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  1. Kar98k Pad or loops?

    Opposite for me, i always find more pads....almost never a suppressor
  2. I have in the past always gone for the cheek pad but recently after using the loops for a while i feel that the rapid reload on the 5 round mag is awesome. I have realised that i do not really need the pad for the kar as i would for the sks....what do you guys go for?
  3. Just delete the game and come back

    If we all deleted the game and stopped providing critical feedback then you can expect that the game would never fulfill its potential...i for one certainly wouldn't want that
  4. Moderators

    We could definitely do with some mods but i can understand how difficult it would be to actually find someone who ticks all the boxes
  5. Cod BR experience??

    ooo...thats nasty
  6. Patch 10 - Audio changes

    Its fixed as of today
  7. Patch 10 - Audio changes

    I just had a game where the plane flew right over my head and the audio sounded much cleaner and seemed to be more detailed
  8. 4x glitch?

    Dont like this feature especially as it doesn't work correctly, maybe if it reacted to the player position accurately it wouldn't be so bad
  9. So..Did they fix footsteps?

    yes they have
  10. Patch 10 Update

    Sweet..not the right weather for flip flops anyways 🙂
  11. Why is fornite so much more popular twitch wise?

    Whats Fortnite?
  12. All settings reset.

    Yep...not that frequent tho
  13. Upgraded to X just to Crash?

    I have a S and my friend plays on a og , we experience around the same % of crashes in whole.. but my S according to him streams the buildings in faster than his og. So with the X getting a even bigger advantage in render times and stuff even with the crashes i would still say that you are getting the better experience of the three. Thats just my opinion tho as i have not played on the X personally.
  14. Limit TPP Camera Rotate

    play fpp , the 360 camera isnt a issue there
  15. 2018 Road Map Discussion

    damn that island map looks good