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  1. erkogbg

    Fail to authenticate

    Game is working now again! in EU atleast.
  2. erkogbg

    Fail to authenticate

    Try to keep this topic over all the spam-chinese-threads on the forums atm.
  3. erkogbg

    Fail to authenticate

    Yes same problem here for me & my friends, EU.
  4. Anyone else? Get servers to busy then another error about server provider or something. EU.
  5. erkogbg


    Were aim-punch in the game at the release of the game? I dont remember...
  6. erkogbg

    My Quest to play MIRAMAR....

    People just doesn't wanna play that map and Im so happy that I don't have to see that desert ever again! (hopefully) Getting games on Erangel is easypiecycakey.
  7. erkogbg

    Patch #23 war-mode

    Aa those.. I've tried to join games like this, either they are all full or you can't play because the game never gets enough players? All that seems so fail.
  8. "Added a new game mode, War Mode: Conquest This game mode sets two Platoons (up to 50 vs. 50) against each other to capture and hold objectives within an area. Your Platoon earns points as you hold these objectives and the team with the highest score wins." Can someone explain this a little more? Will this be able to select at map-selection or how do you play this when it's on the live-server?
  9. erkogbg

    The Dacia

    Yeah lets focus on the Dacia meanwhile the game are dying becuase all other 1000 stuff they actually need to fix, great!
  10. erkogbg

    If Bluehole Cares...

    With the new patch: 1. Cant select if you wanna play ranked or not. 2. Cant find games.. estimated time 8 seconds and after 5 minutes on EU server.. what to do? 3. The D-sync is still not fixed. 4. Anti-cheat? I met aimbot users on the first 2 promotion games... thanks.
  11. erkogbg

    Patch #22 Common problems

    Me & my friends can't find games on EU server, started matchmaking, estimated time 8 seconds... after 5 minutes are we supposed to start it all over or stay? gg
  12. Estimated time 8 seconds, after 3 minutes are you supposed to keep waiting or refresh lobby 10 times before finding a game? Cant you wait until stuff actually work on test-servers before you add them to the game?
  13. Hi! I have a problem with Nvidia shadowplay, it does automaticly saving down my clips, even if i'm not pressing save after the actual game. How do I change this? becuase it takes up alot of space on my CPU, atm its saving all my kills in a folder without me pressing save.. Thanks.
  14. Everyone press ready then nothing happens? gg