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  1. Skins in this game are a joke. Fortnite comes out with more skins per day than PUBG does in a year
  2. Sneed

    Survivor levels

    The fact that each level is a “chance” at an item, is bullshit.
  3. Sneed

    FPP is dead af

    The ttk though, running while healing. Meh...
  4. Sneed

    lol this new system...

    There’s nothing to be hopefully about based on past PUBG loot experience
  5. I’m not fine with bp bonuses. They don’t even have that many skins. Gun skins are too few as well. Plus the chance to get anything good, loot boxes are trash way to do items. That’s why EA got shat on from their community and changed the way they do things.
  6. Sneed

    lol this new system...

    It’s nice to have missions back, yes, but I need to work towards something. Just for xp and levels and no actual cosmetics worth a damn, or maybe throw in some xp boosts, and g coin along the way. LITERALLY COPY FORTNITE and their seasons. They give out so much shit per level it’s insane, and we get a crate at level 10 and that’s it?? Lol...
  7. Sneed

    lol this new system...

    I’m curious what’s in the box too, based on the past experience with PUBG, 1 item will be about a 0.005 drop rate. With us getting a grey shirt, maybe even school shoes, for the grind of our 100,000 xp
  8. But if you get nothing for doing them...what’s the point?
  9. Sneed

    lol this new system...

    Name another game where you get nothing for leveling up 9 times. Just one. Name it.
  10. Sneed

    lol this new system...

    So you’re saying it’s ok for us to grind for literally NOTHING for 9 levels, and the crate is magically going to be worth the 100,000 xp? I’m in full doubt mode right now. PUBG has done nothing to prove me wrong for my thinking right now
  11. Sneed

    lol this new system...

    But if that bonus is a grey t shirt for 100,000 xp, how exciting is that?
  12. Sneed

    lol this new system...

    I do like having something to grind for, but I was literally shocked when it was nothing for the first 9 levels, then a random crate at lvl 10. Better have more than one item. Do we even know what’s in it? 10 levels in fortnite gets you a few so boosts and maybe a backpack and a glider
  13. Why do we get absolute jack shit for the first 9 levels, and then a random crate that probably gives us a grey t shirt at lvl 10?! Really putting the pressure on your competitors with this update Bluehole!!
  14. When you can’t even get a game? Sitting in 10min + queue times is ridiculous.
  15. Fortnite has the ability to earn V-bucks with their season pass. Enough so you dont have to pay for next season pass if you play enough. Also unlocksble skins. Sure they also have microtransactions for more skins, but you couldn’t even earn Gcoin in PUBG with the Sanhok season pass. Lame.