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  1. SuperFX2

    Trade/gift duplicates?

    I sell my duplicates back.
  2. The Sam Raimi films are far better than what we've had so far. They ain't outstanding, but better story. Thats just racist folk thinking all white people look the same, sheesh.
  3. SuperFX2

    Long Snipes

    I don't understand zeroing so i just aim high.
  4. SuperFX2

    The Elephant in the Room...

    She could have it on her below bits
  5. SuperFX2

    Game not playable

    I smell a troll.
  6. SuperFX2

    Game not playable

    Why you loading up the PTS?
  7. SuperFX2

    how many BP do you have?

    I think mines at 256K
  8. Perhaps Sony paid Bluehole a lot of dollar for exclusives. Think of it that way.
  9. SuperFX2

    gotta love game pass

    Defo not a noob. He's pumped in over 264hours.
  10. SuperFX2

    Broken Type B Preset...

    Yep tad annoying, but I live with it and adjust.
  11. SuperFX2

    Need a help to add friends on xbox game

    Ask them what their gamer tags are, then add them on xbox one by one.
  12. SuperFX2


    Or Kim hands
  13. SuperFX2


    He's probably got dwarf hands.
  14. SuperFX2

    anyone also have a PS4?

    I did, but sold it recently for £200