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  1. Need some hardware advice

    The same thing happens on XB1X at distances, I feel like the advantage is that the grass/people isn't/aren't as detailed on OG so it's easier to spot people when they are in it.
  2. Need some hardware advice

    I'd go XB1X, it will make the biggest difference I did the SSD/OG route initially and it helps but with those problems, but I switched to a XB1X shortly after and the difference was much better, the buildings are loaded while I'm in the plane, whereas the SSD/OG they loaded in faster but they still had to load in.
  3. PUBG MadGlory

    Sounds great to me, seems like they definitely need more devs for all the different facets of the game that need work. Hopefully this will allow the dev groups to focus on more discrete work items instead of trying to spread themselves out too much.
  4. Jacket looks cool, nice little reward for the people that have been playing/supporting them in the early access phase. Much better than the 30k BP they gave earlier (nice gesture but l got nothing but duplicates from my crates, which was a let down) I said this in an earlier thread but I think it would be really cool if they tied the achievements to in game rewards, like the frying pan kill achievement would net you a shirt with a frying pan on it.
  5. Leave the Loot

    I've seen what you are talking about but if someone quits/crashes out this for sure happens. I've seen the whole thing happen, from start to finish with a team mate, says he crashed out, icon appears, he says he can't get back (usually he get's an error message), then his body disappears (leaving floating equipment), then all the equipment disappears.
  6. Leave the Loot

    Yeah we do that if they are gonna get zoned or are running off somewhere where they are likely going to get killed or drown. I'm talking about the times where there's no way for them to log back in at all, or when someone just bails midmatch for whatever reason. There's usually a broken connection icon by their name (smaller version of the one you see when you get network lag detected)
  7. Leave the Loot

    When people crash out or exit a match, would be nice if their loot dropped the same as a kill. It's already bad enough when it happens to a team mate but the fact that you can't grab their stuff makes it much worse, buddy had a fully kitted AWM vanish into the ether when a he crashed out (he couldn't get back into the game at all) Same goes for when people quit out because their squad mates got wiped, had this happen a couple times where we dropped somewhere hot killed 2/4 dudes then found the telltale floating guns that someone backed out of the game. Really sucks when you take out a team or force them to capitulate and can't get the spoils of victory, could see a scope and suppressor attached to the floating gun. There's only so much loot at a drop point and if people can make it disappear like that it can be frustrating.
  8. where is achievements ?

    Would be sweet if the achievements came with a skin item, like a frying pan shirt for the pan kill one, or something along those lines.
  9. 5 player squad

    Yeah people can coordinate same game. Yesterday during squads we pulled up to a spot and scanned area (w/ 4x Scope) and I saw 3 guys leave a compound, was going to let them get into open before shooting so they had no cover then two more guys came out behind them, waited a second because I figured the 2 behind were hunting the 3 and was gonna let the fight go down and pick off survivors, then more people just kept coming out of the compound, ended up being close to 20 guys, all in underwear so they could tell each other apart. Pretty clear they were all teaming. Shit was terrifying.
  10. In all honesty

    3 months
  11. Where?

    I get what you are saying but the sound coming through headphones isn't as realistic as it would be (sometimes the sound in game is buggy(, and if I got shot in my right arm or leg I would imagine I would not look to my left for the shot, also if you wanna go that route I'm actually wearing Kevlar vests so the bullet likely wouldn't go through (unless it's a god damn AWM) and I would be able to guestimate.
  12. Limit TPP Camera Rotate

    Balanced game play isn't really dependent just on access to something. If some OP weapon is added to a game and everyone just uses that instead of the other weapons, the game isn't balanced because everyone is just playing one way. Circle is RNG and getting lucky with where it drops is an advantage, but I think it's a little too OP to get lucky on the circle and be able to 360 spam the camera with an unobstructed view while lying perfectly still. I'm not talking about some radical shit like making them glow neon or something but I think the character model should have to move a little at least when people so that, maybe arch their back or crane their neck or some shit. Still hard to spot and they still have a beneficial position but it isn't tilted as much in their favor, that's better balance.
  13. Limit TPP Camera Rotate

    Um what? Are you saying that you have never had to move to get into the white circle?
  14. Upgraded to X just to Crash?

    I got a X (up from OG) and my crash rate has been substantially less than before. Only when there is ungodly amounts of shit happening (ie Red Zone Demolition Derby's in big cities)