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  1. Draughn

    Pts Feedback.

    Yay! I'd love to try the new weapons but I don't think it's worth the performance issues. These usually bump to live pretty quickly anyway, for better or worse.
  2. Draughn

    Pts Feedback.

    Is this update the usual full game sized download? With all the negative feedback I’m hesitant to waste 15GB ( I have data limits).
  3. Draughn

    PubgLookup Ping Quality

    I heard back from the PubgLookup team. They posted this to their announcement page: "Ping Quality" clarification and updates SUNDAY, OCTOBER 7TH 2018 "Ping Quality" is a term that is provided by PUBG as a parameter for the match as a whole. It does not represent the player's ping to the server. My interpretation of Ping Quality is that "High = Good, Low = Bad". Note that the variable is called PingQuality and not just Ping. I've added a tooltip to the Ping Quality display in match reports. If I can get an official answer on Ping Quality from PUBG I will post an update.
  4. Draughn

    PubgLookup Ping Quality

    Pings can spike at any point. You don't always have a static number every time you play a multiplayer game. That doesn't mean it stays at 80, but that's the highest I've ever seen it, then settle back to the normal range. I provided a threshold to show that I am always below 100ms regardless. No packet loss. I'm close to both Xbox and PUBG servers, especially if I am consistently hitting the Oregon servers. Xbox uses West US or West US 2 for this area. Those are in Cali and WA. I'm not saying you guys are wrong, but the argument removes the trend that Squad/Duos consistently have the opposite ping level of Solo matches.
  5. Draughn

    PubgLookup Ping Quality

    I hover around 32ms when I test ping in the Xbox's network settings, speedtest and pubgserver ping test. Spikes to 80ms at highest. Guess we'll see what details they give. Interesting either way.
  6. Draughn

    PubgLookup Ping Quality

    I agree. We'll see if they join in here or respond to me through Twitter. It still shows polar opposites, at least for me, depending on game type. From my experience Solo feels a lot better so I'm leaning that way. I'd love access to the raw data to look at overall averages for each gametype.
  7. Draughn

    PubgLookup Ping Quality

    Thanks! Are your home wifi matches showing High or Low? I reached out to the team on Twitter to see if we can get some additional info about that metric.
  8. Draughn

    PubgLookup Ping Quality

    lol! I play through a Verizon hotspot sometimes and that is giving the same feedback. High for Solo, low for Duo/Squad. Interested to see what you get.
  9. Draughn

    PubgLookup Ping Quality

    Yes, traditionally I understand how low/high ping rates work. The specific wording on the site is "Ping Quality," which I believe can be taken either way. When someone asks you if something is quality, high quality would be good, low quality is bad. If low is the best quality in their definition, I'm interested to know why I am getting better connections to Duo/Squad servers over Solo. Either way, the polar opposites of ping quality is interesting, no matter how it's defined it on their site.
  10. Draughn

    PubgLookup Ping Quality

    I'm still interested in knowing if "Ping Quality: High" is good or bad. My guess is the good. Low ping quality is the bad one. I'm sure someone will chime in with a definitive answer. Solo is easier because there's no revive. It feels like to time-to-kill in Squad/Duos is much higher or, at least, that's how it feels. We have so much trouble hitting people running across a field or those leaning engagements. It's beginning to feel like every engagement is random. In solo matches the ttk feels normal, we can drop players running across fields, and all that. Hopefully this doesn't come off as sour grapes. I thought the data was interesting and I was curious what everyone else was seeing. I have about 30 days of playtime, so this is based on experience in every patch and that gut feeling you have when you've put that many hours into one game.
  11. Every so often I go to Pubglookup.com and check my stats for each round that I've played over the last couple of days. I noticed today that they list "Ping Quality" for each round. I'm not sure how this is calculated, but I'm assuming that Ping Quality: High is the best and Ping Quality: Low is the worst. After noticing that measurement, I went and looked at that for every round I've played since 1.0 and a few from the previous patch. Every single one of my solo matches shows a ping quality of high. Every one of my Duo and Squad ping qualities are low. This seems to align with what my squads/duo partners discuss every round.... Why do I play so well in Solo, but we can't seem to get consistent kills in any other gametype? Does anyone know more about the ping quality on Pubglookup and do your matches align with what I'm seeing? I am interested to see if the Pubglookup team, who I believe are on these forums, can get an average of how many Solo matches fit in each category, and compare that with Duo and Squad.
  12. The craziest thing about all of these updates are the wildly different experiences everyone sees/reports w/ the same setup and hardware. Game played great for me last night. I didn't get an opportunity to play Duo or Squad, which usually bring a slightly worse performance, but solo ran well and shootouts were a lot more enjoyable. I'm running on a C8 and had no issue with motion blur being removed.
  13. Looks like that's coming... "We are also working on a long term solution for Xbox One X that we intend on implementing in the future that will cater to two different audiences: those who prefer better graphics and those who prefer better performance and don’t mind sacrificing some graphical quality. We currently do not have many details to share, but will provide updates on this as soon as we’re able to."
  14. They posted here that it is coming today.
  15. Draughn

    HDR is now eye burning

    I'm a massive BF fan, and play it basically exclusively, but I think I've been spoiled by PUBG. To me, BFV feels so generic and stale. Fun for popping domes w/ the sniper rifles, but there's no emotion behind it from me. I'll give their battle royale a try when it comes. To the point, BF is gorgeous and polished. The HDR looks great too.