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  1. Manicpafc

    EU FPP Turned off

    Sorry that you find yourself confused so easily, i posted this from the information they posted on Twitter..just thought I'd share
  2. We finally have a fix in the works for EU FPP queue times , its currently disabled whilst they fix it.
  3. Manicpafc


    downloading now...Patch notes"SOON"
  4. From my experience the asset loading has never been better than it is currently, definitely not perfect but the best its been since launch
  5. Manicpafc

    Crash and no rejoin

    happened to me just now for the first time
  6. Manicpafc

    Team killing

    Just record the evidence if it was in self defence and appeal any penalty you get
  7. Manicpafc

    Grass should be see thru

    * Sips on sherry *
  8. Manicpafc

    Car acceleration interrupted by inventory

    I think this is because the RT/LT that's used to accelerate and brake are used for fast scrolling on the inventory making this more a limitation with the control scheme rather than a bug, the reason it doesn't happen on the map screen is because the RT/LT are not used as a input for the map.
  9. Manicpafc

    Is there a bug going around?

    Yeah its Workalitise
  10. Manicpafc

    For your consideration

    No i dont! Why would you say that ! 😆😆
  11. Manicpafc

    test servers

    The patch is available for download now, not sure why we have to wait for the servers to go live before we can get the patch notes...not like they can change anything at this point (except game mode and map availability)
  12. Manicpafc

    Lack of players Fpp europe

    For EU fpp i think its a mix of drop in player count and then people who would prefer to play fpp jumping on tpp just to skip wait times
  13. Manicpafc

    Problem with EU severs?

    This is just a mix of player numbers dropping and people who would prefer to play FPP jumping on TPP to avoid long wait times between games
  14. Manicpafc

    Hate Mail

    Not happened to me for a while, i thought it did the other day but turned out the guy wasnt being salty he was just wondering how i managed to stealth him so well.
  15. cant say that i have noticed this personally, you could test by holding RS to the far right until you have done a full 360...and same again whilst holding breath and then compare the two dvr clips at 1/2 speed.