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  1. No dice in the last game. Finished fourth and had to walk sideways through the last few circles. Tried every emote thing (why do these exist?) and smashed on the left and right bumper for about 10 minutes. These are the things that players are getting upset about. Something is put into the game, that adds nothing to the experience, and it ends up breaking a core gameplay function. We are at the point where our characters can’t even walk in the direction you tell them to 7 months after the launch of this game. I know bugs happen, but this has been going on for a couple weeks now.
  2. Maybe I don’t understand what you’re looking for from this. Can you use my example above, the one with someone facing a house, and tell me what you want to get from the game in that situation. I think if it’s shown as 90 degrees of a circle, I’m ok with that, I think it matches my cone like take on this. If you want a pointer that points to the guy and you just have to figure out distance, as I see that as a player aid.
  3. Well you’ll know from the sound that it came from behind you. I think we’re debating whether, in real life/pubg, you’ll be able to know enough from the visual, bullet impact, and sound to react with the same accuracy as a hit direction indicator would allow. I am saying no, because a hit direction indicator will start directing you to the dude shooting. I believe this makes the game easier, and removes a bit of the human element, and reduces the amount of gameplay elements to master. It reduces the value of flash hiders and suppressors. I feel, from my expierence, that the sound of gunfire is more specific to the location of the shooter up close, and much less as the ranges increase. Because the sound is less distinct, not as loud, etc, you have to look across a wider area to locate the person shooting at you. Let’s say that wider area is 10-20m laterally if the shooter is within 50m - 100m and expands and the range increases. Even if it does not span much further to 30m laterally, getting hit shouldn’t shrink that cone, but a hit indicator would, it would point you within that cone to where the shooter is. I looked at those videos as evidence of that. I have no experience being shot, but I don’t see how getting shot, not just shot at, helps you understand the angle that the bullet took to enter your body in a way that would help you to narrow down where you were shot from. You could see a hole, and feel where it hit you, I’m assuming, maybe even feel the exit, but you are still reliant on sound and visuals figure out where they are, and the area, I believe, expands as the ranges increase. You are standing square with a house, 5m away, and you are shot from a guy in the bottom right window. Without seeing something visual, you would know from the sound and impact on your body exactly which window, left or right, that he shot from. If you are 100m from that house, and there’s no visual cues, would you know, for sure, if he was shooting out of the left or right window? I think no, but I do think a hit indicator would tell you which window. This is why I think it makes the game, even if just a little bit, easier. I’m not Mr. Experience by any means, but, this what I experienced, or took from my experience.
  4. I was under the impression, as of Feb 8, the last time I looked into this, there was not hit direction indicators in PUBG PC. They patched hit indicators where it tells you if you hit someone. Youre right it’s not completely realistic, but they are trying to emulate that feeling. Everything has to be gamified to some extent. By fundamentally I mean that it removes an element that makes this game stand out from the crowd. It’s one of its charms and challenges. It creates more room for skill and gameplay elements to master. It puts more of the game in your hands instead of of the game giving you something. When someone is suppressed or has a flash hider, they’re difficult to spot even if you know the direction and are looking that way. You’re going from tree to tree trying to figure out where the shots are coming from. It may just be a little head peeking to the right of a tree. In this moment a hit direction indicator would help you find something that you might not otherwise have spotted.
  5. I apologize for getting ramped, let’s give some examples of situations and see if we can figure out where we are coming from. Here’s the situation that I’m thinking of, and I’m getting the impression that you don’t want vague direction indicators, so I’m basing this on that. You are walking in one direction (yellow line) and take a shot from your right (shooter) from 300M. I don’t not believe that from the sound, and the impact, that you’ll be able to turn and exactly square yourself up to the shooter. You’ll know for sure he’s to the right, but are you able to center him up from the sound you heard? If you’re not expecting a shot, my assumption is that it catches you off guard and creates some anxiety, you then have to take the sound you heard and translate it to pinpoint angle. I’m thinking of battlefield here. I never have any issue turning and pinpointing a guy from the hit direction indicator. My thought is that you have about as much idea of his location as my green lines. If you get a hit direction indicator similar to the one I’ve crudely drawn above the character, I believe that you are getting more information there than you would be in that moment, in this situation. I think it takes the human element out of it, because I don’t think you can have an immediate, accurate reaction to the situation. The point of the videos was to show that you can know a general direction but not know where exactly the shooting is coming from. Is it this house, or the window next door? Or to the left a bit along the fence line? I believe the hit direction indicator helps dial you in to the point, where it wouldn’t in real life. Those guys are looking in the right direction, but don’t know where to shoot, they have to be told “240”, or the other where he has to tell everyone “West west”. You also see the panic the situation of getting shot at puts on people. To me, it doesn’t feel like you can do it in that moment, process the shot to your body, the sound, the rush of adrenaline to turn and line up your guy in the way the hit direction indicator would tell you. Crap, yellow didn’t show, the shooter is at his 3 o’clock.
