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  1. erkogbg

    Cheating Discussion

    Increasing cheaters again on EU TPP, 3 days in a row now with a couple of games with clear aimbot-users. Before this, you did a really good job!!
  2. They should buff the loot, just benefits everyone.
  3. erkogbg

    plz give us clothes back

    Get some dinners and buy the clothes.
  4. erkogbg

    PC 1.0 Update #13

    They seriously need to stop adding crates & skins to this game, so many other stuff to focus on.
  5. I just uploaded a three minute video of all chicken dinners I've got in solo so far, recording to my nvidia video folder I have around 100+ dinners so far. But my question to you is, can you somehow see the specifik number of all dinners you've got on your account since you started playing? The video for the interested ones;
  6. Enjoy :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JnKcmDqBTI&feature=youtu.be
  7. Ofc, but its a difference between "should" and "reality"
  8. erkogbg

    Remove red zone

    Yes please!
  9. erkogbg


  10. Doesn't seem like that, becuase its always problems after the test-servers(who I never played on so I can't talk much about it but heard from friends) Let them release their stuff on live-servers, see whats wrong and just give them some time to fix it. Its not hard to play another game or something meanwhile.
  11. 1. They just release a really big patch. 2. There are ALWAYS some problems after they release patches. 3. Give it 2-4 days and they usually fix everything - play another game and stop crying. 4. Thanks.
  12. Its a new big patch, cmon stop these threads..... give it 2-4 days AS ALWAYS and they will fix it. Goddamn.
  13. erkogbg

    Driving in FPP

    One of the reasons I dont play FPP, getting sick of the screen shaking.
  14. erkogbg

    Reward Players For Kills

    I like the idea of bigger rewards for kills, but I dont know how tho.