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  1. TL24

    Patch #12 News

    Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball.
  2. TL24

    A service message about M&K

    Sadly M&K is probably here to stay and the Devs will likely never address the issue. It's sad really but I'm over it, just let them focus on optimizing this game, that's all I care about now.
  3. What stick are you using? Default, Medium or Long?
  4. Devs priority list. High: Glare to sights, car damage, car damage to players, car damage and more car damage to other players. Low: FPS optimization, crashes, HDR setting, hit detection and the list goes on.
  5. Yeah... like adjust how much dmg a car takes over 4-5 patches lol.... priorities man, priorities.
  6. Yeah it's shockingly bad, no idea how they didn't even test their own HDR implementation. I've been blasting the Suggestion board and this board as well but still no official response from any of the Devs.
  7. Playing PUBG without HDR has been a much better experience for me and others, I really hope they implement an HDR setting soon... What's the point of advertising this game as HDR capable when the HDR implementation is just trash?
  8. TL24

    AR spawns reduced?

    Must be my luck (rng) too. Landing into a semi-populated area with other players, player 1 and 2 already have AR's and I have an extended mag and energy drink.
  9. TL24

    PUBG watch out

    PUBG for life bruh.
  10. Played a single duo today with a buddy before going to work and here's my feedback. Crashed while going into my inventory Loaded back in Noticed a guy wondering nearby so I ADS only to be ADS'd into my god damn head instead Hip fired instead and of course my shots were off (playing FPP) since he was a ways away and ended up getting killed because of this Great patch!.............NOT!
  11. Best way to see how this patch performs is during the afternoon when everyone is off of work and playing. Less players = better overall performance.
  12. TL24


    What is he supposed to do? Get into a CQC with you with a Kar98? Jesus, what a stupid post to complain about getting sniped. Sniper rifles are in this game for a reason, you know, to snipe.
  13. Patch #9 was definitely 0.6.1 - did you get a full update for PUBG? Does the game say it was updated today?
  14. The game isn't going to be perfect after this patch but it's a step in the right direction, things can only get better from here on out..... Unless they mess it up like in patch 7 and 8......
  15. What? Textures look sharper and performance has improved based on the one game I had on my X before going to work.