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  1. Moderators hiding posts?

    You are probably better sending them a PM that publicly asking them on the forums. 👍 There is a bug in the auto mod system for these forums as well so I'm guessing it's that.
  2. Final release date

    I don't think it will be released in 2 days time. Why did you think that?
  3. LowT PUBG Tournament

    Do you have any solid evidence that someone used a M&K against you?
  4. New bug or known problem?

    You probably won't know. It looked like he had you with that one. Your helmet was destroyed and your health went down fast. If I was him and didn't get the dinner I would be very disappointed.
  5. New bug or known problem?

    Your clip won open for me.
  6. The last 2 games have been very slow to start and the lobby only filled on my last game with 21 people and started. Anyone else having this issue?
  7. I'm no expert in computer/Xbox programming so I honestly wouldn't know how long it takes to test and program new features. I'm not bothered. It's not game breaking and I'm still enjoying it.
  8. I'm guessing that they have something in the pipeline regarding a ranking/rewards system. The positive signs coming from the feedback on the mobile game ranking system probably won't fall on deaf ears within PUBG Corp. It would be a nice addition and create something else to work towards as well as the infamous chicken dinner if they can get it to work like the mobile version. 🍗🍗🍗🍗 👍
  9. Just downloading the new patch now to check this out but unfortunately internal testing on a different server is different to live servers with hundreds of thousands of people. That's what we are here for. 🤞 it's a quick fix if it's a problem.
  10. Where is the new maps for XBOX ONE PLEASE

    Early spring (next couple of months). 👍
  11. PUBG Xbox VS PUBG Mobile

    They have just bought a new studio and they are recruiting for new staff. They have admitted that the game is not where it needs to be and they are working on it. As I've said loads of times before Rome wasn't built in a day.
  12. PUBG Xbox VS PUBG Mobile

    It's running much better because it was made from scratch. The Xbox version is a port from athe pc version which is why it isn't optimised as well.
  13. PUBG Xbox VS PUBG Mobile

    Hi, it was made by a different studio from the ground up so it will naturally run alot smoother. In regards to graphics ...... they are not as good as Xbox and the buildings have much less detail in them and even less rooms / walls. It's still probably the best mobile game I've ever played 👍.

    I'm quite impressed by it. It's something to play while I'm on my lunch break with my mates. Noticed some lag when a player was close to me and that's with my phone connected to WiFi but apart from that it was a reasonably fun experience.........and I've never said that for a mobile game ever.