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  1. TL24


    This has been going on for the past few nights. I usually don’t get on to play much but when I do it’s usually later at night 10pm CST+ and for the last few days it’s been the same story. No game for whichever server or mode I select. Closing and reopening the game does nothing.
  2. TL24


    Yup, I’ve tried both the PTS servers and standard.
  3. I’ve been trying to get into a solo TPP game for the last 30 minutes without any luck. Is there an issue or has everyone jumped ship to CoD?
  4. Happens to me all the time as well, get behind cover and still get shot 2-3 times. Also, someone ran me over through buildings the other day, they drove right through a water tank and brick building at full speed. It was hilarious but ridiculous at the same time. This game needs some major overhaul.
  5. Using anything higher than a 3x scope in Sanhok kills the FPS, has this been addressed in patch 11 on the PTS server? It occasionally pops up on the other maps as well but is a huge issue on Sanhok.
  6. TL24

    Teaming on Xbox a problem?

    Why would I make this up? After I died all 4 just walked around each other while healing themselves.
  7. TL24

    Teaming on Xbox a problem?

    Sure is a problem, ran a solo last week and dropped into the Mini Power plant only to take on 4 dudes who teamed up. Annoying AF but hey PUBG is a broken game so what can you do.
  8. TL24


    The patch fixed all of the FPS issues I've had on my X in Sanhok so I don't see a need to downgrade in quality.
  9. 60fps would be amazing....... too bad we can't even get a steady 30fps, one can dream right?
  10. @Andymh5 - why not give us the option to lower the resolution? I simply don't understand why we're being forced with a full fledged 4K resolution down our throat? FPS is all about performance, it isn't about how good it looks. If it looks good and runs great (BF5) then that's awesome but that's not the case with PUBG. Just simply give us a performance (1080p or 1440p @ steady 30fps) vs quality (4K same as now) option. Stop drinking the 4K kool-aid, just give us what we've all been asking for since day 1 please.
  11. TL24

    HDR is now eye burning

    Agreed, HDR on OLED for this game was atrocious! Dim, colorless and just plain bad. @Andymh5 - Please do not dim HDR again, instead give us the ability to fine tune HDR for our liking. Something similar to Assassin's Creed Origins, you can't set HDR for all users when all users have different makes and models for their HDR capable TV's.
  12. TL24

    HDR Brightness issue

    Evidence: Will update this post with screenshots. Xbox One Version: Xbox One X Which TV/Monitor you are using: LG OLED65B6P Colorblind Mode: Normal Additional information: Prior to patch 1.0 HDR was horrible, it was dim and colors were very dull. Post 1.0 HDR is definitely brighter and not as bright as others make it seem to be and is currently perfect in terms of brightness but colors are still a tad dull. Please do not lower the brightness for HDR without further testing it for popular 4K HDR makes and models, OLED owners shouldn't have to suffer through another dim HDR mode.
  13. The Devs are too busy adding an apple for you to throw in the players lobby. That takes priority over any X optimization.
  14. Completely agree with everything you're saying OP. I honestly think 1440p upscaled to 2160p via checkerboard rendering would do wonders for this game. Sanhok runs like sh!t on the X and those that are saying they're not impacted by this are just blind or PUBG lovers that refuse to believe there's an issue here.