because of the fair playing ground .. but alot of people choose it because we can't afford a PC up front (me) and anotner chunk choose it because they like to lay in a recliner and play games. A big chunk of the competitive scene come from people who want to PC game but just can't at that time. i could care less about people using M&K. It's a witch hunt. I use a controller and I get messages on XBL accusing me and people on here accusing me. It's all bullshit. I will definitely start to learn once support is released, however, it's going to be difficult being a top 50-100 player having to relearn my muscle memory and all those key bindings xD.
  3. GlockuFy

    LVL 3 Helmet - What's the deal

    A Level 3 helmet will only save you from a headshot if you're full health
  4. I once got a really lucky shot on a guy with a Holo sight K98, he was driving a UAZ lol
  5. Thats a really good idea for a buff actually instead of messing with numbers. HOWEVER though, out of all three of the bolt actions it does actually shoot faster than the rest
  6. It doesn't take their helmet off unless it's been damaged by any gun that wasn't a VSS. It drops it down to about 3/4 health I believe. Can't remember the exact numbers.
  7. No guns will have any damage amounts changed. In fact I don't think any gun damage has been changed in the history of the entire PC version. THE K98s damage is set to where vs a full health character you can 1 shot a Level 1, or 2 helmet, and 2 shot kill a level 1 vest. IF any of the damaging is tampered with it would mess with the precise measurements taken to ensure the way the gun is supposed to perform. Its not not based upon the armor it's based upon damage numbers and the resistance that armor applies to it. Say they wanted it to 1 shot a Level 3 helmet, they couldn't do that without tampering with the damage numbers and that in turn would allow it to one shot kill to an unarmored opponent.
  8. GlockuFy

    We need aim assist on console

    I was stuck with this 2x scope in close range and still managed to perform very well in close quarters. This was 5 people in one area. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/GlockuFy/video/42737143 once YOU get it down- it is super satisfying!
  9. GlockuFy

    We need aim assist on console

    No they are not. auto aim tracks players that move within your crosshair. Aim assist tracks players that you are aiming at. They're both tracking players. Youre trying to force a point that's not there, to prove something wrong. THE difference between the two is there, however marginal it is, however either way it is too big of a handicap in games that require you to be stealthy at times.
  10. GlockuFy

    We need aim assist on console

    Oh im sorry, one means that it makes your crosshair magnet, and the other makes your reticle magnet. What a big difference. Either way it's a handicap, and my point still stands true whether you walk through a field or scan an area with a red dot sight. YOUR sight will be pulled to hidden/camouflaged players.
  11. GlockuFy

    We need aim assist on console

    I saw nothing there except a guy with a good shot kill a ton of potatoes LMAO
  12. GlockuFy

    We need aim assist on console

    Theyre the same, bud
  13. GlockuFy

    We need aim assist on console

    Because it wouldn't track any random bush. It would only track a bush with a player sitting in it.