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  1. I would love to face him lol
  2. GlockuFy

    Xbox One crashes

    I got a wired connection straight to the modem I had to buy a 200 ft cord, I haven't crashed since
  3. Hello, im playing PUBG on an Xbox One S. I play on a TN monitor, with a wired connection through a fiber optic internet provider. I am a consistent victim of crashing to Xbox dashboard. Last night I crashed 3 times in 2 games. It is ruining the experience for me. Let me say also that I have no issues other than this with the game. I can deal with the lower graphics, and I am at a constant 30 FPS with no drops other than the beginning lobby and plane. Other than that, everything is great at a near constant 30 FPS. And I know frame rate drop, I used to play a FTP Counterstrike rip off on a crappy laptop on my lap through a period of 6 months after a rough surgery. however, back to the point, I am having game crashes constantly. I want to know if it could possibly be my internet connection. My friends that enjoy the game as much as I do, do not crash as much as me. It happens 75% of the time in a vehicle and the other 15% of the time is when I'm getting close to landing with my parachute. also I have a huge suggestion for the crashes. When the game crashes while driving you CONTINUE DRIVING IN A STRAIGHT LINE. IF there is any way the game could recognize a user crashing I think we could all agree it would be better if the vehicle would quit moving. Also if you're running it makes you keep running a straight line. It would be better in my opinion if it made you just lay down. Id rather spend 100 seconds (the time it takes to get back in) sitting in the gas (play zone) rather than driving or running to my death. if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to know. Also if you want to know anything g about my set up feel free to ask. I am about to go buy a 200 foot Ethernet cable to try and fix my internet