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  1. Anyone else hate bridge campers?

    I find they are easy to avoid, just swerve while driving.
  2. Stats on release

    It happened for PC so I don't see why they wouldn't do the same for XBox.
  3. Aspect ratio

    Are you using 16:9 ratio at 1080p?
  4. Armor switch?

    Good question. I'd like to know also.
  5. I always lol when...

    Beginners all do this and I've done it too but I don't anymore.
  6. How much Ammo do you go through?

    Minimum I like to acquire 100 minimum of each. Upon getting the primary and secondary weapons I want, dump the rest of the ammo that is not required.
  7. Crates are Trash

    Currently yes. Don't waste your BP on them anymore until thats fixed.
  8. Loading in on drop

    And blessed are the cheese-makers, for they advise thee all to go forth and load thou game swiftly, without rage or hate to thy Creator, the Lord BlueHole.
  9. Ghosting - floating weapons

    Brilliant, that is the pose I got too!
  10. Ghosting - floating weapons

    I had a great bug last weekend where I was riding the motorcyle but in a SuperMan pose. The method I think for this to happen is the bike must be staring upwards on its back wheel.
  11. Loading in on drop

    Those here would advise the procurement of a Solid State external drive.
  12. I think this because if I was playing with a controller I don't think I would be sitting up that straight.
  13. Arm positioning, posture. Just an assumption. One streamer looked like a controller user though.
  14. All those streamers in that clearly look like M&K users. Boo-urns!!!!