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  1. SuperFX2

    Type B controller bug

    I personally don’t understand how this bug could have been missed by the internal team???? unless they all play Type A only?? Any devs care to answer?
  2. SuperFX2

    Weather is only available on the 1x?

    Weather is on the OG and S too. It is random. If you join a game that is overcast with clouds, you will get the rain and thunderstorms. If you see the usual bright sunshine you will not get weather.
  3. SuperFX2

    Dynamic weather

    Yes and they are brilliant. The thunderstorms and rain in Erangel really add more atmosphere to the game.
  4. SuperFX2

    Where’s the PTS FPP players at?

    If so surprising for the NA server.
  5. SuperFX2

    Where’s the PTS FPP players at?

    8 min wait and 40 people in the game haha
  6. I’m 5mins here waiting for an FPP game to begin. Where are you lot at??
  7. SuperFX2

    I heard it’s gotten worse 😑

    Just play and adapt to the changes. Then repeat when they release more patches.
  8. SuperFX2


    Maybe Miramar favours squads more.
  9. SuperFX2


    Perhaps its what server you are using? I find its ok on TPP EU. Last nights game play: Miramar Solo Miramar Solo Erangel Solo Erangel Solo Erangel Solo Erangel Solo Miramar Solo Erangel Solo Erangel Solo FPP Erangel Solo Erangel Solo
  10. SuperFX2


    A top tip I have is to drop onto the warehouses. South of Los Leones, their are 8 warehouses. Start on the southern one first and push north, you are guaranteed to get some good weapons. And look on the Miramar map for other warehouse locations and drop onto those to get kitted out good.
  11. I've now got used to it. Play a whole evening and by the next evening your thumbs would have adjusted to the feel of it.
  12. Through practice you will learn to not hit B. Patience my young Jedi, you have much to learn with the PUBG Force.
  13. SuperFX2

    Question for the Day 1 players.

    Thanks Andy. 818 hours played 2887 matches 13 solo wins My, that’s a lot 😲 and I thought putting 180+ hours into Zelda breath of the wild was a lot 😳
  14. SuperFX2

    Question for the Day 1 players.

    Where can you see how many hours you've played?