  6. You have no real life experience and you mentioned airsoft, so yea, on top of threatening me. You'll know it's from your six from the sound. Definitely not from the wound. From your 6..... that's 180. You want 180 hit markers, cool. That's exactly what I've been saying. In-game hit markers, traditionally, are giving you a lot better idea than a general 180 direction. Your point was that it is so easy that the game should just hand it to you. My point is that its not at all that easy, and the game should reward people who use their senses, like you have to in real life.
  7. Airsoft, not a conversation that you’re able to call me wrong. Watch the videos and you can see that 10 guys are unable to pinpoint people’s location in the panic. A hit marker dials you in too much, and hands you something that your senses should be telling you. I'm not saying you wont know a general direction, but hit markers dial you in as additional shots come in. As you start to turn your character toward the first marker, the second dials you in further, etc. That's an advantage you don't get in real life. Maybe my mind is stuck on long engagements (like AFG), but seriously, it's not hit marker easy, and in real life there's no giant red marker that lights your way in that crazy moment. (why do suppressors exist?) I don't see why we are writing off you being able to process all that in game, and locate the guy. Adding hit markers removes a big element of this game. You are asking the game to replace the sensory experience, and that little bit of panic you get in Pubg. I’ll agree with him in a 1:1 you’ll be able to get closer, but the farther that shooter is away from you the harder and harder that is. In a squad situation, like the videos, I don’t see how it’s possible.
  8. Np, you too. I just want airsoft kiddo and the rest to feel the panic
  9. So do I bud. 101st. 09-10. 15 months in afg.
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.businessinsider.com/us-marine-afghanistan-shot-2014-10 This video will highlight a rough idea of where the four shooters are in this ambush They are face to face, probably within 200m. Please tell me how you’d know the shooter on the far left of this ambush hit you? Please tell me how you think that one of these soldiers would get shot and know, other than 180, the direction they were shot from. Please tell me what in this panic would lead you to believe you are going to pinpoint shooters, shooting through trees. Anyone know where the shooters are in this one?
  11. Cool, but I completely disagree. Not sure why people think being shot or shot at is a cavalier situation. Mil vest won’t stop a 7.62 round, btw, only the plates will. The plates take one bullet before shattering and the impact to the person who took one in the vest is pretty extreme. “Getting shot ANYWHWERE on the front of the body can be a 180° arc in front of you, since it’s a rendered character model.” How do you think you would get any better idea in this situation in real life? Sound is not going to pinpoint this for you. You just got shot, and the sound is not a pinpoint indicator. You will know 180, that’s it. Just because you’re in line of site of the shooter doesn’t mean you will know where they are. Yea, if you get hit in the vest, and it doesn’t take you off your feet, I can see you able to get a 180 degree idea of their general direction. Getting shot in your vest could only give you a 180 degree idea of where they are. It’s not like the bullet will tell you it’s angle of impact, and the farther the shooter, the less the sound will narrow that down, again probably 180. Engagements in Afghanistan are usually 700m-1000. Teams are constantly being pinned down, have guys taking hits and still unable to locate the shooter. You’re acting like being shot at is the coolest situation and of course you’d know where it came from you just got hit by a bullet. That’s not the case at all. It’s chaos and panic. Dust, blood, and the sound of everyone’s rifles. Some people completely lose sense of where they are when they’re shot. Talk about being alone? Never been in that situation, but I’d guess it would be instant fear and disorientation. You are actively being hit and bullets are landing all around you, and you think you’re going to be able to have enough where with all to know more than a 180 where that guy is? There’s hundreds of documentaries on Netflix, watch a couple and tell me if you see downed soldiers pointing to exactly where they were shot from. There’s some videos from Iraq of guys getting dropped by snipers, I remember one specifically where the guy is hit in his vest, and the rest of the team is in a panic trying to find the direction of the shooter, no help coming from the guy that was just knocked off his feet. 7.62 bullet. If you’re in a field an someone is 100 ft away, sure. 200+ meters, I’m not seeing it, and I really don’t understand why people think this is a cool, I can lick my finger and determine the angle, situation. You’re being shot at, you don’t take a shot and swing your gun to the “direction” of the shooter. You run, get cover, on drop in the field. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/1782zv/soldiers_of_reddit_what_is_combat_really_like_and/
  12. You need to stop. You are talking about airsoft, bud. I’m trying to tell you who your audience is here.
  13. You must be kidding me. Go watch a documentary from Iraq or Afghanistan (or any other war) and tell me if you can easily identify where you’re getting shot from. There’s a ton of vets on here, FYI. You’re asking for a player aid, please don’t rationalize it with something you clearly know nothing about.
  14. I said nothing about changing sound. Im telling you that adding hit markers to tell you the direction you are getting hit from fundamentally changes the game, and is completely unnecessary. What is the point of suppressors? What’s the point of getting a good angle on your opponent? This game is different because it’s intense, brutal, cerebral, and it doesn’t hold your hand through any of it. It broke the mold from cookie cutter shooters and succeeded because of it. Hit markers are a player aid that reduces the skill gap. They give you everything you need to determine the direction of the person shooting at you, but if you can’t figure it out they should be rewarded for it. Youve perfectly made my point with this quote: “got shot definitely knew where it had come from, didnt have to guess, or rely on my hearing...” You are lobbying Kellogg to add marshmallows to Raisin Bran because you want a sweeter cereal for breakfast.