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  1. TheOtherPanda9

    Most kills you've got in a single match?

    20 kills in a duo as my highest
  2. top 10, 4 + kills in a single match after killing 12 in one match, geared up, now you see me - now you dont, pretty much all of them ive unlocked 9 of them but that was just login on to the game after the 1.0 update, its actually really annoying that i cant get 28 of them cause its doing a Sea Of Thieves glitch, it was server side with SOT so i assume its a sever side issue, probably Microsoft's fault, i think its microsoft servers it runs off (not sure tho)
  3. should be, hopefully fixed soon
  4. TheOtherPanda9

    Xbox 1.0 update

    if i keep my clothing bp and and overall stats of my time on this game ill also be fine with it
  5. its and issue cause of the rt lt scroll feature they added, its not an issue on pc as the wasd keys dont interact with the inventory, also i look at my inventory too there's always reason to look at it
  6. TheOtherPanda9

    Xbox 1.0 update

    If its like pc clothes will carry over but stats no, they've been reset on xbox multiple times already, but you can go to the official club on xbox to see it which has never been reset so i dont think it would for 1.0 i know im not a dev on this game hope i helped a little tho
  7. TheOtherPanda9

    Sound bug?

    rare bug maybe? there is a new setting called HRTF in audio, maybe turn that off if its still happening
  8. TheOtherPanda9

    DeSync Worse? ?‍♂️

    could be why i hear one akm bullet headshot kill me while im wearing lvl 2 helmet, have people kill me when i am no longer in there sight and why i cant hit headshots when i clearly was aimed at their head, just feels like bullets arnt hitting properly anymore, they need to fix a few more issues before 1.0, desync is a big one, and bullet reg, also the potato buildings are annoying still better than when it was first released
  9. i just play the game in its original state plus like others have said FPP has frame issues and i live in aus so ill prefer not to lag too as there is no fpp as its not as popular, i like fpp games just honestly not pubg
  10. TheOtherPanda9

    erengal (does it exsist?)

    yeah thats true but they shouldn't have it as a coin flip system
  11. TheOtherPanda9

    erengal (does it exsist?)

  12. TheOtherPanda9

    Does anyone know how to fix this

    try a hard reset on your console, you might have to reinstall too
  13. TheOtherPanda9

    erengal (does it exsist?)

    played 10 games only got miramar, wanted to see the changes to erengal, why is this map chosen so much more over the original one?
  14. TheOtherPanda9

    Why PUBG not have that Fortnite popularity?

    ive played it alot the higher skill cap is learning to build and outbuild the other person,aiming isnt as high, and i never said it was easier, just is built for younger people, just quick games constantly
  15. TheOtherPanda9

    Why PUBG not have that Fortnite popularity?

    dont need skill or attention span for fortnite as it has aim assist and you can build your own cover while jumping, you die your in another match 10 seconds later pubg has a massive learning curve, no aim assist and gotta be strategic in how you move around the map and cover