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  1. Bluehole want to kill off FPP.
  2. SuperFX2

    Monitor vs TV

    I started out with the TV but then out of curiosity I switched to a monitor and my game has vastly improved sitting this close to the screen. Makes a big difference.
  3. SuperFX2

    Fishy, or legit?

    he was confident the guy was there and took a pop shot
  4. SuperFX2

    Another Successful Night

    Do it for a week and watch our game go to s**t We might get lucky and get to use the Invisibility Cloak!
  5. Looks like its down to the the game needs more optimisation from the Devs. I'm curious to now to move my game from SSD back to internal storage to see if I get these problems. I may do that.
  6. You're quoting the wrong guy G.
  7. SuperFX2

    Another Successful Night

    Perhaps we should switch our game back to the internal storage to see if we really get to experience the problems that those are getting?
  8. The guy clearly wasn't visible. You can see that he was jumping up from the prone position at the end. Let me guess. You have an OG Xbox with no SSD ?
  9. SuperFX2

    OC server

    The world is flat.
  10. This for real? Who says this? Where do the people of Finland live then?
  11. Thats some funky shit right there!
  12. That was Tyler Durden
  13. SuperFX2

    New hot fix downgrade game?

  14. SuperFX2

    players moving over from PUBG to black ops 4

    Clearly not going to win the spelling bee tournament.