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  1. SuperFX2

    Just put my pubg updating

    I know that problem very well.
  2. Yeh, whats with the anti-gravity when driving vehicles
  3. SuperFX2

    A few things that still need work

    Subject to your TV brightness/contrast & colour, I find Cyan is a good all rounder for the crosshair colour.
  4. Well, whatever it is, its gotta go by us!
  5. SuperFX2

    Did they remove miramar?

    You lucky Sods!
  6. Yes we quit if either of us die right at the beginning, (duos)
  7. Clearly they have a schedule that they need to adhere to regardless of those parts that are still broken. They have to show progress is being made in other areas while still working out what is causing the crashing.
  8. Not to mention really boring too.
  9. SuperFX2

    FPP on european servers?

    Just play on NA servers for now until fixed. Takes around 40seconds to find a game usually. I played a lot of FPP games last night on NA.
  10. SuperFX2

    Dual Wielding

    Dual Pistols and Dual Shotgun, sweet!
  11. SuperFX2

    Another SSD thread...

    I shall take heed of your wise words
  12. SuperFX2

    Another SSD thread...

    What was that Zombie game you mentioned? Been looking for it today, but can't recall the name.
  13. SuperFX2

    Dual Wielding

    Dual Pistols!
  14. You just gotta remember to tell yourself "reset leaning" until this is fixed, or not.
  15. SuperFX2


    Why not NO underwear? Revealing a Eunuch look.