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  1. Great turnout for the event, started with 25 members. @Andiro even with teamspeak! Next time post in your own thread you are bumping. We gave out games and steam cards for our members. Here is a video for your enjoyment;
  2. What grade did you actually finish, 3? The post was about when trying to get to next circle, the game crashes and when you get back in game you die to the blue circle. For those who said bye, and probably 13 and even hacker...the quote was just to throw out some frustration towards the developers, r$t44$s. FYI - the game crashing has only started in the past week. The hacking was always a problem and don't think they will ever stop people from hacking as they just find other ways.
  3. If you are like me, tired of the constant game crashes at the most opportune times; when trying to get to next circle, or under fire. You continue only to have died to circle or enemy. Also the cases when you try to continue you get connection failed so you are not able to join. Also the hackers is another issue.
  4. Remove player from party

  5. Name Change?

    We definitely need this option.
  6. Remove player from party

    Need people to add more likes for this feature.
  7. Remove player from party

    Should have an option to remove players from a party in the lobby. Many times players leave and don't leave party resulting in the remaining players to leave party and re-invite.
  8. 'Getting up' animation when opening doors

    You should put this in the suggestion section. I agree with you that this should be changed.
  9. UWS Looking for PUBG Players

    We are still looking for new players.
  10. UWS Looking for PUBG Players

    Hop on by and check us out if you are looking for other players to team up with.
  11. UWS Looking for PUBG Players

    Merry Christmas!
  12. UWS Looking for PUBG Players

    The "Join Us" is when you want to become a UWS member however there will be no formal interview once you join. Many good members and we have awards, staff gave out a 1080 video card. We also plan on doing some PUBG events once bluehole allows us to create our own custom match.
  13. United We Stand Clan History & Information United We Stand was formed in 2003 and was originally a Battlefield clan. We are currently looking for additional PUBG players. We have many great members and we extend our invitation for you to fight with us ~ this is where our invitation begins. I could probably write a book on why you should join us like some clans do here, but to be honest many clans here are great. We just enjoy Gaming just as anyone else does here, kick back after work (or for some, school) and enjoy gaming with a side of laughter stamped with some great memories. ● We have many ages from 17-63 (many players in 20's and 30's and recently lots in 40's) as well as a few girls. ● We no longer sort members by ranks like some clans do, everyone is equal (excluding mods to keep peace) so you're not gonna feel left out nor have a teen order you around. ● We play other games as well ~ Escape from Tarkov, Battlefield, DayZ, Star Citizen, and a few others. You can always come check us out or just play with us for some good times, WE ARE NOT gonna require you to go through hell just to join the clan like some do as if its a real life interview and require you to go through harsh steps and have to show up to play on certain days, this isn't a job it's just a game to enjoy for fun and escape our good/bad daily lives (be it your a hardcore player or a casual one) and play on the days your available and convenient for you (and not for us). ● Website: http://www.uwsgaming.com ● Teamspeak 3 address: ts.uwsgaming.com