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  1. erkogbg

    still desync after maintenance

    D-sync still exist.
  2. Topic... The best thing about pubg in the history were when they added map selection so we didn't have to see miramar, now its back.. making me sick spending time leaving, refreshing the buggy lobby and try to get erangel.
  3. Anything new about the D-sync? Haven't played in 2 weeks because of it.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTC4CgA3lX4&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTC4CgA3lX4&feature=youtu.be From 14.15 min and forward
  5. Then pubg shouldn't put different maps on missions etc.
  6. You doesn't like the; D-sync Cheaters Crates with keys Big updates that make the game worse Hmm same here!
  7. erkogbg

    Improve Event Pass System

    Good point! The worst thing is when you come online with a friend or friends and the daily is Solo or a specifik map... so you have to quit alot of games just to get that map. Or that you are stuck on a mission for example solo that takes FOREVER to complete, for example kill 2 with pan in solo.
  8. erkogbg

    Mission: Die in the redzone.

    Their missions are so lame and so stupid, I don't have words for them.
  9. Can you post a clip when you run around faster, jumping around, shooting etc? right now that clip isn't telling me so much. And look on twitch/utube for other players playing the game - does it look the same for you - or maybe you got low settings?
  10. erkogbg

    Premium Pass Still Broken?

    Seems after reading alot of threads/comments about this - it didn't work - gg
  11. erkogbg

    Give europeans a break...

    I would prefer region-lock over ping-lock all day long, even if I play on EU with people from example asia - and they have good ping - I have no idea what they are saying talking non-english language - and that is ruin the game.
  12. I dont really get your point, do you play on xbox or PC? Can you record when you play and upload?
  13. I hope they think one more time before making dailies/missions for the next battle-pass, if there are going to be more of it. DON'T add TPP/FPP/Different maps/Solo/Duo/Squad into the dailies/missions - it's so damn annoying.
  14. I just hope that you fix the D-sync, it's all that matters - before you fixing that - I aint playing no more Pubg 😃 And please put more work into cheaters & region lock. And please skip different maps/tpp/fpp/solo/duo/squad into your next missions/dailies for another future battle-pass, god I've spent so much time leaving games because of that Sh...