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  1. The thing is this game may never be "finished", it's aiming to be a platform for all sorts of different game types and custom games on various maps over the next few years. That's all got to be funded and unless we want to pay a subscription we should be delighted that other people will fund the game for us by purchasing clothing and weapon skins etc. which have zero actual impact on gameplay.
  2. Agreed, how hard could it be? Just making the shading behind the numbers darker would be enough if colour choices is too much work.
  3. conman409

    New Clothing Required

    The shoes are great, just need something nice to go with them.
  4. Happens to me too, constantly sometimes but can manage several games without it at times. Full batteries, checked for firmware update.
  5. conman409


    Nice touch
  6. This is what I've got the last few crashes, not much chance of getting back in before dead.
  7. conman409

    Whats up with all windows barred now?

    I'd certainly want bars on my windows if I lived in Erangel.
  8. conman409

    These good ideas?

    They haven't released it, it's in early access.
  9. conman409

    Remove clothes.

    Yes, do this and get rid of the spawning clothing to improve game performance, plus it just gets in the way.
  10. I'm against aim assist even though I flail about as badly as anyone in a gunfight. I prefer to have someone dead to rights and preferably sitting still before I open fire. I like that you can freeze in a shadow and often stay unseen. If there were aim assist people would just scan about and wait for the tell tale dragging of their reticule to know someone's there.
  11. If it would make any difference to loading or rendering or whatever I say get rid of it, maybe let people buy what they want with their BP or even with their real money if they want it bad enough.
  12. conman409

    Vehicles towards the end of a Match

    Totally agree, I've not been run over since FPP servers came. Much harder for them to drive and look for victims.
  13. Since the last update when I equip grenades by tapping d-pad right it then won't let me change grenades by holding the d-pad, it just says "not enough space". It doesn't seem to matter whether I have a ton of stuff or hardly any I can only change by bringing up the the start menu. Playing on original xbox.
  14. conman409

    Too Dark Inside After Patch

    Original xbox for now.