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  1. marlon.grando

    Ultimate FPP vs TPP thread

    I do wish they'd remove RB camera from TPP, or at least disabled while prone.
  2. marlon.grando

    Ultimate FPP vs TPP thread

    To me it's more about each mode being better suited for different skill sets or play styles, as opposed to easier and harder.
  3. marlon.grando

    finally got to play Miramar

    I like that there aren't as many snakes in the grass or tree peekers. Are there two-seater motorcycles, I keep seeing sick ass ramps all over the place to hit but I've only seen sidebar bikes so far. Those VW buses are hilariously bad though, found one yesterday and literally couldn't drive up the hill it was parked on (on the road even)
  4. marlon.grando

    Parity with PC Version? (Down the Road?)

    I generally just meant in terms of content, PC vs Xbox performance is what it is. So when new (map/skins/weapons etc) are released they are on both platforms simultaneously.
  5. marlon.grando

    finally got to play Miramar

    Hacienda is good times
  6. I realize it's early days for but was wondering if Bluehole/Microsoft are eventually aiming to have the Xbox version of the game caught up to the PC version or if current status will persist. Meaning will Xbox version always be behind PC, where new stuff is released for PC and later ported over, or is the goal to get the versions in sync like Fortnite has where the updates are released across all platforms at the same time. Just wondering if there has ever been an official statement of intent on this, source & link would be appreciated.
  7. marlon.grando

    What is yours?

  8. marlon.grando

    What you all getting from crates?

    I stopped buying crates until they add the skins from PC, or they change the duplicate sell back system, PC players can sell duplicate items for money and buy crates if they get dupes on rare items, we cannot, so tradebacks for console should be worth more than 30BP. If you maxed out on weekly crates (6 crates 700 + 1400 + 2800 + 4200 + 5600 + 7000 = 21, 700) and got all dupes you would recoup .8% of your BP on trade ins not even 1% of your BP which IMO is just makes it frustrating instead of rewarding. That's happened to me both times I've gotten the max crates allowed, I got all duplicates. I did it once when I first started playing and once again when they gave us 30,000. Gave up after that.
  9. marlon.grando

    Winning's Getting Boring!

    Fortnite is the easiest comparison just because they are both the new hotness and BR, but Seasons are a cool concept that's come around recently in other games as well, Diablo 3, Overwatch and Hitman come to mind. I don't mind the microtransactions either as long as they are transparent (this thing costs this much) and not paid loot crates. There's no way they could afford to constantly generate new content if there wasn't money coming in to support them.
  10. marlon.grando

    Don't Be This Type of Player

    Yeah it's annoying, there are people who's death is never their own fault and just need to blame someone else. If I see someone getting reckless and separating from the team I try to say something before the shit goes down, like tell them they are "off on an island", some people still bitch about it regardless but some people will acknowledge that they were careless and put themselves in a bad spot.
  11. marlon.grando

    Favorite Death

    Don't have a clip of it, but my squad got wiped at school and the whole team went to loot, jumped off the roof with a cooked grenade killed all three.
  12. marlon.grando

    The Boot

    This happened a lot to me early on, started using the Looking For Group feature on the Xbox and havn't been team killed since (well not intentionally lulz). The posts have tags on them too which helps Mic Only, Squads etc etc
  13. marlon.grando

    Winning's Getting Boring!

    I wouldn't say winning is getting boring but I do agree with the post, but there is a little staleness creeping in. Fortnite's seasons/challenges/player progression is really fun and a gives you a nice little feeling of accomplishing something even if you don't get the Victory Royale/Chicken Dinner. I think the loot crate/BP system is pretty bad (loot crates are bad and I don't think they should even be allowed in games sold to anyone under 18). Fortnite ripped off PUBG quite a bit in terms of game play mechanics, so why not take some of their good ideas right back? Adding the new skins that are already on PC to the Xbox and make getting them tied to a defined task would be cool, kill 10 with a shotgun get a new hat or something. I play a few other games that have seasons like Diablo 3 and those seasons really help extend the lifespan of the game. A lot of people said they don't care about getting new stuff and that's fine but some people like getting rewards, it's not like a reward system will make those who don't care stop playing because they are getting loot, but it will help keep people coming back. Apart from the technical issues that need remedying I think adding content (skins/challenges/maps/weapons) is what they need to be working on. New maps and weapons take a long time to design and implement but that other stuff seems like relatively low effort. Last point, I think they are going to need to have a way to generate a continuous revenue stream, people buying the game is one time purchase, Fortnite battle pass seasons last 10 weeks and it's only $10 (aka $1 a week) they are going to need that extra $$ to maintain servers and continue to expand, and it would be a much better way to do that than with BS gambling crates.
  14. marlon.grando

    Update #11

    That's what I mean by different teams, the dev group working on the issues that you are talking about (FPS, Crashing, etc etc) and the devs working on adding new content (or really porting stuff over like maps and skins) are probably separate devs with distinctly different skill sets, it's not like they can just hop over to that and make it go faster. So while I agree I'd like them to improve those aspects they can't just move people around like that, the content people should continue working on what they do. Maybe they need to hire more people that can work on the fixes but they still need to have people working on moving the PC content over to console.
  15. marlon.grando

    Update #11

    I'm not sure what you mean about Erengal not working then, what about the map specifically is broken or different than PC?