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  1. Sorry im only getting back to you now. Unfortunately there is no info just yet. As soon as it becomes available it'll be posted on the forums. Did you get to play any games on the PTS?
  2. Andymh5

    Custom Servers/Games?

    Hi, Unfortunately there is no more additional information on custom games. It was mentioned in the Oct weekly community post that the Custom Match feature was planned for late October, but there is a chance that it could be delayed until November. The team are currently focused on fixing long standing issues in the game first, which could potentially push the target release date to November. The team will provide more updates on this as we know more, and appreciate your understanding!
  3. Andymh5

    Weapon and attachment stats

    Hi, there is an app on the Google app store called Battlegrounds Battle Buddy which is quite good for weapon and attachment information.
  4. Andymh5

    Loving test server!!

    Hi Dexter, The team are releasing a Hotfix later today to address the issues with character movement.
  5. Andymh5

    Help required

    Hi, you will need to go to the website below on any issues regarding PUBG mobile. https://support.pubg.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002193033-PUBG-Mobile-questions-notices-and-more
  6. Hi everyone,  Here is the feedback topic for the latest Event Mode Sanhok Forty-Fivers which will have ten 8-man squads. Share your experiences with us and let us know what you think of the change that's been made to squads? Please remember to provide feedback on the Sanhok Forty-Fivers [Oct 11-14] event when posting and avoid commenting anything other than your personal experience. Remember to play the event for at least one hour to provide us with accurate and detailed feedback. Remember to contribute constructively and be friendly and polite to each other. Event Mode information:
  7. Andymh5

    Feedback thread for PTS?

    Hi, There is a specific section for PTS feedback which can be found towards the bottom of the main Xbox forum page. Here's the link: https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/178-xbox-pubg/
  8. Andymh5

    M4A1 vs M16

    I have to agree with you on all them attachments apart from changing the comp on the M16 to a flashider. 👍
  9. Andymh5


    @eduhunter @SasoriSekinetsu Hey, unfortunately there is no additional information to give out at this time regarding the features/improvements you both mentioned. I understand you have heard this before but keep an eye on the news and announcements section and if I receive any other information that can help answer your questions I will post it in the forums.
  10. Andymh5


    Hey, I will certainly ask these questions for you. Just be aware that due to the difference in timezones I might not get an answer straight away but as soon as I do I'll reply back to this topic and tag you there.