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  1. Sneed

    Stats reset, AGAIN?!

    You ever play a game in game preview that never reset stats? Once it’s full release itll reset anyway
  2. I’d say yes. I play duos a lot and my partner will her something and say it sounded like it was from the north, I say it was from the south. Stuff like this happens all the time on then PTS. Also desync seems to happen more, good just be less servers on PTS so we’re playing vs other regions more
  3. Sneed


    I’ve had the m24 once, but the kar98 is in the police station east of military base apartments about 90% of the time for me
  4. Sneed


    I’ve found it twice, same game and it was the first 2 guns I saw. Haven’t seen it since.
  5. Watch it on .25x. I get 6 shots off, 2 bursts of the trigger. He spins fast enough, and fires twice before I can get a third burst off? I’m mashing the trigger here, shocked I could only get 2 bursts off, when the first one he hasn’t even turned on me yet. Massive desync and/or limb penetration needs fixed before this patch goes live
  6. Sneed

    Limb penetration?

    Not sure how I didn’t get this kill. Is limb penetration still not a thing? Slowing it down to .25x and I’m even more confused than watching it at full speed http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/i-sneed-i/video/55915867
  7. Sneed

    PTS CQC still odd

    Slowed this down to .25x and still couldn’t figure it out. Don’t think I missed a bullet, not sure how he’s still alive. If it’s the limb damage/penetration, it’s not working properly, hitting somebody in the left arm/shoulder at that angle, his heart would be exploding. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/i-sneed-i/video/55915867
  8. Something like that happened to me tonight. I fire before he even turns to look at me, yet he just insta drops me??? I don’t get it....even slowing it down to .25x speed. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/i-sneed-i/video/55915867
  9. Sneed

    PTS - 1,000,000 BP

    Game gets boring. You have to work towards something. Customization is a huge part of games nowadays, they need to take advantage imo. The clothes still look like a game from 2003 PC.
  10. Sneed

    PTS - 1,000,000 BP

    I find it pointless they give us 1,000,000 BP and we still get shitty loot from the crates. Drop rates are horrible and they’re just proving that. I have nothing special that I don’t already have on the regular servers. Fucking stupid.
  11. Sneed

    3x has too much going on

    I understand it’s there for targeting, it’s just very hard to quickly go down sights with it and locate the “center” maybe itll just take more time getting used to. I’d still prefer 6x and 2x with a reddot in backpack.
  12. I mean....just give me a dot. I don’t need some fancy artwork for a reticle.
  13. Sneed

    next patch..

    Not sure about you, but I’ll have a decent running game when BFV releases their BR mode
  14. Sneed

    Xbox elite controller setups.

    Love the elite. Couldn’t get used to 4 paddles, I just use the 2, LB and RB. For other games that need a melee that actually works, right paddle is RS
  15. This. I love dropping hot. Fun games when you win the location, and when you don’t, you get to start a new game right away. I have all the same issues.