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  1. TL24

    "Good" players sensitivity settings!

    It's all preference, find one you think you'll like and stick with it and practice, practice, practice and practice some more. If you keep changing it up you won't build that muscle memory and you'll constantly be changing your sensitivity level thinking that's the issue but it really is not.
  2. Well sh!t... guess I know what I'll be doing tonight lol
  3. TL24

    HDR Setting

    You must be playing a different game because HDR on PUBG is just trash.
  4. TL24

    HDR Setting

    I have a pro calibrated LG OLED B6. PUBG is the only game that has horrible HDR implementation. All other games that are HDR capable look amazing.
  5. TL24

    HDR Setting

    Update 17 did nothing to address how bad HDR is, also HDR will not make your game run slow.....
  6. TL24

    Best headset

    RIG 800LX all day!
  7. Has there been any word from the Devs if HDR will get re-worked in this game? HDR on PUBG is entirely too dark and dull, HDR is supposed to make things brighter and more colorful but that simply isn't the case here. I know myself and others on here have asked for an HDR setting but all we've gotten is a brightness setting that is useless when HDR is enabled. Turning off HDR makes the game bright and colorful as it should be.
  8. TL24

    E3 2018 PUBG Trailer....

    Funny how the game was smooth and all even with gun fires, explosions and smoke all around. Too bad the game runs NOTHING like this right now and crashes every other match with huge drop in FPS during CQC.
  9. TL24

    Recent update

    So for those with the X, has crashing improved since the 3D model has been removed?
  10. LOL that was beautiful... PUBG in a nutshell
  11. I take back what I said, the performance improvements were a big plus but the game has taken a step back with the game crashing almost every single match now. Not only that but the squad system is broken, you create one, match ends and either you or someone on your squad will be unable to ready up so you have to create a whole new squad and re-send the invites. Frustrating! Take one step forward and take two back, come one Devs!
  12. I have the X, located in the US.
  13. I haven't played PUBG for weeeeeeks now and just started again yesterday after this big update. My view so far has been nothing but positive, the game is so much smoother now that to me at least it's night and day. Parachuting down in Miramar is a FPS disaster but outside of that once you land it's smooth as a baby's butt. Excellent work by the Devs and I give them big props!