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  1. Sneed

    Lots of bad ideas today

    I have an excellent idea. How about a TDM type gamemode, we’ll call it war mode. Teams of 10, we’ll cap it at only 2 teams, solo queue only because grouping prematch will be too hard. No vehicles either, with 20 people, we want people running to each location
  2. Sneed

    Cut Bluehole Some Slack

    It’s not petty at all. Playing any gamemode on any game where you need to group, and work as a team, where you queue up as solo, is garbage. Reason I can’t get back into cod domination, any MOBA unless I have a group of friends to play with. Solo queues for a 10 squad team based game is just lazy and rushed. Their not helping themselves at all releasing stuff like this most everybody plays with friends, new game mode restricts that in an online multiplayer and we’re supposed to cut them slack? It’s even worse they didn’t do this on purpose...stability issues prevented them from doing it, and they still released it, lol!
  3. Easiest way to to knock somebody, then finish them off with whatever you need, pistol, pan, crossbow. Just solo squads or play with friends. Easier to finish off knocked players.
  4. Sneed

    Blackout Beta

    While you might be correct CoD will not replace PUBG, BF V could. They’ve always had a slower paced, more realistic game play than CoD. Exactly what PUBG is.
  5. Switched to FPP on Sanhok, dropping bootcamp, EVERYBODY lands, grabs a gun and sits in a corner. Jumped once, solo TPP, look up and people everywhere, land roof, grab a gun, jump down, and notice its quiet as fuck...wtf?? Take 5 steps, guys peaking me on a doorway, he’s TPP peaking my hallway, fuck that, FPP Sanhok from here on out.
  6. Sneed


    Map is awesome....you know what’s not awesome? Jumping and seeing no guns for the first 10 seconds of each game, it’s a crap shoot. Guns need to load in BEFORE WE HIT THE GROUND!!!!
  7. Im loving Sanhok right now, but my god it’s annoying at all the things I miss because it wasn’t there and I’m scrambling to find a gun and significant ammo ASAP.
  8. I have an X, my issue is when landing hot, there are no weapons. So we all run around with our heads up our asses hoping a gun spawns in. When in reality, I should be able to see them from the sky and land right on a gun.
  9. Sneed


    I have no issue, it also have an elite controller with LB as one of the paddles. I do agree it’s fucked on a regular controller though
  10. Oh you mean you got rewarded for doing good things, and the better you were at those things you got even better things? You know what I like getting? A congratulatory “hey buddy! Good win! Here’s 38 BP! Enjoy your shithole crate with .00000015 chance to get anything decent that’s not a duplicate!”.
  11. Look at CoD and fortnite. The biggest games of the last 10 years, mainly cod, but they started with skins too and it pretty much took over Halo. Red guy or blue guy...people get bored of that kind of stuff. Look at GTA online. Customizing your character is a far bigger thing in this day and age.
  12. Of course gameplay is a huge factor, but with so much customization in games now. It’s needed. This isn’t halo where your guy is red or blue. Customizing a guy that is yours, different to everybody else, or a skin thats rare and hard to get. Those are needed. We need things to work towards or the game gets stale rather quick. Do you think COD would have lasted without the prestige’s, calling cards and weapon skins? Do you think fortenite would last without new skins almost daily? No, they wouldn’t
  13. That’s what keeps game fresh and fun....so you think fortnite would be the same if they had the same 4 standard skins? I played it when it was just random between the 4!! Charcater customization is a huge part of the gaming world now. I loooove fifa and 2k. Guess which game I enjoy more...2k because of the goddamn face scan! Fifa is yeaaats behind and they don’t give a fuck, gotta count that FUT money
  14. My friend bought 40 raider crates and the ONLY THING DIFFERENT that he got, was a digital sks. EVERYTHING ELSE was the same...the drop % is trash. Utterly trash.
  15. 13 crossbow skin duplicates....13/44... 12/44 m16 as well