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  1. Sums it up, I have no idea why some users are defending XIM use.
  2. Hold my beer, I'm going on the disabled list and buying a XIM4.
  3. So many keyboard warriors in here jumping on me thinking I'm against disabled gamers lol... Hilarious.
  4. Did you want me to order you a security blanket too?
  5. I love salt on my fries thanks. I love how you all think I'm against disabled gamers. This is meant towards players who clearly aren't disabled but are using a XIM4, get it? Or are you guys still talking about salt and pepper here?
  6. Guessing Mr. Sensitive here is hurt too, I'll order you some kleenex.
  7. HA, ignorance, sure thing buddy. Just the truth, sorry that hurt your feelings. Let me know if you need a hug.
  8. What makes you think I'm salty? PUBG is die, win, die, die, win and rinse and repeat. I could care less if I get killed, I'll just start a new match. I'm talking about the advantages that XIM4 gives other players.
  9. Put them on a different server, I'm sorry if they have a disability but that shouldn't be something we regular controller gamers have to deal with.
  10. No thanks, I enjoy the comfort of a controller over a mouse and keyboard. If I wanted to play with a mouse and keyboard I'd be PC gamer. Oh wait, maybe I can't afford that either lol
  11. Lol right ok buddy, because you've obviously played with me and know that I blame all my deaths on a potential XIM4 user. Those of you who say "who cares" can go post elsewhere. It gives that player an advantage whether you want to admit it or not, you're either blind or too incompetent to understand this.
  12. Seems like we have a bunch of XIM4 supporters in here. Go figure.
  13. But they can definitely afford a XIM4 at $125+, an XBox or X starting at $250/$500 and not to mention if they're doing all this they're also most likely buying a decent mechanical keyboard and decent mouse as well which can run them anywhere from $50 or higher. Oh and let's throw a HDTV in there as well unless they decided to cheap out on that. XIM4 players need to jump on the PC version, end of discussion.
  14. I randomly ran into this video today of a player by the name of Oculus Mikki who proudly uses a XIM4 and tries to come up with an excuse of having a hand disability which is why he's using the XIM4. If you have a hand disability then play on the PC version, simple as that. It's unbelievable that nothing has been done yet about this, it's unfair and no matter how good you are with a controller you'll never be as good as a player using a mouse and keyboard.
  15. Thanks for the feedback fellas, good to see what everyone is using. As for me I’ve been switching back and forth trying to determine what works best.