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  1. Ahh ok. Was thinking if it was some lighting effect cuz its on all guns. I bought it cuz i liked the blue😒. They shouldnt have done that 🤷🏻‍♂️ O well.
  2. I bought the UMP skin and i noticed it isnt showing right. On the pictures of the post about the weapons, you see there is blue on the gun too. When i look at it in game it doesnt show blue anywhere? I know they took the skins out, but will this be fixed?
  3. I notice the challnge drive all vehicles is not working. Ive driven all of them but it does t register
  4. Yeah true just letting u know it worked. But shit for u guys still.
  5. Just bought it received 1600 G instantly
  6. JayQue

    Xbox achievements

    I think the game actually runs pretty good. Thought it was gonna be terrible without pts testing. But they did good. Just a shame little things arent working properly. Achievements is just an extra it doesnt make the game run bad. But yeah they should work.
  7. Same nothing unlocking
  8. JayQue

    Xbox achievements

    Same here nothing is unlocking. Not even keeping track of my kills. Maybe a hard reset? But others are getting the achievements. 🤔
  9. JayQue

    Pioneer shirt

    Never mind. How do i delete post?
  10. JayQue

    Pioneer shirt

    Hey i was wondering when we get the pioneer shirt. Because i still havent got it. Please help.
  11. i had a hectic round with allot of people and allot of shooting. And everything went slow motion and the sound kept breaking up on sanhok map. Terrible.
  12. JayQue

    Analog movement (bug?)

    Feels good. Just have to get use to it.
  13. I get that. But normally i didnt have to reset it. It would do that auto
  14. I noticed yesterday and today, when i use lean while aiming it doesnt reset after releasing aim? Which is very annoying and i cant see why its doing this. Anybody else having this problem?