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  1. Let me know how it goes. It might help to reset your router as well.
  2. PUBG_Andymh5

    Pubg issues

    Hi, would you be able to capture a video and give us a location on where you got stuck in the walls? We are aware on the other issues you have mentioned. Thank you!
  3. PUBG_Andymh5

    While aiming gun is not steady...

    Yes, it should work with type A.
  4. Hi, sorry to hear you are having this issue. When you see this screen does the PUBG logo in the bottom corner show that its loading or does it stay still? Would you be able to try uninstalling and reinstalling the game again? Let me know if this helps!
  5. PUBG_Andymh5

    While aiming gun is not steady...

    Hi, grips are randomly spread across all maps in game and will improve the steadiness of your shots. You will find the angled foregrip, half grip, light grip, thumb grip and vertical foregrip. There are many videos online that can help you choose which grip suits your weapon and playstyle. You can also hold your breath for a limited amount of time by pressing and holding L1 as you are taking your shots. Hope this helps!
  6. PUBG_Andymh5

    Achievements are still broke.

    Hi, there was a Hotfix released on Oct 1 that fixed an issue with achievements not being tracked or unlocked. Unfortunatly this means that some of the achievements couldn't be retroactively updated after meaning that you would have to start from scratch. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  7. PUBG_Andymh5

    A pleasant win

    Hey, it was given to players who purchased the Full Product Release disc version of the game from participating retailers.
  8. PUBG_Andymh5

    Vikendi Possible PTS Date

    We'll have more information to share very soonTM.
  9. PUBG_Andymh5

    A pleasant win

    Hi, I'm guessing you saw someone wearing the Xbox #1.0/99 Set?
  10. PUBG_Andymh5

    Vikendi Possible PTS Date

    Hi, you seem to have misunderstood what I originally said regarding this. My reply to the topic was 'Hi, the PTS was delayed but we are targeting to have it live sometime this week. Will be posting patch notes as soon as we get the green light'. What I meant by this was the PTS is targeted to go live sometime this week. Apologies for the misunderstanding.
  11. PUBG_Andymh5


    Hi, The Public Test Server 'PTS' will be used in the future to allow players to test upcoming content releases.
  12. PUBG_Andymh5

    A pleasant win

    Nicely done 👍 ....and using a suppressed Beryl
  13. PUBG_Andymh5

    Missing trophies still...

    Unfortunately not. Sorry!
  14. PUBG_Andymh5

    Did you guys forget Xbox exists or something???

    Hi, I take it upon myself to sticky as many new topics from the News and announcements section of the forums to the General discussion section whilst trying to keep the forum clean. I have never stickied a reply to topic by another member of the team as there are many discussions going on over various social platforms with and it isn't possible to keep track on what is being discussed all of the time. I will relay the same information as the rest of the team whenever I can to topics like this were players may have missed the original post.
  15. PUBG_Andymh5

    Hitbox da cabeça está bugado

    Ill escalate this to the team. Thanks for posting.