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  1. Andymh5

    Raining in Erangel

    The rain drops where the very first thing I noticed and for me personally it adds to the emersion.
  2. Andymh5

    Invisible roof barrier

    Hi, This issue has already been reported and the team are currently investigating. Thanks
  3. Andymh5

    Raining in Erangel

    Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the feedback.
  4. Andymh5

    Unable to remove marker

    Thanks, I have been able to replicate this myself. I will pass the info onto the team.
  5. Andymh5

    Unable to remove marker

    Thanks Alan, Do you know if your squad mates have the same issue or is it isolated to your Xbox/account?
  6. Andymh5

    PUBG PTS Bugs - Various [17-08-2018]

    Thanks very much for the detailed bug reports. I'll pass these onto the team so they can investigate.
  7. Hi Bingly, They are aware of the feedback already. Thanks
  8. @Oh itz ninja ^ try this and if the problem still persists let me know?
  9. If anyone has any queries/issues don't be afraid to either send me a message or just tag me in a post? Thanks again.
  10. Andymh5

    Why you delete my topics?

    Your topic can be found here. You posted it in the wrong section of the forum. There is a dedicated section for PTS feedback and bug reporting. If you look at your profile you will also see that it has been relocated. My advice to you would be to get to know how to use the forums correctly and have a look through the rules and guidelines so you won't break any of them unknowingly.
  11. Andymh5

    Invisible wall on rooftop

    Hi, the team are already aware of this issue and a fix will be put in place. Thanks for posting detailed information. Keep up the good work.
  12. Thanks very much for your bug submission. I have passed this info onto the development team.
  13. Andymh5

    Invisible walls

    Hi, the team are aware of this issue which is currently under investigation. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the feedback. I'll pass this onto the team 👍