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  1. That would be great, but you're making an assumption that graphics are the bottleneck. If that was the case, I'm sure they would have reduced graphics as they continue to optimize the code from PC -> xbox. They're losing more players from framerate issues than the way the game looks. It would make complete business sense to reduce the graphics because of the reduction in players, which leads me to believe that graphics aren't the issue.
  2. Draughn

    PUBG Weapon Tiers

    I think the VSS is too low. That thing is awesome. Mini 14 is one too high.
  3. Enjoy Fortnite. I'm surprised anyone plays PUBG at all, these games are identical. 🙄
  4. Playing on X. Patch seemed great this morning. A lot smoother through the first parts of the round and Pecado stayed smooth with 10 or so people dropping off the start. Performance for me seems tied more closely to network and peak playtimes. I always have a great experience playing early morning, but it’s a mixed bag at night, especially end of week and weekends. I’m interested to re-evaluate tonight. Great job tho, devs. A step in the right direction.
  5. Yep. It’s this way with reloading, etc. I wish they switch this. Just start the action and the blocking one has ended. With the “hold to reload” in place it’d be a nice addition.
  6. Draughn


    I wish they’d just use the test servers for all patches and any additions, big or small. That being said, they’re in a no win situation, as mentioned above, and I’m sure they’ll keep grinding and ill keep having fun.
  7. Draughn


    Yea, I've stopped doing it for now, but that muscle memory gets me sometimes. I'm a little too into this game, lol. Me too! The matchmaking was a little slow for me this morning, but it was very smooth in game.
  8. Draughn


    It does happen, my man, but I’m glad that there’s someone else using the scope the same way I’ve been blasted for in this thread. Type B as well and the exact same use of scope, no Y invert. You are pressing LB for breath and RB at the same time to zoom the scope out, I don’t think it’s too far fetch to think it would cause the menu to come up for some. It’s very hard to make declarative statements like that with bugs in this game. I never crash, but a ton of people do. Ever patch brings wildly mixed reviews. I think they’ve called that out as an issue tracking down bugs. *my font size is glitching out now, lol*
  9. Draughn


    They’re directly related. Whether you bump the buttons accidentally, or the play style you’ve used for 23 days of playtime no longer works, it’s still a valid issue. Your workaround doesn’t always work for me, as mentioned, but thank you for continuing to attack a player of this game reporting an issue confirmed by the pubg team.
  10. Draughn


    The reason the thread got to this place is because the conversation turned to attacking the players, and their play style, or talking about how easy this is to avoid, to invalidate the issue. There’s no reason for that. It’s a bug in the game, that was the discussion. I know that I’m not beating my head against the wall and continuing to hold my breath and zoom out with the 8x, but it doesn’t mean I can’t comment and encourage this to be fixed. How many games have you played where you press two buttons at the same time and it breaks the movement? This is not the player’s fault.
  11. Draughn


    There’s links to it in this thread.
  12. Draughn


    Seriously? It's mentioned as a known error by the mods in the bug report I posted. Where I also mention using other controllers.
  13. Draughn


    That hasn't worked. The mod said to tap left bumper then right. It doesn't always work. Like you said, it's a gameplay style thing, and also one that happens on accident. It shouldn't break the movement, we all agree to that. There have been tons of issues with this game where we can say, "that's stupid, don't do that." Like falling through the rocks on the edges of maps, or opening your inventory while moving, dropping straight down onto building and falling through, driving vehicles quickly through large cities, etc.
  14. Draughn


    And pulling the left trigger, and using the emote wheel in general. Thanks for that though.
  15. Draughn


    I was stuck, dude, and trying everything to unstick myself. The emote wheel popped right before the guy came up the stairs. This what the emote glitch does, it breaks the left stick movement. You can read the bug report, if you'd like to be more informed before making comments like that. It was also called out by a CM as a known bug on that same thread. I do appreciate the attack though.