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  1. Manicpafc

    1st ever XBOX hack or just a bug?

    Have you submitted a bug report? Even if you hadn't you would expect a dev to at least drop a comment on this thread maybe asking for more details, at least we would know someone is paying attention.
  2. Manicpafc


    I Would rather not have map selection because although Miramar is flawed i would still like to be able to play it every now and then.
  3. Manicpafc

    Analog movement (bug?)

    feels fine for the first iteration, an improvement for cqc at least
  4. Manicpafc

    Blame Microsoft

    Not true...Sea of thieves has prox chat and thats cross platform with PC. Plus prox chat imo is no different than team chat on BF or COD or R6
  5. So tap to reload and hold for looting and opening doors? I prefer it the way it is tbh ...imagine trying to quickly retreat into a building and having to stand there and hold x before the door opens.
  6. Yesterday i lined up a headshot with a k98 as i pulled the trigger i noticed he was wearing a lvl 3 helmet, nooooo i thought to myself as the bullet hit (as i wanted that sweet tin hat for myself) ..anyways that one shot dropped him like a sack of sh!t , i thought oh well at least i can check him for meds so i started looting his corpse and what do i find? ....a sweet level 3 helmet with 100% durability left. Granted i wasnt complaining but its definitely not right.
  7. Manicpafc


    Compare this to other games and the community events they hold....i mean sh!t even Dead by Daylight has more interesting community events than this. And i see your point when you said "include lots of other stuff no doubt" but if this is the case why did the announcement not include any details on this "other stuff"?
  8. Manicpafc


    yeah anything of value will be stripped out before they hand the keys over...that just the way WCC roll. As for the summer of PUBG Xbox it just goes to show either the devs are completely out of touch with the community and the kind of things we would like to see, or they just dont give a fu*"....they could of easily given us a event / mode that would reward us with cosmetics or something, but they would rather sit on their arse and let Microsofts brand and advertising team come up with their usual cr@py sweepstakes bollocks that nobody gives af about. And to spend the best part of a week hyping this so called "announcement" on social media is a joke....Get ur sh!t together community managers and grow some balls in the weekly conference meeting so you can put forward a GOOD idea for the community and push for it.
  9. Manicpafc

    Why can't I ambush anyone?

    Try playing more aggressive for a while, it will help you get more comfortable with gun fights then you can chill out a bit more and go back to your preferred play style once you have it down. I often find that if i dont move frequently when it comes down to actually trying to fire my weapon my reaction time is off.
  10. Manicpafc

    Frags nerfed too hard?

    I have noticed this lately, over the last week or two my grenades have definitely been lacking consistency. I will make sure to remember to record a few examples from now on but one example... i had trapped a guy in one of the stone sheds in Erangel so i decided to slip a frag through the window, once the frag went off i was surprised not to get the kill confirmation pop up on screen, without hesitation i rushed through the door to finish off what i thought should be a 1-2 shot kill with a ump at max considering the frag that this dude just survived...anyways to cut a long boring story short , we traded shots as i rushed and he killed me with a s12k (which by the way feels like it shoots farts when i use it). Needless to say that this brought an abrupt end to my evening on pubg.
  11. Manicpafc

    Reticle is too dim.

    I use purple...i find it's the best for both.
  12. Manicpafc

    After a 1+month long break...

    I am on the Xbox s and can honestly say that i have not experienced a single crash since the last update... which actually took me by surprise now i think about it, the FPS still drops in CQC but they are finally starting to make progress (like they were up until patch 6)
  13. Manicpafc

    For challenges only give to who participate

    The players who cant use bolt action rifles are still contributing by dying to the snipers who can.
  14. Makes sense...... Calling all EU FPP players...come back! https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/271381-dev-report-matchmaking/