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  1. Crates

    I've never spent money on keys/crates etc, its pure robbery and if they cant fix the problems with cheaters, map selection etc they dont deserve to have that extra money. Crates & keys are the reason for cheaters - if all items would be ACCOUNT-BOUND, they wouldn't cheat for BP. Simple as that.
  2. ENOUGH of Miramar !

    I was really hoping for a map-selection in the last patch-notes-post but nothing I dont like Miramar, haven't played it since december, and getting that map 8/10 times.
  3. Well it's the cheaters that are creating this problems for the game. I really hope they will add something to the game, like other games, making it impossible to cheat.
  4. Nothing about map-selection..... omg.
  5. Im waiting... everyday haven't played Miramar since November!
  6. The biggest problem are absolutely now big maps - its the hackers & not being able to pick what map you wanna play.
  7. Well I had over 15 friends playing the game last year, now it's me & one guy left - and we are slowly playing less and less. It's no fun when you play a game for 30 minutes, and end up rank 2 several times because you meet hackers. And another thing, when you play a game and you see CHANGxLIANG135566 kill player after player after player - we often nowadays just quit the game.
  8. Network lag and game crashes

    ALOT of crashes, BAD MODULE INFO CRASH, problem to load games, players press ready but nothing happens in squad - since your anti-cheat patch.... comon.
  9. Chicken Dinner Reward

    Whats wrong with this game - is that stuff like this WOULD be the best, but you CANT add them because we would get more hackers... but in a better world... yes.
  10. If you dont like the game - quit? I enjoy the mix in the game, sometimes you fight enemies directly, sometimes you loot and just kill people in the game - I love the different ways you can take. Tho I dont like all the cheaters & how you cannot pick what map you want to play - 1 year after release.
  11. Grenades are actually broken

    Next time, open the door and survive I don't find the granades OP in the game, they are exactly like I want them.
  12. The sound of someone running inside a house next to you are to loud, all of my friends have complained about this.
  13. 1. Map-selection. They have talked about this in several posts, lets hope for the best they add it. 2. Lately I feel like their are less loot than before, especially scopes.
  14. Bye All!

    Take care! may the force be with you.